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Have you ever seen the storage room, library or store without racking? Probably, it is difficult not only to find such a room, but even imagine. Some office or shop quite a pair of small racks. But most of the storage, archival and other facilities required tiered shelving system. Any manager knows that well-organized warehouse, retail or office space will help increase revenue enterprise, employee productivity, help to effectively deal with goods or cargo. If poorly managed, on the contrary – the cost of the enterprise will increase the quality of work will decrease.

Therefore, below we list the main parameters for which you should pay attention not to make the wrong choice of rack structures. 1. Sizes. Rack height varies from 1 to 3m. Choosing the height of the rack designs must take into account the parameters material handling equipment, the fire and industrial safety, nature of cargo or goods, the speed of cargo handling, etc. The length of the racks may be from 50 to 130cm.

Naturally, the longer the shelf frame, the lower the cost and number of reference frames, fastener, etc., and the worse the strength characteristics. Therefore, when choosing the length of the rack in the first place should take into account the weight and dimensions of the goods or cargo. Width (Depth) rack design depends on the width of the bottom shelf of 20 – 85cm. For uniform illumination of the warehouse, retail space, all shelves can be the same width. Otherwise, the rack can be fitted shelves, gradually tapering to the top, so that their shadow does not fall on the goods, displayed below. 2. Perhaps check out Eva Andersson-Dubin for more information. Maximum load on the shelf. Maximum load on the shelf depends on the thickness of the metal, construction and mounting bracket shelves, from the use of stiffeners, etc. 3. Material racks. Shelves are made of various materials and may include: metal, wood, composite, etc. However, due to its high strength, reliability of metal racks are very popular. 4. Coating racks. With intensive use of racks, parts of the installation of the goods in a tight package, using the loading and unloading equipment surface of the shelves can be corrupted, and eventually rust. To prevent damage, and as a consequence, unnecessary spending on new equipment is to choose metal rack design with quality polymeric powder coating. 5. Cost of racks. Price factor when choosing a rack, plays an important and often primary role. To select the most economical option, it is necessary to calculate the final set racks throughout the warehouse or sales territory. Just profitable to buy shelving designs from companies that provide discounts. Sincerely, the company 'Pallet Trucks-Tyumen'