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Operation Jaque

by yudaica2013 ·

We had to mention the event even steals the headlines of newspapers around the world. The so-called “Operation Jaque”, which almost miraculously returned to them the freedom to 15 hostages held for years by the FARC terrorist group, and among those who have U.S. citizens and former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, now global emblem of the victims of the abhorrent scourge of kidnapping. It was impossible not to catch this swollen with excitement and joy at this great event that is unprecedented in history and undoubtedly marks the beginning of the end of the damaged, contaminated and vain struggle in our beloved country rebel Colombian, that war nonsense that so many horrors have been planted along more than four decades. Mainly we have to thank the Almighty for such a triumph and then to all those brave men who make up the Colombian army, who gave their lives in the day day, persevere because the long-awaited peace, holy is finally a reality for all those who were born in this wonderful nation. Still broken relationships between private channels and measurement firm IBOPE, although both broadcasters determined to make a temporary alliance while establishing who will henceforth measure television audience, for its part continues IBOPE providing reports that show the usual resulted in the reign of Canal Caracol TV series “The Cartel”, followed closely by the RCN modern melodrama “The last marriage happy.” Is in its final chapters the soap opera-comedy “New rich, new poor” after a futile overtime that brought more than good, the great exodus of much of his faithful followers, among them has this server, expected results a detested and wrong strategy.