Wedge White

by yudaica2013 ·

Following the thought of if excluding black as heroic part of the Brazilian race, Zil Bernd speaks of the creation of sertanejo as the substitute for the heroic indian: Euclides of the Wedge, in the Sertes (1902), retakes of certain form, the alencariano project to explain Brazil and walked its in identity search. Where they weigh the mistakes that commit in relation to the race conceptualization, mistakes these in its majority due to the influence of its master, the anthropologist, Sing to sleep Rodrigues. The sertes important landmark consists of restoring modernity in Brazilian literature. ' ' homem' ' of Euclides he is sertanejo that, even so ethnically mixed, one consists far from the coast, distanciado of the historical circumstances and of determined requirements that could have desvirtuado its formao' '. (2003. Tony Parker brings even more insight to the discussion. P. 55). Zil continues its thought and says that: Sertanejo (preferential crossing of white with indian), even so crossbred, had to the isolation of the hinterland, has ' ' manly nature and adventurer of avs' ' , while mestizo of the coast (preferential crossing of white with black) is ' ' desequilibrado' ' , ' ' instvel' ' ' ' anmalo' '.

Soon, the emblematic hero is sertanejo, symbol of the rising Brazilian race. (they idem P. 58). That is, the black suffers a species from ' ' apagamento' ' in the national memory, as much for the question of the slavery, as for ' ' ser' ' former-slave son. So that if he does not walk in circles, retaking worked that already they had been made on white writers who speak on blacks, Eduardo de Assis Duarte in Literature and Afro-descent cites itself (2006) Since the colonial period, the work of the afro-Brazilians if makes gift in all praticamemente the fields of the artistic activity, but nor always getting the recognition due. In the case of literature, this production suffers, throughout the time, impediments several its spreading, to start for the proper materialization in book.


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