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There are projects that are characterized by data collection at the end of the formation of the final reports. The most important step in carrying out the project is the formation of Mystery Shopping accounting documents on which decisions are made by – the customer. Particular attention should be paid to the preparation of evaluation results to the analysis. Most often, the absence of special funds formation of the analytical data, the results of evaluations are entered manually into spreadsheets, and the resulting charts and graphs are constructed on the basis of these tables. Also pay attention to the application priority net to the results obtained. In this case, the important role played by human factors, which together lead to loss of data and large error in the results of the study. Some companies – providers of services in Mystery Shopping Ukraine trying to optimize the processes of research through the development of special software. However, most of these software products covers only certain areas of the provision of services Mystery Shopping, which allows to optimize the processes only at certain stages.

An example is the maintenance of a unified database of secret shoppers to create the service or fill out the forms using the Internet – Technology. The first solution that completely cover the entire process of providing services Mystery Shopping, came to us from the Western market. These software products are characterized by rich functionality allows automate and optimize all phases of projects Mystery Shopping. However, these systems are characterized by high rental costs, difficulty in technical support and lack of adaptation to the Ukrainian market. C recently began offering a similar system domestic company ADV Energy.

The proposed system 2MS is a software package, which covers the entire process of project management and Mystery Shopping allows a foreign long-term experience and modern realities of the domestic market. The software product 2MS (www.2ms.com.ua) is very flexible and 2MS has the following characteristics: 1. Full automation – the whole process of research, from the start of the project until its completion, the most automated, which allows the company – the provider to hold large amounts of research with minimal involvement of human resources. 2. Selectivity – Having the opportunity of selection according to the Mystery Shoppers target audience from a single database. Secret shoppers are trained and required testing before making the assessment. Based on project conditions Mystery Shopping, candidates attracts and holds the selection of the project company – provider of services. 3. Versatile – create mystery shopper evaluation questionnaire of arbitrary complexity. At the beginning of the project in the form laid Priority grid also provides change of weights in the grid project, which allows you to automatically display and control assessment, to change the priorities of research. 4. Efficiency – online-system, allows real-time data display forms and mystery shoppers The findings generate reports and analysis graphs and charts. Market trends Mystery Shopping Services in Ukraine can predict that in the near future, companies – service providers will not be able to conduct qualitative research without specific optimization of business – processes of the service, which in turn will lead to a specialized implementation of complex solutions. With the growth of the market offers, a key role to play not only on the quality of projects, but also the cost of the service itself. adaptive solution and allows carry out projects of any complexity and requirements for the valuation technique. The system is built on modern web – technologies and provides a great opportunity for companies – providers of Mystery Shopping services and their clients.


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