Venture capital and development

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Latin-american – News ResultsLatin American Penny-Pinchers Lift PriceSmart Forbes – Jun 16 03:14amLatin American Markets: Mexican stock declines accelerate; Brazil down Market Watch – 9 hours ago10 top Latin American scientists named 2009 Pew Fellows in the biomedical sciences EurekAlert! – Jun 16 07:13amYahoo! Shortcut – About’>Latin American and Caribbean countries with less developed financial sectors, venture capital plays a key role in facilitating access to finance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), encouraging an entrepreneurial culture, create jobs and improve corporate governance and standards of accounting firms.
To support venture capital funds in countries in the region can bring a range of benefits, including financial literacy and marketing of new investors, and patent protections that can help businesses during the critical years growth and expansion. What is clear is that by promoting this industry, a set of actions is beginning to deploy and support for entrepreneurs, improving the legal and regulatory improvements in the business climate, development of capital markets, among many other advantages.
The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank, the pioneer of the industry in the region, has injected capital in about 40 funds to date. When the MIF is investing in these funds, seeks to attract other investors who may be new to the industry but they can rely on the expertise of MIF in the area. This is the very attraction of capital required from local sources and external to the region. The MIF has also been a leader in investment in sectors previously unknown to the market, such as environmental funds, clean technology and renewable energy
No less important has been the active cooperation of MIF with the public and private sector with regard to regulatory changes, to make markets in the region more attractive to international investors and local private sector. The MIF approved the grant funding to the Latin American Venture Capital (LAVCA), working alongside other venture capital associations in the region to assist in introducing necessary changes in the legal and regulatory environment to improve business climate.

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