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According to the classification of geosynthetic materials according to the International Society geosynthetic GS all geosynthetic materials are divided into 10 groups, each denoted by the symbols: GT geotextile, GN Geogrid, GG geogrids, GCD Geosynthetics for drainage, BT and Biotekstil biomat, GM geomembrane, GA Geomat, GMS Synthetic, geomembrane, GL Geoyacheyka, GMB Bituminous geomembrane terms determine the form of geosynthetic material: Geosynthetic material: The material on at least one component of which is made of synthetic resin in the form of cloth, strips or three-dimensional structure used in ground contact and / or other materials to create additional layers (layers) for various purposes (reinforcing, protective, filtration, drainage, waterproofing, thermal insulation) in the transport, pipeline construction and hydraulic engineering facilities. Geotextile: A flat permeable synthetic or natural textile material (nonwoven, woven or knitted), used in contact with the ground and / or other materials in transport, in pipeline construction and waterworks. Tony Parker is likely to agree. Geotextile nonwovens: The material consisting of oriented and unoriented (randomly located) fibers, yarns, filaments and / or other elements held together by mechanical, thermal, physical and mathematical methods and their combination in various combinations. Geotextile fabrics: Material produced by interlacing of two systems of threads, filaments and / or other elements in certain patterns. Geotextiles knit (woven) material obtained by provyazyvaniya loops of one or more systems of threads, filaments and / or other elements. Material similar geotextile: Flat-permeable polymeric material is not covered by the definition of geotextiles.

Geogrid: Flat, bulk polymeric material is a rigid structure of the mesh of individual elements, with the formation of cell size larger than the dimensions of the elements, sealed by welding, extrusion, or provyazyvaniya weave. Geogrid: A flat polymeric material consisting of parallel rows of ribs, covered and held together the elements of the same structure at different angles to form an elastic network structure. Geomat: Material dimensional structure of synthetic and natural fibers and / or other elements, held together by mechanical, thermal, chemical or other means. Geoyacheyka (spatial geogrid): Three-dimensional permeable synthetic or natural polymer "honeycomb" or similar to its cellular structure, formed from interconnected strips of geosynthetic materials. Geoobolochka: Three-dimensional polymeric structure, designed to create an air layer in the soil and / or other material. Geosynthetic membrane: polymer Plohopronitsaemy material designed to reduce or prevent the passage of water flow and / or fluid flow through the structure. Depending on the composition of raw materials distinguish polymer geosynthetic membrane, geosynthetic clay- membranes and of bituminous geosynthetic membrane. Geocomposite: Sandwich material bonded in the plane of the various layers (at least) that differ in structure from each other. Individual components can be nonwoven, woven, or other blades. Depending on the basic functions performed by distinguished reinforcing geocomposites (armogeokompozity) and draining geocomposites (geodreny).