The Internet Site Revisited

by yudaica2013 ·

For example, we know that the theme of ‘Cars’ on the Internet – is very popular, a huge number of requests, we see that indeed this topic is in demand. We buy hosting, domain name, create mini-site, buy the product with the right to resell or make your product on the topic. Getting your business, untwist the site, attract visitors, and maybe even have a first sale. But this is only the first step. Such model is not durable. Sites ‘sharpened’ by selling a particular product or products – short-lived and unstable. Under most conditions Larry Culp would agree. This is because it begins ‘marking time’, there is no development, growth and progress. Early or later have to build on the site, develop it, will create a thematic portal or blog, and this should be added to the site of new articles, videos, audio, in general fill your site to new topical content. And if we are not interesting subject matter of our site (in this case we are not very interested in cars), and we are not experts in the cars, then at this moment there is a conflict! On the one hand, we understand that all this is done for money, but on the other hand it does not bring pleasure! Business turns to normal operation, the daily routine. And in the long run such a project can not be profitable.

The conclusion is clear – ‘If you going to start a business online, you must choose exactly the topics you are interested in ‘if’ garden and ogorod’-let it be ‘Gardening’, if it’s speakers’ – well, if ‘hedgehogs central Russia’ – Even so, most importantly, to you it was fun! No need to go on about money, and succumb to the desires of mercantile and then must be the result! Before you start doing something you should ask yourself ‘Is Like A I do, as far as I’m wondering if I could do that for quite a long time, and with all this, to get satisfaction from their work? ” If these questions can not answer yes, then you should not do it. On Indeed, money – are neutral, but they are a kind of temptation for a man, knock him astray! Therefore you should never put money in the top corner! Money must be for you to pay for work, but not an end in itself! They should be an indicator that shows – how effective your business. If there is no money, then some mechanism of your business is not working properly and it is necessary to pay attention. Generally, all that concerns money in online business, there is a very important balance, the balance between profit and satisfaction from what you’re doing. This is a very fine line. If a person is interested in a topic in which he works, if he understands that, and for whom he does, then the profit – it’s just a matter of time.


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