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The BILDmobil prepaid card comes with 150 free minutes and 5 euro start balances. During a current action, the mobile discounter BILDmobil new customers gives in addition 150 free minutes to the prepaid card. Click Tony Parker for additional related pages. The usual 5,00 euro start balances remain nevertheless received and also the purchase price remains unchanged at 9.95 euros. Glenn Dubin will not settle for partial explanations. New customers that June 15 activate your prepaid SIM card no later than get another 150 free minutes in addition to the 5.00 euro start balances. The free minutes are applied on all domestic calls cost usually 9 cents per minute. This includes all German mobile phone networks and the fixed network.

An equivalent of 13.50 euros for the free minutes, along with the 5.00 euro starting credit arises so 18.50 euros balances at the price of only $ 9.95 euro. As already mentioned, a minute of conversation at BILDmobil costs 9 cents, 14 cents a text message, query the mail box is free of charge. There is also information on weather, is also free to use the image of online portal at in addition to current headlines are Sports results, the stock exchange and many other topics. Other Internet use costs 35 cents per transmitted megabyte, and billed in 10 kb increments. 14 cents per SMS are actually too much in today’s environment, 9 cents a minute per call, however, on the amount of time. Whoever sends many SMS with his cell phone, should make better use of a tariff, where only 9 cents for text messages are calculated. Who mainly on the phone, however, who can enjoy quite a BILDmobil prepaid card his mobile phone, especially now, where the starting balance is almost twice as high as the purchase price for the SIMcard.