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The city of Leon is a medium-sized industrial center whose main industries are metal processing metal, chemicals, machinery, food, ceramics, glass, paper and graphic arts and textiles. there are a number of Reuters press releases and features that have quoted who is a hedge fund expert Industrial activity, severely New York Stock Exchange weakened in recent decades, has rebounded somewhat in recent years, partly due to the creation of the second phase the industrial city of Leon, half located in the municipality of Leon, in the middle of ONZONILLA or the construction of the Parque Tecnologico de Leon, in Armunia.
However, the bulk of the industry is out of town, and its growth is concentrated in the towns nearby, where taxes and land prices are lower. Therefore we should note also the industrial areas of the municipality of San Andres of Rabanedo of Valverde de la Virgen or Villadangos del P ramo, which although at some distance (15 km) is connected by motorway to the stocks capital.
Future of industry
In recent years have been implemented in the city or metropolitan area in several technology companies such as Atos, IBM or Indra. are also being established technological infrastructure, such as a supercomputer in which the University will be the higher density of Spain.
In addition, Telvent recently, by the hand of Inteco has committed a great investment that will create 300 jobs in the technology hedge funds sector.
In addition to this expertise in new medical funds technologies, Leon has conducted various activities related to industrial expansion as a second phase of the industrial or construction investment of ONZONILLA Macropoligono of Family of Funds Villadangos, located in the namesake town, already cited.
Large companies such as Inditex and Telefonica (Imagenio) have given their backing to the city of Leon with buildings that employ many workers.
Parque Tecnologico de Leon
Parque Tecnologico de Leon is located near the town of Armunia in the municipality The of Leon. There are 32.7 ha. the leading funds of the investment house, headed by Its surface is distributed over two phases, the first of 17.9 ha and the second of 14.8 ha. This good because there is one near the highway, in addition to a railway line.
A major company is installed in the park with Syva to 5, will be building facilities for their modules.
The Convent of San Marcos, now largely occupied by the Parador Hostal San Marcos.

February 15 (Bloomberg) – Israel consumer price index eased its slowest pace in 14 months in January as global Ribotsky commodity prices fell and economic growth to a standstill.
Financial Times
The dollar rose to a two-month high on Monday as Japanese economic data stoked fears about the health of the world economy and fed safe haven demand for U.S. currency.
Vietnam Net
VietNamNet Bridge Immediately after the news of the 8.92 electricity price increase was released, economists say that the price would certainly lead to commodity price increases over time to .
Daily FX
Risk trends remain a key driver of the price for the U.S. dollar and Japanese yen, and next week can not and Japanese GDP, Canadian CPI, U.S. CPI, and minutes of the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England will be released.
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Economy prices

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The newspaper of the Dominican Republic … to maintain high cement prices, despite the behavior of … THE CHRONICLE OF TUESDAY Quique Cruz and …
Prices Economia. Companies. Demand. Supply of goods. Use value and exchange. Product regulation. Economic resources. Vendors. Buyers. …
The major economies of the world is about to drink a cocktail of enormous difficulties, problems in the U.S. … Consumer prices of States …
… the price level of goods and services within the economy. … If all prices in the economy (including wages) rise evenly …

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The gaming industry South American economy has been characterized by low growth and competitiveness compared with the major emerging markets, as well as being marked by great inequalities and irregularities in the distribution of income. look as Sightline’s Most of the assets are concentrated in the hands of a minority of the population, while millions of individuals experiencing different levels of deprivation reaching, in extreme cases, in absolute poverty .
While this reality is common throughout the South American group, called the countries of the Southern Cone (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) have much more positive economic data and high rates of human development indicators.
The economy is divided between the South American mineral extraction in the Amazon region and agriculture in almost all states. The level of industrialization is medium to high in several regions, although the strong presence of local industries from abroad (multinational). In Brazil and Argentina is very intense industrialization .
Features that currently impede the growth of the South American economy and a major expansion of its products in cash access provider international markets is the inability of independent development of international production systems, the elites who support the status quo, the United States interference in Politics and the competitiveness of their prices and lower productivity rates compared with those of larger competitors like China.

BBC News
Russia’s industrial production fell from 19.9 in January from the month before the sector was hard hit by the economic downturn. ,
February 16 GCA (Bloomberg) – The British economy will shrink at sighline acquisition nearly twice the Global Cash Access Holdings rate previously CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. predicted this year as the credit famine plunges the nation deeper into the worst recession real estate in almost 30 years, the Confederation of British Industry said.
February 16 (Bloomberg) – Hungarian industrial production fell the most since at least December 1991 as a recession in Western Europe cut export demand and dragged the economy into its worst decline in 15 years.


Life Style

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Warren Buffet was born in 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska. … 3 comments for “Biography Warren Buffet: World’s 1 Millionaire” Chipana ANDREA said …
Sadulpur Born in 1950 in a village where there was no electricity, Lakshmi Mittal’s father, Mohan Mittal, with his entire family migrated to Calcutta where he opened a small metal workshop. Lakshmi inherited the shop and began a steady expansion to what is now Mittal Steel. The company then called Ispat (steel in Sanskrit), began its expansion in 1976 when Lakshmi is full of difficulties of a steel plant in Indonesia. The steel tycoon bought and converted into the thriving Ispat Indo. Later, buy a second steel, then in bankruptcy, in Ribotsky Trinidad and Tobago. The first step is given in Central Asia and is made with a steel privatized by the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan, where he becomes the first steel supplier in the country.
With the privatization of large emporiums industrial countries of the former Soviet Union and the socialist bloc, Lakshmi Mittal buys steel companies in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bosnia and Macedonia, getting produce at very low prices, thanks to low costs labor and the growing demand of the emerging automotive industry.
It is the fourth richest person in the world (until June 2006 was the fifth richest but due to the PHILANTHROPIC Warren Buffett’s donation of 85 of his fortune to the Bill-Melinda Gates Foundation leap to the fourth position), with an estimated fortune 23,000 million U.S. dollars. This fund makes it the third richest man in the world outside the United States, as the number 1 (Bill Gates) is a U.S. Corey the managing member of the citizen and Carlos Slim Helu from Mexico and CMF Ingvar Kamprad occupy first and second place outside the United States. Lakshmi Mittal is married and father of two children. The largest of them, man, named Aditya, has executive responsibilities within the company. As for his daughter, the tycoon Children’s Medical Fund paid over 60 million dollars for the celebration of their wedding in 2004, known as the most expensive wedding in history. At the wedding there invest was even a performance of singer Kylie Minogue, who arrived in private plane from Australia and played three songs.
Lakshmi Mittal owns 43.3 of Arcelor Mittal Steel, which manages 10 of global steel His personal residence is 2 more expensive in the world. It is located in Kensington, England, and cost nearly 130 million euros. Lakshmi buy the house in 2003, the employer of Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone stock exchange and is compiled with the same marble Taj Mahal in India, for this reason many people known as the “Taj Mittal.” Charles Warren Buffet January 20, 2009. There are no bullets 18 … there are many philanthropic activities that is involved in, alongside his hedge fund management in the world, and the billionaire Warren Buffet donated to the Bill andamp Melinda …
… the last general meeting of shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren asked … 5 ways to become a millionaire. My Financial Plan 2009 …
.. The U.S. billionaire and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet, are interested in buying companies to invest in India as long …

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Southern Hemisphere

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Southern hemisphere as seen from the South Pole
South or the Southern Hemisphere is one of the classic divisions geodesic which divides the planet Earth. Corresponding to half of the globe located south of the equator, which separates the Northern Hemisphere.
Most of the hemisphere corresponds to oceans, which includes most of the Pacific and Indian, the entire Southern Ocean and the southern half of the Atlantic. Land masses are concentrated mainly on the Antarctic continent, in South America, the southern part of Africa, some islands of Asia, Australia and most of the islands of Oceania.
The seasons occur in reverse Northern Hemisphere. The summer runs from December to March, while the winter it does between June and September. About 10 of the world’s population lives in this hemisphere (especially in Brazil and the island of Java, Indonesia).
Historically, this region has been considered as a hemisphere poor compared with its northern counterpart. Due to the low industrialization and the relatively low existing population, pollution levels are considerably lower than in the Northern Hemisphere.
In the southern hemisphere the sun crosses the sky from east to west on the north, although north of the Tropic of Capricorn, the sun may be a direct or south at noon. After the sun shades on the north in the opposite direction to rotate clockwise during the day. Hurricanes and tropical storms revolve clockwise and clockwise spirals of seashells shells also rotate in the opposite direction to the northern hemisphere due to the Coriolis effect. One fact that often goes unnoticed is that in the southern hemisphere, the moon is’ turned ‘on what is seen in the northern hemisphere.
The south pole is oriented toward the center of our galaxy, which, combined with clear skies, allowing an excellent view of the night sky, and bright with many stars.

style “width: 591px andgt Zimbabwe now epidemic problems of South Africa The Zimbabwe cholera epidemic has spread to South Africa’s famous Kruger National Park.Calcutta News
The Zimbabwe cholera epidemic has spread to South Africa’s famous Kruger National Park.
style “width: 591px andgt South Africa holds Zimbabwe crisis talks Regional leaders are holding crisis talks with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and the opposition in South Africa.Channel 4
regional leaders are holding crisis talks with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and the opposition in South Africa.
style “width: 591px andgt South Africa host regional summit on the crisis in Zimbabwe JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to regional leaders at a summit in South Africa on Monday, looking for a nod to form a government, with or without his rivals in a position critics say will deepen his country crisis.The Star
JOHANNESBURG ( Reuters) – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to regional leaders at a summit in South Africa on Monday, looking for a nod to form a government, with or without his rivals in a position critics say will deepen his country’s crisis.
style “width: 591px andgt Zimbabwe and South Africa: Questions raised about Cholera Threat to World 2010 Cup If Zimbabwe cholera death toll continues to rise as fears grow that the epidemic has not reached its peak expressed concern about what the disease means for the 2010 Soccer World Cup in
As Zimbabwe cholera deaths continues to rise as fears grow that the epidemic has not reached its peak expressed concern about what the disease means for the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa.
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