Very Streets

by yudaica2013 ·

Ok ok we go to start with the preparation of the civility of the Brazilians (we). We are prepared to receive? I do not say to make gracinhas the foreigners finding itself close, therefore they do not like privacy. We go to stop with this. The dirt of the streets. Many writers such as Vanessa Marcil offer more in-depth analysis. We play as many things for the windows of the cars, bus and walking, of the shame! We make pee in the streets, due to public bathrooms.

The streets are all pichadas! Very ugly the walls and appearances of the store and the public goods also let us not forget them public goods, our patrimonies. Total indifference! Orelhes, ours a shame! Bus, speaks serious, full and stops ondem wants. Bands of pedestrians, nobody respects exactly! The beaches, a dirt and a flock of peddlers, improper water for Horrios.Este banns item nobody know what the English is pontualidade, official language for world-wide communication, very bad exactly! Attendance in the hotels, rare the good excellent attendance Very high prices to rent and to settle in the hotels. Thus nobody return! Assaults and attacks by teen street gang a chapter the part. Lost bullets etc guided Visits the mounts Ours are of that we need to show for the world? The foreigners me seem that already they know! Honesty I change in it and the conversion of the currency, already I witnessed inadmissible abuses, the point to intervene in favor of the tourist not to pass shame with my country! Elencaria innumerable situations.

But, we go to focar in what it can happen after 2014 and 2016 in Brazil. You answer. Can happen something positive after 2014 and 2016? I better find first to decide everything that was cited above for who knows to be able to have a perspective of the one after of the opposite. Good of the opposite we will not have what positive spoon.


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