The Interview

by yudaica2013 ·

finds that there is inconsistency in the data. For example, to match the province in which the seller is the telephone number prefix. That the seller does not give you a phone number or tell you do not have is something you should alert. Finally, looking for information to the seller at Google putting email address or your phone and see the references. You will see among other things if there is any complaint about it. 7 .- Before any type of payment over the phone tries to talk with the seller (the scammers do not usually get to your phone or are there) 8 .- Never pay in advance if you are unsure of the identity of the buyer .

For more security you can use the check payment on delivery with the article. 9 .- The work at home ads usually not worth it. Be very wary of ads that promise huge annual salaries; often require expensive initial outlays without collateral. You risk losing money, time and energy. Common scams: 1 .- Jobs to which to arrange the interview is to call a premium rate number: 803, 806, 807, 905, etc. 2 .- Sale of luxury watches, handbags, etc..

if the price is very low, often replicas of the originals. 3 .- Sale of used cars: Once we contacted the seller explains why the price so cheap (always a topic related to separation, economic hardship, etc.). and that the vehicle is in another country. Is also common that the seller is traveling and do not return to Spain soon.


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