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Prosperity Self-esteem

by yudaica2013 ·

The self-esteem based on two fundamental premises according to the psychologist Natanhiel Branden which I agree with: a) confidence that the person has in their skills and competences to face the challenges that life puts you, which is called self-efficacy and self-esteem b) on the other hand will necessarily have to be accompanied by an internal State in the individual intrinsic, in which feels that it is worthy of being loved, respected, valued and feel that regardless of what you do, say or have, it is a worthy being who has the right to all the good things of life. The self-esteem related to several behaviour in my opinion, and these are: people with high self-esteem are aware of their strengths and their weaknesses. accept that you have the right to wrong and failing, are humans. accept criticism even when they are not in accordance with them without offending you, try to understand that the other is transmitting that information and consider it valuableWhat thank you. are people who feel good about themselves, and assume full responsibility for their emotions. are people able to express openly what they feel and communicate this firmly but respectfully.

people with high self-esteem know ask other people and life what they need, with effectiveness and get it. people with self-esteem know that they are worthy of being loved, respected without making, having or demonstrate something, inside have the certainty that were born to be loved. people with self-esteem do not boast of their achievements and successes, are simple and humble, why others love to be with them. people with self-esteem has an abundance mentality, you know that in life there for everyone, they are generous, and his natural tendency is to share with the other. people with self-esteem are happy, have a sense of humor and a State of contentment generally. Source: Glenn Dubin, New York City. people with self-esteem feel able to face the challenges that life puts them.