Building Syndrome

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Sick Building Syndrome in modern offices, schools and meeting rooms without air and water would not be a life on this earth. This shows how important are these two elements of our quality of life. A grown man inhales daily about 10 to 20 cubic metres of air depending on age and activity. This is much more than the mass of food and drinking water, which takes each day to. In the air we breathe it is however much more difficult on healthy food”, water and food, today very carefully select the most people. In our zone, we spend the most time of the day in closed spaces, which are burdened with pollutants typically significantly higher than the outside air. In addition to the fine dust emitted constantly chemical pollutants from the buildings, wood preservatives, colors, furniture and plaster and detergents into the room. Also the evaporation of stored fuel in residential buildings are particularly critical.

So far the health importance was the Air pollution indoors not sufficiently noticed. The increasing use of plastics in the construction and also in the establishment of residential and office buildings seems for the increasingly occurring since the 1970s Sick Building Syndrome”to be responsible with. What real effects in sickening”debilitating impact mostly air-conditioned buildings on the people, could be resolved scientifically so far inconclusive. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Tony Parker. Research is now known that there are natural substances which can neutralize dissolved pollutants in the ambient air. Among other things, sheep’s wool absorbs phenols and formaldehyde by chemical reactions.

The binding capacity of wool to be very large and has calculated for decades. Also clay is in addition to its shielding effect against technical radiation able to bind odors in the living room. The secret of healthy indoor air is the amount of energy. Negatively charged oxygen ions considered revitalizing elements in our breath. In enclosed spaces is largely only “passive” oxygen available, which can bind no pollutants.

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