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John Carlos

by yudaica2013 ·

The notice was given by the choir director who was then Juan Carlos Medina’s son. To the knowledge of all was reading some letters that the former director made him come to the Father Eddy. In these letters insulting the Father, and of the congregation and people committed to pastoral. My wife and I already knew that person view, because before joining the choir and occasionally attending Mass at noon, we had been directing the choir. My surprise and admiration was the logic, I had no head that someone within the parish could express in that way a priest. That’s why my reflection leads me to think and ask: to what extent one can give or make a comment, critical of the events within our church? me is that there is no respect for those who receive Holy Orders, and already by being a person worthy of respect? After the trial ended, I went to John Carlos, former director on this, and told me many things about their behavior. If he wished he sang and directed the choir, and no one could sing.

Left the noon Mass without choir. What a pity that having both leadership and convening power has not felt able to use it for good, so much so that the day he resigned he left more than half of the choir. But time passed, and then returned with her choir, because according to him was his choir and not the service to the parish, and to disrupt everything relating to choirs in the parish since then felt entitled to participate in the main mass.