William Shakespeare Bitterness

by yudaica2013 ·

It is an autoone. It is fed of its auto-I abandon, of its lack of auto-love. How is possible to be happy with bitterness inhabiting its interior? Skirt of inertia, the comodismo, the autoflagelao. It stops to travel in the train of the illusion. It is not the wait of recognition of its pain or a rescuer to brighten up or to take off it of this situation of suffering.

Chord! You only can get rid of this world of suffering and pain. At last! To feel a sadness, a hurt, a disillusionment at the moment where they occur is natural. Read additional details here: Larry Culp. However ressentiz them, to continue the sentiz them with the aid of its memory, beyond not being more natural, it will keep to it in suffering for long periods of its life, without changing the happened one and obtaining to punish the author of such act. Unhappyly, not yet we learn to deal with the experiences that in them produce suffering, we hurt ourselves for not knowing to manage them. We need to change our interior filters, instead of holding back and living in function of bad events; let us start to hold back and to live in function of good things. Everything that if lives is recorded in the memory. What such not to give to more importance the souvenirs that had made in them to suffer? According to William Shakespeare: to keep resentment is as to drink poison and to wait that the other dies.

It is an attempt of revenge against a past of suffering with auto-sufferings. It has waked up! Either its autogestor. It does not allow that bitterness if installs and it creates roots of you inside. Beyond possessing the power to vibrate its life negative, it can passing with them of the years, producing physical and/or psychic an illness. Either intelligent. The bitterness alone produces suffering in the sofredor.


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