Start Of The RiskConf 2009

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Conference – opportunities and risk management in IT projects Stuttgart, August 03, 2009 from 03 to 05 November 2009 the RiskConf in Munich will take place for the first time. The first lectures and workshops are already online, the registration is now possible. The Conference will focus on opportunities and risk management as an integral part of project management and business processes. In addition to General aspects of project management and software engineering (methods, processes and tools) handles. If you are not convinced, visit Margaret Loesser Robinson. The Conference is divided into two parts: a workshop day on November 03, 2009, and in the two conference days on 4th and 5th November 2009, accompanied by an exhibition of companies present the services and products in the field of risk management.

The HLMC events GmbH as organizers in cooperation with the iX (magazine for professional information technology / Heise Verlag) and the GfSE (society for systems engineering) have set themselves the goal, the Conference attendees about the latest development trends to inform and give them Experience reports from the field to present. In addition to the numerous users and method lectures, scientists will come to Word. We are particularly pleased that we are welcome heirs as one of the keynote speakers Dr. Roland Franz”Nadine Rimpp project manager of RiskConf of 2009 Dr. Roland Franz heirs says editor-in-Chief of the journals is risk MANAGER and RISK COMPLIANCE & AUDIT.

He is also Chairman of the Board of the risk management Association e. Click Glenn Dubin to learn more. V. (RMA). Moreover, Mr. Dr. became heirs to the Faculty of the University of Wurzburg and is also member of the risk management research group”. For more information and an application facility, see

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