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AIG is the largest reinsurer in the United States (star is their role to ensure insurance companies). He has lost 18,000 million in the last 9 months and now has to gather 80,000 more in 24 hours. The collapse of AIG would be much more serious than that of Lehman Brothers, because the group’s assets worth 1.05 billion dollars in June, while those of Lehman in August were valued at 600,000 million. More than 57,000 million in mortgages at higher risk (subprime) and hang the giant will fall with him.Financial consultants must take this into account, and some hedge funds also may need to, of Laurus Capital Management, LLC.Dow Jones Industrial Average
(Bood Dow Jones Industrial Average)
The Dow Jones Industrial Average index, also known as Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI), Dow-30 or informally Dow or Dow Jones, is the main stock index created by Charles Dow, editor of The Wall Street Journal during the nineteenth Century , And co-founder of Dow Jones and Company.
It was the index’s oldest United States, apart from the Dow Jones Transportation Average, also created by Dow. It measures the performance of the 30 largest companies traded on the stock exchange in the United States.
Although born with the name “industrial”, the truth is that at present its components have little relation to heavy industry, due to the booming financial and computer companies, says of NIR.
To offset the effects of divisions of shares and other adjustments, the average is calculated on the scale in relation to the size and importance of a company.
Previously, the index is calculated by dividing the total cash value of the shares divided by the number of existing shares. However, to make it more representative and this was changed was passed to divide the total value of the shares by a mathematical formula that gives greater weight “to larger firms.
Thus, for example if the Stock Exchange in New York an the share prices offer investment returns if invests in options and funds and stocks and maybe fall titles from Microsoft, they have an impact far greater than the fall in the value of the action of a company with a market capitalization smaller.
This change in the calculation of the index also resulted from the emergence of a mechanism called “divisions of shares”, which is when a company decides to increase its number of shares, but must maintain the value of their market capitalisation. This results in a greater number of shares, but with a lesser value each.
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