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Protective Glass

by yudaica2013 ·

Protection against vandalism or review is required in many places, you know these films, therefore, for example, from cars, trains, office buildings. There are plenty of different glass protective films, which differ greatly not only in their outward appearance, but also in other properties. The former often customary awnings and even today, even in new construction or major blinds get through protective glass is strong competition to a much lower price. Especially in the hot summer, the demand for sun protection, filter away the heat radiation and thus provide cost more pleasant temperatures in rooms can that would otherwise now often strongly influenced by the usual huge windows. But not enough to get at the same time also a protection against heat protective screening, so that nobody from outside can see in..

Way around this is, of course, an effect that probably everyone knows from movies including with transparent from the rear mirrors. A positive side effect is the simultaneous Filtering of UV radiation, resulting in a longer color retention of objects and materials is offered and a yellow will be visible around many times slower. The added advantage of scratch protection film need, although only a few users, but these are by the way, of course, also the film itself can be protected with protective glass in addition to many other smooth surfaces from vandalism by scratching or spraying. Through the strength of the film and its integrated microscopic metal caused a burglar-proof effect is also generated, some varieties can foil even bringing up a simple window glass in the stability of high-quality safety glass. While a simple visual or sun protection for private homes, etc. really is not absolutely necessary to be able to demonstrate quality certification, it is designed for use in vehicles mandatory. To ensure a visually flawless installation and obtain a guarantee for the proper bonding, should be allowed to apply the film by a professional. If such a protective film bonded properly, they can often not at first recognized as such, which not only the whole image comes to good, but also increases the protection against vandalism. If a film is damaged, it can be relatively easily replaced, resulting in a significant cost otherwise chargeable to the necessary change of the disc.