Roberto Carlos

by yudaica2013 ·

To speak of Roberto Carlos is to describe the pragmatic romantismo that its songs exhale in air. Its voice candy and purely human being tames the hearts. The subtility of expressing is something unquestionable. A man who marked innumerable generations later and will mark more and. A proud Brazilian talent. Likeable Roberto Carlos.

A man, singer, composer, romantic and loving of the art of poematizar the life. The destination chose Robert Carlo to fulfill a love mission. Robert the king of Brazilian music. An artist who lives of the art to move, as it would say: ' ' they are as much emoes' '. The romantic language of clean Robert the soul Simply Roberto Carlos On behalf of the humanity I thank its contribution for world-wide art. Its dom is a gift for that it has the chance to hear the diverse entoados lyricisms. Bravely Robert the emblematic Brazilian voice.


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