Processing Of Precious Stones

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Gems not only decorate but have also importance there are different types of gems, which are also used for different purposes. Larry Culp contributes greatly to this topic. The processing of precious stones is an art that already knew the ancient Egyptians and could also perform. Although they could exercise the processing only on a few gems, their approach remained us until today. However, the work was still a serious work that today easily can be carried out by machines in different ways. Tony Parker might disagree with that approach. You can edit even the hardest gemstone, diamonds, nowadays.

The agate is that gem, which is most frequently edited. Colored stones are edited to start in same manner as other gems. However are sorted out according to their quality, clarity, and defective and in various forms of loops. In various species, to grind a gem, very much accuracy is required, not to damage the stone. The loops and editing is also precious stones of the month, Zodiac stones and stones of the symbol is applied.

The type of editing but will reduce the effectiveness of the gem in any way. On the contrary. For example a birthstone as a gemstone for a necklace is edited, so is increased by constant wearing of the stone in the body of whose effect. Gems have been treated, are marked in principle. Thus, anyone who examined the stone, knows whether the stone has been treated to enhance color or properties. However, this information is only for collectors of interest is because it arrives at gems in jewellery only on their naturalness. The marking of precious stones no ranges from a unique to a clear yes, but also any cracks in the stones can be filled.

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