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Stock Exchange – a market trading in shares and securities. Its main function is determined by: ensuring adequate liquidity deposits, hence the possibility of an emergency sale to maximize value close to real, search for free monetary assets and converting them into securities, attracting money to cover the budget, etc. The securities market is a key link in the development of a market economy, because helps to attract specific capital in those industries that need it most. At the moment, the Russian stock market is in its infancy. Constant change in leadership, economic stagnation, fall in industrial development have caused a severe blow to the Russian stock market, are, respectively, led to the negative attitude of Western investors. If before the share price grew steadily, then buy them was prospectively. Today the same positive trend increases in prices can be traced only in rare variants.

Begin review of the Russian securities market and analyze the main points of its development. The first – political reasons affecting the securities market. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has many thoughts on the issue. Over time the political situation in Russia was and is a mildly unstable. This therefore is one of the main parameters of evaluation by investors of the Russian market securities. That is, there is leakage a huge financial assets abroad, because there are no any warranty.

Next – the attraction of financial assets in the sub-regional stock market. Initially, the Russian stock market got the territorial fragmentation. This is due to the huge area of the country itself, as well as uneven economic development of individual regions. Hence, these separate region still can not become active mechanism for attracting deposits. And this in turn suggests undeveloped equity market as a whole. Third – the active intervention of the country in a state on the Russian stock market Federation. This should be manifested in the action plan for recovery of the securities market, the establishment of its operational model, and the acceptance of certain laws, etc. Also, one important point, which can provide State has a system of protection of investors from losses. Fourth – the dependence on foreign investors. They assess Russian stock shares to a greater extent as speculative, that is, do not make long term investments. A this leads to the undervaluation of the shares. Fifth – a low level or lack of tools for trading in the stock market (for new ways to trade, infrastructure, etc.). How is the analyst's stock market? There fundamental and technical analysis of stock market. Fundamental includes such aspects: for each country are estimated macroeconomic indicators, analyzes the main players and their role on the Exchange investigate the economic indices (stock Dow Jones index, TOPIX, and many others). Technical analysis consists of graphs price behavior, studies using different trading strategies, using trade indicators, and many other things. Investing – a very complex process, which has to learn, sometimes for years.


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