The Sensations

by yudaica2013 ·

If you have a high sense of guilt – says Kochanska-, the response system is so immediate and the sensations are so incredibly unpleasant self-control that doesn’t matter too much. But control it is very important for children that are experiencing little guilt, because they only wore well if they had high self-control. Even if you don’t feel guilt, you can suppress impulses – explains Kochanska-. You can stop and remember what you told your parents. Jay Schwartz has much experience in this field. Or think about the consequences for yourself and others. On the other hand points out, that the blame is one of feelings that our ego employs to influence us, although originally a creation of our, the ego, as we are giving more and more power, takes what might be called by simplifying a degree of autonomy. Our mental formations, our paradigms, habits and thoughts qualify our perception the reality, and it is from these that we can clear or distortedly, perceive the role that we play in our environment. It is here where guilt plays a major role in the way as we interact with the other people.

how?, will surely ask you, can guilt have an important role in our relations?, simply because let it be, if it is something we do consciously, although perhaps deceived. Confusing?, is actually very simple once you understand the mechanism that uses the ego to give relevance to blame, let’s see. Overcoming guilt is something as simple as keep us aware of our inner being. In doing so we understand better the role that we play in the environment in which we operate and we take consciousness of and influence on our environment. To we become aware of how work the mechanisms of guilt and we realize how we have allowed that they affect us while we allow them to do so, has that it is within our power to overcome them, and we understand that doing so is part of our process of growth and strengthening as human beings.

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