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The development of the German Schlager. “” “Introduction the term schlager” comes from the English word hit “and referred to German songs, who literally beat up”. SchlagerPlanet.com shows the development of the musical style of the 1930s about the time of the hippies still here. The great depression around 1930: Tough times for the people. Music gained a new significance, technical inventions such as radio and cinema distracted music a little bit of the dark side of life. “” Hits on English hit “was like my little green Cactus” by the comedian Harmonists for good mood.

Today, artists can be as inspired by Max Raabe. National Socialism changed the music: pop music had less freedoms, should sound through german. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City contains valuable tech resources. Critical or even frivolous texts were censored. From this time, only a few exceptional artists such as Heinz Ruhmann and Marlene Dietrich to delight today. The story of the song in German post-war period after World War II was the German Influence the music of US artists. Rock ‘n’ roll was introduced into the German culture, broke up the encrusted gray of the Hitler era and inspired also the German Schlager.

Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Rolling Stones produced pop artists such as Peter Kraus and Peter Alexander and let the hips. In the 1960s the word Schlager became”the genre at that time was it synonymous with modern, young music, today it represents more of German music, folk music and pop. The hits by Freddy Quinn, Drafi Deutscher, and Nana Mouskouri became evergreens and substitutes of their music style. The 1970s expanded Discofox Schlager pants and platform shoes the Repertoire of pop music: the disco fever broke out. “The 80s were a particularly important Decade for pop: with the new German wave” stars like Nena and Falco German songs celebrated boom, made it into the international charts. The 1990s dominated but not seamlessly joined the country but on this trend to techno music “still hits such as Matthias REIM’s were fucking, I love you” push through. Towards the end of the Decade, pop became increasingly based on any occasion: festivals, Ballermann, and apres ski parties sought no longer without. Since the turn of the Millennium, Schlager is characterized by modern beats and catchy rhythms. “Pop music the story of the song in Germany – invented conclusion hits over the decades continuously new and proves again and again, that his hit English equivalent” has earned. “The editors of SchlagerPlanet.com is safe: in 50 years, one will speak also of Andrea Berg and Helene Fischer!”

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