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The Feeling

by yudaica2013 ·

You have difficulty stepping, begins nauseated, hand nearly falls out guitar (well, or tambourine), you can not see anything and spotykayass of drums or the microphone cord, falls. The audience, naturally, begins laugh, and you run away in shame hang in the nearest toilet. 🙂 Well I was just, kidding, of course. Most often, it ends banal standing ‘as a post’, clutching a microphone before the white in the knuckles and the mooing of something unintelligible in the key that will obstruct identify himself Beethoven. As a person who has passed through something like that, I will say this – the feeling is not pleasant.

Now, looking back, I realize how much has been done to to get rid of stage fright. However, all I did not succeed and fail ever and thank God! Why? The fact that the excitement that we experience before going out – this is a manifestation of energy, which overwhelms us. It is necessary to send it back on track, and you’re on horseback, is to succumb to it and let things take their course – and you’re in trouble. Only when I realized it and started a real progress, and what you will, by the way, I wish. Now I am still worried by speeches, but this fear allows me to use the adrenaline rush to get up things that I can not in normal, quiescent state. Now, for example, to make a quality recording at home, I have shake yourself emotionally, it seems that I address to get the necessary momentum.