Social Media

by yudaica2013 ·

The Mass Media have today become a power. Contact information is here: Adam Sandler. Hence it is called "Fourth Branch of Government", although some authors classify social networks such as Internet and cell phones as the "Fifth Power." Undoubtedly, the Mass Media exert a significant influence on the social level because they have other functions to inform and educate, which uses various forms, including: print, electronic (digital) or combination of both. Its development is closely linked to economic, technological, social and political development of a nation, so it is constantly evolving, always responding to interests, whether personal or groups. On the understanding that social media has an impact on society that generates public opinion, to the point of reinforcing attitudes and to promote or encourage changes in attitudes and behaviors in the population may even affect collective values and beliefs. If road safety is understood to be a commitment of all, the media play a role in their improvement, for informational and educational instruments formidable reaching large populations simultaneously, constitute a major instrument to be integrated into any strategic plan in question to implement in a nation that really wants to confront the scourge of traffic accidents, at the discretion of the existence of a common interest and lack of political partisanship. Countries that have achieved success in road safety have the same characteristic, they are highly obsessed with the subject. The population participates in everything that happens, stay informed and educated through the media, which integrate with recognizing his commitment and not only aware of its influence in creating public opinion, but also conscious that they are a important support, together with other actors, in creating social awareness. Mr. Mario Holguin / President will found Dominican Rep. 02/10/1910


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