The Bar

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Approve the minutes meeting of all partners. (h) sign the minutes, with the signature of the lawyer and the representative of partners. (G) TESTIMONY OF NOTARIAL Constitution.-the testimony of Constitution is the legal document that grants the notary which certifies the Constitution of society. For writing public to follow these steps: make a bank deposit in current account in the name of the company by 25% of the capital declared in the minutes. It can also provide goods in addition to money. Pay to the mutual fund lawyer 1/1,000 of the subscribed share capital.

This payment is deposited into the checking account of the bar. Take to the notary the minutes, the previous payment slips and a photocopy of the election of the representatives of the company book for the notary draw up the deed of Constitution public. This procedure takes twenty days and members will go to the notary to sign and put their fingerprint. ((H) NOTARIAL procedure.-to obtain the deed delivered to the notary the following: to) minutes of Constitution of the society, original and copy. (b) certificate of bank deposit of account opening current name of the company that will be. (c) a copy of the identity documents of the licensors and their spouses, in case of being married.

(d) payment of notarial rights. I) registry public.-a given time writing public of Constitution, the notary or the holder of the society has to send it to public records for your registration. the Registrar has a period of 07 working days to qualify it. You will need to make a payment for entry fee, whose amount will depend on the capital contributed by partners and by the number of representatives. where Scripture has been observed, is will have to remedy the problem within 30 days from presented the notarial parties to public records.


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