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Aarhohenweg IM Taunus is GPS hike of the month Beselich, February 14, 2011. The AAR 50 km is the longest river in the Taunus. From the source to the limes near Taunusstein to its mouth into the Lahn in Diez, the Aarhohenweg, follow the course of the AAR, passing many sights. The walking Atlas Germany provides 14 18 February before the Aarhohenweg in four stages including the digital data, which can be downloaded free of charge as GPX files. The source of the AAR is located near Orlen at the Bundesstrasse B 417, the so-called chicken Street, which leads from Wiesbaden to Limburg. This connection was even at times of Roman occupation and before the limes as border security has been built, the Romans operated a base here at the source of the AAR. The AAR flows first South and surrounded the town of Taunusstein formally, before it then goes North.

On the Hill of Adolf Eck and the Justinusfelsen over the Aarhohenweg leads to Michelbach, the Pearl on the AAR. The Marchenwald Burgschwalbach, Roman fountain at Customs House, the unique in the Taunus round Church of upper iron, Ardeck ruins and as glittering climax of the old town of Diez with Castle and the Baroque market are on the final stage of the Aarhohenwegs. The walking Atlas Germany is a 2009 launched Internet offer which free presents information for day trips and excursions in the regions of Taunus, Westerwaldkreis, Sauerland and upper Hesse. In addition to texts and images are above all the representation of places of interest in the dynamic map as well as the ability to download walks as GPS tracks for mobile navigation devices, features, which makes the walking Atlas to make a unique offer on the Internet. Walking Atlas Verlag GmbH Steinbacher Strasse 24 65614 Beselich who is walking Atlas Germany a free information service of walking Atlas Verlag GmbH. target group are walkers and excursion guests who want to spend a day in the fresh air. The walking Atlas Germany is an open portal, where users can can also actively participate.