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Ukraine Shopping

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There are projects that are characterized by data collection at the end of the formation of the final reports. The most important step in carrying out the project is the formation of Mystery Shopping accounting documents on which decisions are made by – the customer. Particular attention should be paid to the preparation of evaluation results to the analysis. Most often, the absence of special funds formation of the analytical data, the results of evaluations are entered manually into spreadsheets, and the resulting charts and graphs are constructed on the basis of these tables. Also pay attention to the application priority net to the results obtained. In this case, the important role played by human factors, which together lead to loss of data and large error in the results of the study. Some companies – providers of services in Mystery Shopping Ukraine trying to optimize the processes of research through the development of special software. However, most of these software products covers only certain areas of the provision of services Mystery Shopping, which allows to optimize the processes only at certain stages.

An example is the maintenance of a unified database of secret shoppers to create the service or fill out the forms using the Internet – Technology. The first solution that completely cover the entire process of providing services Mystery Shopping, came to us from the Western market. These software products are characterized by rich functionality allows automate and optimize all phases of projects Mystery Shopping. However, these systems are characterized by high rental costs, difficulty in technical support and lack of adaptation to the Ukrainian market. C recently began offering a similar system domestic company ADV Energy.

The proposed system 2MS is a software package, which covers the entire process of project management and Mystery Shopping allows a foreign long-term experience and modern realities of the domestic market. The software product 2MS ( is very flexible and 2MS has the following characteristics: 1. Full automation – the whole process of research, from the start of the project until its completion, the most automated, which allows the company – the provider to hold large amounts of research with minimal involvement of human resources. 2. Selectivity – Having the opportunity of selection according to the Mystery Shoppers target audience from a single database. Secret shoppers are trained and required testing before making the assessment. Based on project conditions Mystery Shopping, candidates attracts and holds the selection of the project company – provider of services. 3. Versatile – create mystery shopper evaluation questionnaire of arbitrary complexity. At the beginning of the project in the form laid Priority grid also provides change of weights in the grid project, which allows you to automatically display and control assessment, to change the priorities of research. 4. Efficiency – online-system, allows real-time data display forms and mystery shoppers The findings generate reports and analysis graphs and charts. Market trends Mystery Shopping Services in Ukraine can predict that in the near future, companies – service providers will not be able to conduct qualitative research without specific optimization of business – processes of the service, which in turn will lead to a specialized implementation of complex solutions. With the growth of the market offers, a key role to play not only on the quality of projects, but also the cost of the service itself. adaptive solution and allows carry out projects of any complexity and requirements for the valuation technique. The system is built on modern web – technologies and provides a great opportunity for companies – providers of Mystery Shopping services and their clients.


Scientology Church

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She saw first-hand the devastation resulting from discrimination and violation of human rights. In 2001 she founded the institution of youth so for human rights international”. It is a non-profit organization, teaches young people about human rights, in particular the Universal Declaration issued by the United Nations ‘. “The ‘Universal Declaration of human rights’ was adopted by the United Nations more than 60 years ago with 30 universal rights. “Ten years ago, as we do with youth for human rights international’ began, 90 percent of respondents could not more than a maximum of three of the thirty rights call”, says Mary Shuttleworth. In meetings with government officials, citizens and municipality exponent on eight annual youth for human rights international’ congresses in different countries and places, Shuttleworth found out that most people pretty concerned, because they are human rights not or only barely know.

Not even most of them can define human rights “, much less count on human rights at all. This basic knowledge must be disseminated “, says Shuttleworth. “She compared it with Edison BBs discovery of electricity: if Edison discovery of electricity was BBs a secret and so few available said 90 percent of the world’s population still in the dark would live”. The problem was however, as the approach to the dissemination of the Universal Declaration of human rights * to you. Shuttleworth son Taron had the answer at hand. Jay Schwartz gathered all the information. He said that one should implement the attention quite simply audiovisual. “According to Taron BBs idea we sat us down and produced on a shoestring budget the today well known hip hop music video UNITED”, Shuttleworth says.

It was premiered at the United Nations in August 2004. It arrived at the people very well and was for young people in many countries of Guyana to the United Kingdom and Thailand to Tanzania to be an absolute hit. The video won more than a dozen awards all over the world. Based on the resounding success of the videos UNITED, they developed teaching materials for the Human rights education. You trained young people of different strata of society, so that they themselves could know the human rights, teach, and further give others this important information. A young singer in Canada combined with musical entertainment at local schools on human rights training. Young people in Taiwan went around the whole island with their bicycles, visited schools and met many officials. They demanded that the human rights education in this country must be promoted more. In South Africa, students played various scenes of human rights violations followed by scenes presented by the respective human rights, the human rights violations to pick up. A 12 year-old girl in India met with the President of their country, to tell him of the importance of human rights and their teaching in their own country. Shuttleworth know that the effectiveness of this Menschenrechtsprogrammes in its simplicity. Everyone can teach human rights materials. Education is a bridge, the Human rights and other positive social changes will bring”. The initiative and its valuable initiatives for human rights education support the Scientology Church international and various Scientology churches and missions. More info on people who live a life of joy and happiness with Scientology and that today shape the world, can be found on.


The Audience

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Do not stop. A bruising then I really got a lot of ice burns a lot of it. Trauma was one. And it so happened that I was before was interviewed. I was asked: “What you can prevent the win?”. And I replied: “Only injury!”. And now, after a minute, I get it.

The doctor to whom I was taken, he said that I had Achilles tendon rupture, and I for some time will not be able to walk. I panic – I have a project, the number of new must rehearse. Went to another doctor. He calmed, said that it is not divide, but recommend a smaller move for some time, until healed. But I had to break taboos.

We slightly altered the number that the load was on the other leg, bad leg cut away analgesic, wore special bandages, and I went out on the ice. The audience, incidentally, never guessed that my injury. “Well be back! “The main thing is not victory, and participation “- is not about you! – Yes. I will do everything possible to win! If we are to do something, then at 100 percent! It’s in my nature! -Maybe the Olympics in 2014 go? You have it so good at? – I think that we have good skaters who will represent our country. But I was too late. Everyone must do his own job! I would rather please the audience with his musical creativity. -What do you think of why you won?



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In accordance with Sheep (2002), Computer science is present in our society in some areas: Domestic environment: it modified the way of leisure of the family, where the computer is used through games, simulators and diverse environments of the Internet. Environment of work: the computer uses itself as a tool of side work, leaving the routine and manual work, providing, thus, an automatized work more, had to the power of access to the information. Environment of the citizenship: the computer and computer science are gifts in the elections, cadastros, help in the communication of the local occurrences, among others. Being thus, the technology also is present in the ways and embezzlements of the education. You may want to visit Tony Parker to increase your knowledge. The coexistence of passive school with pupils active is impossible, capable to use the computer as a necessary tool in its learning. Jay Schwartz understood the implications. The author still says that the school being an institution that forms the pupils to rethink and to legalize its to know is important that it is in accordance with the reality of the world.

The computer being present in the daily pertaining to school makes with that our society crosses walls, that is, brings possibilities of communication between people that never perhaps have personal contact, opens ways for research (to know and to intervene with what it is wanted to learn). For Almeida (1988) the computer develops itself in a world of supervaluation of thinking, where it gains space in the work and it diminishes the borders, operating in the order of the consciences and the social spaces. It is a component of the global process of the education in Brazil, beyond an instrument of improvement of some schools (public or particular); that it is not a solucionador of real problems, therefore is necessary that has a survey of the problems of the school, but auxiliador of this process. According to Sheep (2002), researchers and educators study as to use the computer as pedagogical tool, that is, Computer science in the Education.


Bertie Apartment

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Diego Bertie, is right to say that all who follow him, would be stupid. Clear because you can not take it in game, and with sarcastic bramas, the fate of a country. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jay A Schwartz. Now Jaime wants to appear as victim, to say that the owner of the channel is not agree with that use its programme to launch his presidential candidacy. This behavior evidence, that he wants to awaken more expectation on those who follow him. After seeing this whole scenario political, a bit chistosito; I realize that anyone can be a candidate for the Presidency. So much so I realize, now, that to my has also gotten me the desire to be President. Why not? Be perfectly that the destiny of a country is not thing of game, and that the matter is well complicated.

I’m a musician diploma in theology, living in his small apartment of 54 square meters, in the Lince district with his wife, we do not have children, and nothing to hide. My life is completely transparent. I believe, and I am sure that there is something that all candidates for the Presidency, cannot avoid, and this is: maintain their economic status after the end of his term as President. If I came to power with a small apartment of 54 square meters, when I finish my mandate, I will continue to live in that small apartment; and it is not not have ambition for self-improvement; what I don’t have is ambition of unjust enrichment. Suddenly, perhaps, who knows; saving of President, over time salary can buy a better Department, but without leaving the modesty.