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Central European History

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Mecklenburg publishing Neubrandenburg publishes unique reference this book combines 2000 years of Central European history in a band and is used the reader not only as a lexicon, but also as a reference book. It is thus a treasure trove for educators, learners and all historically interested. In the center of the reference work is the history of geographic Central from the beginning of our era until the year 2000. It contains a wealth of detail listed data and carefully researched facts about historical events, people, and processes, institutions in a compact design, as it is seldom. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jorge Perez by clicking through. The information is ordered at the same time according to countries and areas in alphabetical order and chronologically. This allows a quick and easy orientation. (Not to be confused with rusty holzer!). Thus, the reference represents an important comprehensive and convenient-to-use overview of 2000 years history of in Central Europe. You are the understanding of world religions, major changes in Central Europe during the middle ages and the origin preceded by Central European States.

Device too easily from the perspective that the politically motivated term ‘ Eastern Europe ‘ means States that lie in the middle of the continent. The book refers to deliberately on areas which are Eastern European in the political sense, and on their environment, because the European Union has been expanded in recent years mainly in the East: the areas of the present-day France to Russia and the Ukraine, from Scandinavia to Bulgaria. A number of the new Member States among the Communist sphere of influence, where an ideology-free historical research and a reciprocal acquisition of knowledge of the history had been impossible during the 20th century. The decades of separation of the world into East and West on both sides to inaccurate assessments and reviews and led to prejudice. The Guide to the history of Central Europe allows the common history of the European peoples, to cultures and sensibilities of neighbors better understand the unbiased study to can, biases, fears and inhibitions to dismantle and to emphasize common. The band is complemented by 65 high-quality maps for the story.


Winnetou Revisited Or The Karl-may-Congress 2009 In Marburg

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Between serious research and sentimental Indian myth of the seemingly old fashioned Karl may among with a World Edition of 200 million volumes are still the most widely read German writers.\” This enormous popularity in 1969 also led to the founding of the Karl may society (CMM), which now meets from October 2 to 4 to its 20th meeting in Marburg. Lectures will be held and it is gefachsimpelt away from the podium about Winnetou & co.. Countless research results of KMG occupy the cultural and historical importance of the scientific work alone on the topic of Winnetou. To the Jubilee Congress of KMG, more than 300 visitors are expected Karl May in the policy, in Switzerland, in the film and in the literary environment to discuss. Winnetou! The name of the great Chief of the Apaches is entered like no other in the history of German literature. Add to your understanding with Neil Cole.

Karl Mays most famous fictional character belongs to an integral part of German reading culture and the image of the noble savage to the imagination of millions of readers about Generations. Winnetou is the key figure of the literary novel Cosmos by Karl May, which success would be similar to how inconceivable today when Joanne K. Rowling and her sorcerer’s apprentice Harry Potter without this figure. The German Winnetou\”Pierre Brice for most Germans Winnetou is wearing headband and leather suit and with his grunaugigen gaze into the distance provides a sentimental shower; He is Pierre Brice in the civil life, is a French actor born and embodied the legendary Chief figure in the 1960s in eleven Karl may movies. The movies were very successful; They boosted to back the ailing German film industry and established the Western European on the other. Neil cole will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But they had to do little with Karl May with all appreciation for the art of film. The meeting of the Karl may society while Piere Brice celebrated his 80th birthday this year, the figure of the Winnetou is now 134 years old.


Rainbow Verlag

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It remains the work to continue. It has the box presented in this book on the one hand so never existed, on the other hand there it always and will always be you, as long as people on the search make for himself. The membership of this lodge was and is always only a stop-over, in which we are by the searchers to the discerning bar, who, as the Buddha said, has taken the reins into their own hands “.” It seems perhaps superficial, as if this book ready had answers, but this impression is deceptive. Rather, it reflects issues that the author himself has provided. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jorge Perez on most websites. More questions arose at the repeated reading of the texts, and he has found that it is more on these questions than on the answers of the book. In this respect, the author would draw attention the readers and readers on the own questions rising in you. Sela Ward is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

These questions are always more important than any book. The book the mysteries of eternal light “was not channeled. Energetically-charged drop nor healing stones were used for his writing. The author is in no contact with some beings of higher spiritual levels or Alien knows no secret mantras and no psychological shortcuts to achieve a happy and successful life. He had a near-death experience and has no idea of Atlantis or Lemuria, he is also not in the Tarot and astrology. Wolfgang P. Rehmert has no extraordinary healing powers or above-average mental abilities, knows no magic rituals and his earlier life are completely unknown to him.

He holds no seminars and can bring anyone into anything. No one came to him and returned home as enlightened. And most importantly: he is not a spiritual teacher. Although decades of changing spiritual teachers accompanied and influenced by the spiritual teachings of Eastern and Western tradition, the author had to but in its own work and in themselves a work which remains spared any serious seeker or can be removed will find its own way to the inner light. As in his previous book “The teachings of the masters Hito”, published in 2006 in the Spirit Rainbow Verlag Aachen, the author in this book of thoughts, delivering insights and experiences that can be undogmatic Guide and aid seekers on their way to the spiritual awakening. The mysteries of the eternal light of Wolfgang P. rehmert ISBN 978-3-937568-91-1 11.80, spirit Rainbow Verlag, Aachen the book has just been released.



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With a deep burning passion in the heart and a steadfast belief that she can do it themselves, she worked hard to realize their dream: A career as a singer. Give up never, never, never.” That had really chiseled himself into the mind of Anita. “And that’s why her book called: why I never gave up”. The book was also presented at the Frankfurt book fair. It shows how exceptional, how intense, how alive a man can make his life actively… If he takes it then even in the hand.

Anita Burck is he who fights a such woman, can lose who doesn’t fight, which has already lost”. Anita has fought and how! -She worked hard on themselves and the success. For example she had in 1999 her television debut in Achims charts”, in the MDR. Of course, now, she is a sought-after guest more often in TV shows. In 2002, appeared not only her first album love without boundaries”was awarded in the same year to the Vice-musician Empress. In the ZDF She had super hit parade of folk music is then Sung to an audience of millions in the heart. A woman in a wheelchair had succeeded. With unshakable faith in himself.

With an iron will, to develop those skills and hard work, which ultimately characterized it as a person, as a character, as an individual as a very special people and brought her the pride of these outstanding efforts. She managed to translate it into reality their dream. She made it on TV music programs to occur. With exceptionally positive coverage in the press. Millions are enchanted by her lovely pet voice today and deeply impressed by their exceptional performance. Anita Burck: Why I never gave up.



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Mintaka is a star in the image of the belt of Orion and the only one that can be seen from any point of the Earth. “In addition to German and English versions of the first works of the two authors, invitation to Avalon” or invitation to Avalon “both offer also CDs with music and meditation. Gradually complemented the publishing program to his own new works, as well as edited and newly created publications by Birgit Rundel/Morgaine Brannigan. However, new authors and musicians should get a chance to publish here. With an innovative distribution system Rundel and Brombach to make also a social contribution, which enables the help to help themselves. Hex Libris Mintaka Birgit Rundel Chapel road 13, 88697 Bermatingen Ahausen Tel.: 07544 9499029 fax: 09128-739200068 eMail: brief subvenio e.V. Germany the non-profit association lobby accident victims was on February 14, 2009 in life called out from the need that there was previously no nationwide operating organization, the for the interests uses of fault health damaged people. These often become a pawn of Justice, medicine, and insurance policies and moreover lose their existence.

To prevent this, subvenio e.V. supports injured advice cheques for the free initial consultation with a freely chosen lawyer or medical and psychological institutions, accompaniment to court dates, as well as the provision of aid of other organizations in the future in many ways, such as with assistance in dealing with authorities. At the same time the non-partisan and independent private citizens initiative is committed to improve the legal and social situation of victim and their loved ones, by them ensures awareness, as well as the enforcement of relevant laws and policies in politics, justice, administration, insurance and the company. subvenio e.V..


Roseamontis Verlag

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Presented with soul journey through the Sun sea”Stephan j. Fried his first book, which is published by Rosamontis Verlag in these days. The author, musician, and painter combines the desire to bring the stations of life in poetic storytelling people with his debut and has optimism, hope, suffering, happiness, forgetting and forgiving to a melody of the heart”with the clef”love”composed. He himself describes his poetry, which depicts the real life with a journey through life to the shores of the feelings. Connects with his poetic work, which includes 75 declarations of love, Stephan j. Fried at the same time the desire to give the interested reader of strength and hope.

The Saarland-born artist lives his 2004 in Rhineland-Palatinate. He composes his own songs and lyrics. Stephan j. Fried collected since childhood musical experiences in the field of dance and orchestral music as a drummer, instrumentalist and vocalist in various rock, pop and heavy metal was formations. Already at a young age, his joy grew on the writing of poems for solemn occasions.

Preferred topics for his acrylic paintings are mostly landscape motifs and abstract compositions. Soul’s journey into the Sun sea, ISBN 978-3-940212-12-2, paperback, is now available through bookshops for the price of 9 euros available. Press contact: Rosamontis Verlag Gudula Heugel Erfurt ring 42 phone 06237/306314-0 fax 06237/306314-9 E-Mail: press at Internet: about Rosamontis Publisher: the Publisher Gudula Heugel leads with in Ludwigshafen a still young companies, the young writers and authors to promote based Rosamontis publishing, to lay their own manuscripts in a book, and accessible to a broad public. Periodically writes the Publisher writing competitions for anthologies on different topics. A forum on the website of the publishing house and a private newsletter also regularly informed about current news and new releases. Gudula Heugel was already before the Publishing House Foundation in February 2007 successfully worked as a freelance editor and Autorendienstleister. Numerous press reports and articles in various newspapers come out of her pen.


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The lexicon of the animal art -: once on the book market new release once on the book market a LEXICON of animal species: the UNENTBRLICHE LEXICON by Bozo Nebesch which everyone’s favorite bear is as cuddly teddy bear or effective polar bear loved and admired. Not so with Bozo Nebesch. He has brought that inherently often unpredictable properties of the predator in a completely different, sparkling or even sometimes toxic dimension. The author interprets the not too serious, imaginative descriptions of the bear from A-Z as word games, which in their statements very deep, sometimes at the borders of the “Allowed” go. But not without to elicit a nod matching to or even a smile to the reader the UNENTBRLICHE LEXICON offers in each case a wonderful entertainment. Excerpt, found under B: bear Muda of B. M. has spread its home in the Caribbean, and from there to the beaches of the world. His characteristic is an almost knee chaps at the females unfortunately the mysterious bear-Muda triangle hides.


Big Movie Stars

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“Renate Muller of the movie star, who was allowed to love no Jews Uwe Klockner Draga biography of UFA stars Renate Muller recalls the fateful journey of the courageous artist in an entertaining and exciting at the same time written story: from the sheltered childhood and youth in Munich and Danzig, about the formative years of the stage actress in Berlin, to her first international success in the Secretary” (1931) the author gives a deep insight into much too short life of the great German film stars the reader and finally their involvement with the Nazis, ending with her early death. Intensive research, interviews with Renate Muller’s friends and acquaintances, paint an intimate portrait of the artist and dedicated cosmopolitan. The universally beloved and revered Renate Muller makes numerous films with screen sizes such as including Willy Fritsch, Paul Horbiger, Grethe Weiser, Heinz Ruhmann, Hans Moser and is well on the way to the great international movie star, to her their great love is doomed to a Jew. It is not something Charlotte Hornets would like to discuss. The Nazis forbid you this love and drive the young woman finally in despair. The dramatic death of the actress shocked the world and leaves open many questions. Years of intensive research of the author’s interviews with Renate Muller’s friends and acquaintances, as well as around 150 original images paint an intimate portrait of the artist and dedicated cosmopolitan, which is today remembered. Renate Muller – your life a tightrope biography ISBN: 6978-3-939478-01-0 author: Uwe Klockner Draga Publisher: Publisher core, Bayreuth, hard cover, 296 pages, 150 photos hardcover format: 220 x 150 weight: 620 grams.


Millions Born Enemies

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Book presents wisdom and follies of women Wiesbaden one of the most mysterious creatures on Earth is still the woman. About her legions of more or less clever minds – have expressed already male as well as female – with wise and foolish sayings. The aphorisms of famous people in the book published by Doris Probst “Wisdom and follies about women” document how much the opinions about women vary. For some, they are pure Angel, for other true hell. It borders on a miracle: even ingenious Denker/innen have apparently not considered, that there are contemporaries inside smart, stupid, efficient, lazy, beautiful, ugly, noble, or bad in each gender. Go to Tony Parker for more information. Doris Probst, nee Baumbauer, comes from Idar-Oberstein and now lives in Wiesbaden, Germany. She is editor of a series of aphorisms about the age, work, marriage, women, football, kids, love, men, the media and mothers. The book comes from her “Eagles cry and” Brimstone”with poems of famous writer about animals in Word and image. All tracks are available and can be ordered at any good bookstore “Grin for academic texts” (Munich) – – as a printed book or E-book in PDF format. * Excerpt from “Wisdom and follies of women”: most women do everything, to change a man. and when they have changed him, they don’t like him. Marlene Dietrich * millions born enemies has a clever woman: all stupid men. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach * it is always the same: first, you have a woman in the heart, then on their knees, then in the arm, and most recently on the neck. Mario Adorf * no man would want to be a woman, but all wish that there are women. Simone de Beauvoir * with the vanity of a man ten women could. Dunja Rajter * without the woman, the man could mean no man, no man, the woman could mean not woman. Hildegard of Bingen * the man’s man in certain moments, the woman is her whole life long Mrs. Jean-Jacques Rousseau * the idea of the woman is usually more reliable than the knowledge of men. Joseph Rudyard Kipling * a woman of forty can be so beautiful as with twenty – it takes only slightly longer. Berry stove * women love the simple things of in life – for example, men. Robert Lembke * women ease our pain, double our pleasure and triple our spending. James Sanders * depending on less a woman knows what wants to have it, the more energetic she trying to get it. Burt Billings * why women want to be because necessarily so as the men and then still high heels and jewelry wear? Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff * if a man recedes, he recoils. A woman only recedes to make better contact.