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Women find it difficult to understand why at the weekend, when we so want to stay together, our halves rush to your friends! And all of that last week we just eat their strength, every woman is an energy vampire! Let’s remember what usually comes to an end our day: Here we come to work and start discuss what and how today was telling our half down to the smallest detail. But they are not us, they can not simultaneously listen, talk, watch tv, cook dinner, clean the apartment and much, much more! And when we start downloading this information, their brain just explodes! Since they need not only that time to hear what we said, but also to process this information in time to insert the word in the right place and still pity us! Believe me, for them it’s all very complicated! And while this happens six days a week! Now imagine what happens after six such days? Right to the end of the week there is no strength or mood. For more specific information, check out Tony Parker. That is why our halves so want to at least briefly escape! And that was not unnecessary, silly fights, type in the rule at least once every 2 weeks to let his beloved relax with friends, believe me, it will be incredibly grateful for this and give you a burning love in return! In the meantime, your spouse will rest on you, why do not you take a break from it. Meet with friends, go to the movies, coffee just go shopping! This will not only raise your mood, but also strengthen your relationship as you enter the new week rested, relaxed and with a great mood! So, the house will reign peace and love! Everything depends on our lovely ladies to our valued, we must turn to understand and appreciate our men. After all, it is already very hard with us live! Love you and – more understanding!

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