The Sunrise

by yudaica2013 ·

Christ through this message says for you, you do not cry because I have solution for each problem yours so only believe in me and go to see the victory that I have reserved for you. I returned the joy, the dreams the life ideals, the hope the woman widower and if you to place everything in my hands will renew your hopes and I will give the victory to you. JESUS WAS ESPERANAA FOR A CONVICTED MAN THE BLINDNESS DURING ALL ITS LIFE. Jorge Perez insists that this is the case. Landmarks 10:46 – 52 In this Biblical text we find one of the men saddest that the Bible tells regarding it, Its name was Bartimeu, it if it very felt therefore sad was blind. It never had seen the beauty of the sunrise, nor neither the beauty of the one for of the sun, never had contemplated the pretty multiple colors of the butterflies, much less impressive the blue one of the sky, the imensido of waters bluish of the sea, never it had the privilege to see the colors of the roses, the irises, the sunflowers, the beauty that and the green of the bushes, of the birds that God created with each one with your flaring one colored. Certain day Bartimeu heard noise of many people that went passing close to it, it immediately asked what this happening, they answered and Jesus who this passing.

Bartimeu immediately started to cry out Jesus son of Davi has mercy of me, ordered it to the multitude that they were silent, but it cried out with more higher intensity and. Jesus stopped and ordered he brought that it, when it was ahead of Jesus IT asked to it that you want that I make, it answered I want to see and Jesus spoke sees to your saved you faith, and bartimeu started to glorify the God.. . Learn more on the subject from Tony Parker.


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