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Social Fear

by yudaica2013 ·

It is possible to acquire some social skills alone without need to interact with others. But you brainwashed much study and mental visualization of social situations. Why it is not the best way of achieving it. As if outside little, there are also a few skills that you do not asimilaras correctly if you do not get in contact with other persons. Social fear is alleviated with insulation. And it is when one is close to situations involving people when levels of anxiety may increase.

On the other hand, if you away, excitement tends to disappear quickly. However, every time that you avoid the social environment you strengthen your feelings of fear and aversion. Staying as far away from the groups nor you can learn about them. Not provides you, isolation, understand them better and get used to their closeness. In addition, your personality would be being a too different psychological species to be well received by the majority of the people. That is another reason why you can not renounce human contact. About the previous basement stands a new technique of socialization. It aims to take advantage of certain social circumstances to facilitate social exchange in advantageous conditions for you.

You can take advantage of social interaction with manageable levels of tension. Decrease your fears in a consistent manner or will be eradicated. In addition, you can exercise and deepen your social experience. It is to determine where are your best skills. Then you must choose these fields might be of interest to other people. If you are a student, for example, would be any subject where to be outdone. Or maybe it’s a profession or trade practice. He could even be some manual skill or a hobby you know carried out with special skill. And, finally, you will have to get involved in the teaching of these subjects to another person. We speak in the singular but can also be several people if you prefer.