The Great Talent Of One Of The Great From Italy: Dante Alighieri

by yudaica2013 ·

Dante Alighieri said that a Memory is the only paradise from which one can not be expelled. When you play a visit to the beautiful, majestic Florence, can not but remind one of its great poets, literary talent as Dante Alighieri, “Supreme Poet” (il Poeta Somme). Dante is also called the “Father of language” Italian. His first biography was written by Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375), who wrote to Trattatello in laude di dantea his Divine Comedy, which is one of the key works of the transition from medieval to Renaissance thought. It is considered the masterpiece of Italian literature and one of the summits of world literature a For those who had the opportunity at school, especially in high school for many years in religious schools dela chalazal, a Spanish priest, we enter into the plea Divide comedy, enjoy their scope and especially the good explanations in this regard was given to us, which was engraved in our memory and yet in this we account many of his sentences, compendium. a Take into account as we know, that La Vita Nuova (‘New Life’) is the first known work of Dante Alighieri, written between 1292 and 1293, shortly after the death of his beloved Beatrice.

The book alternates lyrical poems 31 and 42 chapters in prose. The meaning of the title is given by the vital renewal experienced by the poet to fall in love with his beloved. The party serves as a prose explanation of the sonnets, written according to the canons of the dolce stil nuovo, and selected from among those which Dante had written since 1283, in honor of different women and their own Beatrice.

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