The Chicken Killer

by yudaica2013 ·

-Suellen kick the ball with all your soul! Metela in the corner, Facu! Dazzled by being on the ground and make the team, Facundo calculated the trajectory to be printed on the ball. The distance was not great, but he was a world. Twelve steps were much when you legs tremble. Kicked powerful, but not enough. The ball approached the goal without force. The victory was escaping. The yellow keeper shivered throughout the body.

Do not accept an embarrassing draw in similar circumstances. It would not be worthy of his team. The Blues deserved the victory. Any of your players could have set up on a penalty. However, the blue had been appointed captain Facundo know the result. The victory was theirs.

The goalkeeper threw himself on the other side. The ball went just the lime line delimiting the frame. The arbitrator accepted the goal and whistled the end of the meeting. With arms raised, Facundo exulted. Players from both sides and the audience applauded him as the hero of the game. Blues rushed towards him to congratulate him. Facundo was carried on the shoulders around the field. For the first time felt the protagonist Facu. The arrival home of her father’s hand was memorable. His mother rushed to his son and shook his arms. A Facundo was in tears of happiness. They embraced all excited, sharing the privilege of the moment. For his son, the memory would be imperishable. He had been the hero of the day, applauded and cheered. Facundo did not survive the summer. It was one morning after waking, with her dad and her mom holding him by the hand. Every society is judged by how it treats the less fortunate. SPITZER-YSBERT Jose Odyseus LITERARY WORK: le choc des Temps (Novel, 387 pp.) Editorial Santa Maria, 1984. La Symphonie Ecarlate (Novel, 379 pp.) Editorial Santa Maria, 1990. Member of the Association des Gens de Lettres de France, 1992. Mastabah Le Tresor. (Novel, 418 pp.) Editorial Santa Maria, 1994. Three Short film and television (Castilian), 1999. a Oeun Bocata for Muertoa a Bocata and Fugue a The Revenge of Muertoa The Mystery of the Emerald Mountain. (Novel, 490 pp.) Editorial FASD, 2003. Crazy Stuff, Comedy Theatre, 2004. Member of the General Society of Authors of Spain, 2004. The Garlic of San Agapito, Comedy Theatre, 2005. The Chicken Killer, screenplay, 2005. Lucecita (Audiolibro. Christmas Carol, 267 pp.) 2005/06. Dialogues of the Carmelites, Comedy Theatre, 2006. The Secret of the Lost Scroll (unpublished novels, 778 pp.), 2009. 21 Stories (some were published in EFE), 2007. Oeun Day a The Aciagoa Desaparecidaa a The Girl of Metroa a The Vengancitaa a The Star Operaa a The Teardrop Platao a The Wolf a The House Colinaa a The Assassination of Lady Gloucestera a Las Pearls of Condesaa a The Cieguitaa Michikoa a Lanclosa Germain of Duel in the evenings Oeun Aguaa a I Spya En a Future Inciertoa a The Train to the 16h40a a The Champion Anochece Mundoo a which is no small puppy a The callejeroa The Mystery of the Cave Ice (Children’s Story, 80 pp.), 2008. The Phantom of the Cathedral (Juvenile Fiction, 205 pp.), 2008. Memorable Stories (Novel, 396 pp.), 2008. The last flight of the Pelican (Children’s Story, 32 pp.), 2009.

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