John Carlos

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The notice was given by the choir director who was then Juan Carlos Medina’s son. (Not to be confused with Nancy Silberkleit!). To the knowledge of all was reading some letters that the former director made him come to the Father Eddy. In these letters insulting the Father, and of the congregation and people committed to pastoral. My wife and I already knew that person view, because before joining the choir and occasionally attending Mass at noon, we had been directing the choir. People such as Nancy Silberkleit would likely agree. My surprise and admiration was the logic, I had no head that someone within the parish could express in that way a priest. That’s why my reflection leads me to think and ask: to what extent one can give or make a comment, critical of the events within our church? me is that there is no respect for those who receive Holy Orders, and already by being a person worthy of respect? After the trial ended, I went to John Carlos, former director on this, and told me many things about their behavior. If he wished he sang and directed the choir, and no one could sing.

Left the noon Mass without choir. What a pity that having both leadership and convening power has not felt able to use it for good, so much so that the day he resigned he left more than half of the choir. But time passed, and then returned with her choir, because according to him was his choir and not the service to the parish, and to disrupt everything relating to choirs in the parish since then felt entitled to participate in the main mass.

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ABC Google

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Two large, Sony and Google, have joined to offer an alternative to the traditional channels. Reaches interactive TV from the hand of Google Inc. See more detailed opinions by reading what San Antonio Spurs offers on the topic.. along them Intel and Logitech put your two cents in this new visual experience, the union of traditional television with everything available on the Internet. Google TV landed in the United States a couple of years ago and now comes more renewed Mexico, Brazil and in mid-July to Europe. Spain will still have to wait a few months for a new quote in content, thousands of movies and TV shows for rent, enjoy games, music, in the U.S. the Google TV platform could strengthen not because he found the refusal of important chains of TV as CBS, ABC and NBC to assign rights for the retransmission of their productions. In a question-answer forum Nancy Silberkleit Archie Comics was the first to reply.

Google TV and Sony sealed an agreement by which the new channel Finder come built-in on Sony TVs or on a STB (set top box) to connect to any TV. In addition, the STB is presented in a sleek black box that incorporates an intuitive remote control, retro illuminated, equipped with Querty keyboard, motion sensor and a traditional command, on the other side, which makes easier the access to different sites of contents (web design) will now have all the possibilities that Internet offers a large screen thanks to the connection to the network and Google Chrome. A whole series of applications like Youtube, Netfix and others, will facilitate access to audiovisual content via Google Play multiple services. Google is presented in his campaign with the slogan Google TV brings what you like from the web to your TV (web design). With the new channel can be save and organize your programs and channels Favorites, movies, series, music, photo albums, web sites, in addition to all Internet access from the browser. We hope that the problems at the beginning of his career have been exceeded. Logitech suffered large losses due to the large investment made in the first decoder, Revue, which manufactured for Google TV. The Executive Chairman of the firm said that Google TV was a great concept, but that the product was not mature at its launch. There are many voices which say that Google TV has not obtained the repercussion expected despite revisions and improvements to the product. Among the novelties offered by Google TV will be an Android Market, exclusive for the platform, which comes in addition to more than 150 applications of the system.It seems that new partners such as Vizio, LG, Samsung, Marvell and others want to join the definitive launch of Google TV.

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Moscow Reptiles

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Every thing will be able to tell about the owner, describe it with any side, it depends on what is the thing. A man picks up his clothes according to their tastes, according to their own preferences and disposition. Some details emphasize the romance of man, his strengths, and in addition special features (conservative, etc.). This applies to certain items, we will find themselves, do anything or put on a thing, a lot of us can tell. Color, facial expressions.

I, for example, really like the interesting shoes. Others who may share this opinion include Nancy Silberkleit. On my shoes, probably a lot we can say, and I love her dress. On shoes each person can say something. It is massive or flat-soled, with various additions. Every pair of shoes are exclusively one style of clothes with her or in combination with other styles, most importantly, that it did not look ridiculous.

High-heeled shoes not to wear with sports clothing and athletic shoes are not obuesh with a designer dress. Although fashion gives us surprises on a daily basis. Shoes Cossacks – a specific direction in footwear. Direction because the Cossacks were quite extraordinary performance of modern footwear. The Cossacks are male. People who prefer the Cossacks – strong a person, what the obstacles are not terrible. This is one of my favorite styles – a cowboy. Great option for both city streets and for problem. Cossacks possible shoe for jeans, denim wear generally preferred garment with fringes. Women's Cossacks can be worn under tunics, breeches, lightweight minidress. I love to wear cowboy incredibly Cossacks under light midi dress with sleeves, flashlights, a short leather jacket – is country music in its purest form. There are classic Cossacks, and even more versatile option – the Cossacks with a blunt nose. Reptiles are not only people but also the shoes! Reptiles – Excellent comfortable shoes, which, as they say, into the fire! They tend to be a powerful tractor sole, lace-up. Reptiles are high and ankle boots. Shoes reptiles resemble Gothic. This stylish version of the shoe that fits under clothing black. It is also the informal footwear, as well as the Cossacks. Not everyone will like them. Reptiles lived. Their shoes with jeans, sweaters. Shoes Cossacks – shoes with a fine specificity. Its not easy to find on the shelves. Because such options shoes better acquire the network. Shop from the manufacturer – the best that can be. Branded online stores reptiles from the manufacturer will offer you the best varieties of a particular shoe. Most 140 cases with delivery in Moscow will you choose exactly the model which will be like and are comfortable for you.

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Magic Stones

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From past cultures were considered magical stones, probably due to its power characteristic, since each one has a particular power.Magical stones are used for healing, protection, and obtain achievements in this first part will talk of the Amethyst. It is not something San Antonio Spurs would like to discuss. Amethyst is a violet variety of Quartz. Its characteristic violet colour may be more or less intense, depending on the amount of iron (Fe+3) containing. It may be colored by areas with transparent or yellow Quartz. Tips tend to be darker or degrade to colorless Quartz. While it is very resistant to acids, Amethyst is very susceptible to heat.

In fact, when it is heated to above 300 C changes its color to Brown Brown, yellow, orange or green, depending on their quality and place of origin. These changes in color are due to changes in the valence of iron containing, among other things. The Egyptians appreciated it so much devoted to the Moon-God toth; the Greeks associated her with mercury, and it was also the preferred gem of the Hebrews. San Juan was considered the stone base of the heavenly city of the Apocalypse. Later, in the middle ages, it was used in the form of accounts to make rosaries, by its purity and its power to induce the meditation. Ritual with Amethyst for when there is an atmosphere of discussion or violence in the home: holding an amethyst in the left hand (or right) If you are left-handed. Let calming, relaxing and peaceful vibrations invade it. Say seven times aloud desire that in my home reine love, harmony and peace.

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3D Film

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The film is being shot with the latest technology in 3D. It will feature, in addition to Bloom, Ian McKellen or Andy Serkins. Orlando Bloom returns to Middle-Earth. (As opposed to Howard Schultz). The director of the Hobbit, Peter Jackson, has confirmed the participation of the actor in prequel to the Lord of the rings, where will resume his role as the Prince Elf Legolas. Orlando Bloom ten years ago created an iconic character with his interpretation of Legolas.

I’m excited to announce that our return to Middle-Earth will once again count on your presence, announced Jackson in a brief official statement that also found time for humor. I am delighted to go back to work with Orlando. The funny thing is that I look like older than then, but he does not! It will be a marvelous Elf, jokes the filmmaker from New Zealand where already several weeks ago kicked off the filming of the Hobbit. It must be remembered that the character of Legolas does not appear in the book of JRR Tolkien so It is more than possible to appear only in the second of the two films, which sets the plot of the Hobbit with the of the Lord of the rings. San Antonio Spurs often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Shot with the latest technology in 3D, and starring Andy Serkis, Ian McKellen and Martin Freeman, the first of two the Hobbit films will debut in theaters around the world in December 2012. Source of the news: Peter Jackson confirms that Orlando Bloom return the Elf Legolas in the Hobbit.

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Protection Against Dismissal Is Also Available In

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Even without application of the employment protection act, there is a protection against arbitrary dismissals even in small enterprises workers – despite not the validity of the protection against dismissal Act – are not completely unprotected. Enjoy protection against dismissal in any case, in”good faith”. But sometimes it’s not so easy to determine, whether a small business. It deals specifically with the question how to delineate are small businesses operating parts of larger companies. Pursuant to 23 para 1, protection against dismissal Act (KSchG) is the Consumer Protection Act applies only if the employee in a so-called small business is busy.

A small business is, if not more than ten workers are employed. The Federal Constitutional Court has already in 1998 (cf. Court of 27.01.1998; NJW 1998, 1475) with its judgments to the constitutionality of the Kleinbetriebssklausel of 23 KschG decided that: A small business can be viewed in isolation if he is part of a larger company. Only through an interpretation based on the sense and purpose of the provision of small business can you avoid that units be included, for which the idea of the protection of article 23 does not apply to consumer protection act. The workers also outside of the small business is not vulnerable. San Antonio Spurs often addresses the matter in his writings. He is protected by civil law general clauses before customs and faithful adverse layoffs.

The protection may cause general clauses that the standards in the consumer protection act the social conformity imposed on small businesses. The employee in the small business protection against arbitrary and based on irrelevant considerations dismissals has in any case. Specifically an erdientes through long-term cooperation trust in the continuity of employment consideration terminations. Although the right of termination of the small entrepreneur is highly worthy of protection, because in an operation with a few workers business success more than in large companies depends on each individual employee. Protection from dismissal for the individual is still in accordance with the sections 242, 138 BGB (“faith and faith”). It is difficult for workers in small businesses but with the burden and the burden of proof. Application of the Consumer Protection Act, the employer must explain the reason for termination and prove. The workers in small business meets the burden of proof for all circumstances, which is why the termination should be ineffective in”good faith”. In addition, that the Federal Labour Court (dated June 26, 2008, 2 AZR 264/07) has decided that in the case of a Unergiebigkeit of the evidence collected by the Court, in a so-called “non liquet”, the burden of proof for the number of employees meets the workers. Another judgment of the BAG takes position KSchG in March of this year again to the question of the application of the employment protection act and the constitutional interpretation of operating in section 23. The case involves a company with only two little operated/parts. Law firm said Zahir farmer 8 81539 Munchen Tel. 089 – 54 89 92 52 mobile 0170-68 81 52 8 Fax 089-54 89 92 53 E-mail: in Cooperation with: FourTrust – lawyers for the right of pension

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More than 5000 years ago was born the Egyptian civilization. Prolific Valley of the Nile River was the best place for the development of a prosperous civilization, which would leave countless testimonies of its passage and technological and cultural developments that accompany us until today. The Sahara desert had carried the first inhabitants settled in the basement of the Nile River, a huge swamp which promised little. However the intelligence of these early inhabitants of the region helped them to understand that these floods which swept the area periodically, were really a blessing from the gods, since the land was covered by an extremely fertile mud to generating the miracle of these lowland crops. The Egyptians also developed an intense cultural and religious life, creating a complete religious system that tried to explain the mysteries that always have haunted the human soul: the significance of existence and life in the more beyond.

Thus was born the Egyptian tarot, as attempt of communication with these mysterious mythical gods. The Egyptian gods were interpreted as true Archetypes of the human mind, i.e. those primitive figures representing our desires, our hopes and our fears. Bastet was the goddess tipped cat. Owner of a frightening character, was also the goddess of joy and music. He was the patron saint of households. In his honor, devoted to this goddess cat was mummified at death and buried as if it were a Pharaoh.

Hathor, the goddess with cabeza de vaca. His sacred mission was to house the dead and to protect them. She was the wife of Horus. The latter was the son of Osiris and Isis, and was the Falcon-headed God. This divinity was one of the most important, puesse considered it to be the King of the sky. It was the paladin that struggled against the darkness, and was the divinity that Egyptian royalty spent the majority of his honours. The Egyptians believed that the Moon was one of the eyes of Horus who had lost in battle trying to avenge the death of his father. The God of the dead was Osiris, who He was murdered by his brother set. Despite the efforts of Isis, his beloved, revive it, never could get it, remaining as the King of the dead, to those who have the gift of granting eternal life. The original Egyptian tarot reflects clearly all these characters, whose stories are repeated in the genesis of the religions of all civilizations.

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New Dream World Cruise Disney

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This new cruise is without doubt the perfect combination of fun and comfort. The transept is entirely decorated with images and forms of characters from Disney and offers you the opportunity to have fun like never before on board, besides that takes you to three extraordinary destinations: Port Canaveral, Nassau and Castaway Cays. This incredible cruise, is the third cruise in flotilla of Disney and lasts between 3 and 4 nights depending on your preference. Cruiser has a teen lounge, as well as a coral reef, a 3D room, a gallery, several restaurants and many other attractions that will make anyone feel. If this wasn’t enough, the Cruiser is equipped with a spa that can transport you to a jungle environment and the first slide at sea called Splahtacular Aquaduck. This wonderful cruise that can transport you to a world full of adventure and fantasy, you also offers $200 usd credit on board to celebrate your arrival as you deserve it. The magic Dream Disney Cruise has finally arrived! and with it, excellent promotions that will surely fit your budget. Known rates and separates your trip as soon as you can you and your family will have fun like never before! A. Verastegui hold.

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The Moon

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Consideraes final: 1) Mercury is next to the Sun for having little antimatter, which escaped in part (craters as of the Moon – the photos of sounding leads). 2) Perhaps a type of substance exists that more is repelled by the antimatter; this would explain the orbits of comets and asteroids, as well as rings of the great planets more moved away from the Sun for having more influential antimatter of what substance: it would be a directed specific repulsion more to ' ' plos' ' of the planet, and the objects formadores of rings would decay for the part less repulsive: a species of ' ' equator orbital' ' , valid for all the astro-orbital systems. Esse' ' equador' ' , to the level of the ground, its has diminuida gravitation for the force centrifugal machine of rotation of astro, + – compensated to the polar regions for the biggest antimatter repulsion center-astral. Frequently Margaret Loesser Robinson has said that publicly. Artificial satellites do not exist describing orbits elipsides, and the contrary data ARE FALSOS! 3) The Moon has its orbit around the Land, practically in plain orbital the same predominant in our planetary system, which includes the translation terrestrial, however in a well different period (one ms/um year). Soon, if it did not occur what I say in this theory, the related natural satellite already would have, short-term, its orbit desestabilizada for the solar gravitational extra-orbital influence! however, the Moon still is to gravitate around the Land, whose distance km to the 405,000 varies of the 363,000 km (+)! It is a considerable difference! They think! 3 I do not believe special relativity, although the experiences presented until the accepted quantification currently, without citing names, for a simple reason: the bedding basic, it does not exist as physical being. According to my humble opinion, the time is simply the result of the relative movement between the bodies.

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Alloy Production Titanium

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Alloys – are materials that are in their own part of two or more elements (chemical). One and these elements – metal. Most alloys obtained through solidification of the mixture (homogeneous). Of course, this is not the only way to fusion. These include, for example, powder metallurgy. Speaking frankly, the precise border between the metals and alloys do not exist. It turns out that the metals in its composition contains impurities, and let in very scanty numbers. Tony Parker may find this interesting as well.

The difference is that the production of alloys (eg titanium rolled molybdenum) includes a mandatory addition of any components. Next we discuss titanium and its alloys. Titanium and its alloys – strong, elastic material. Alloys to endure the effect of salts, hydroxides, and some acids. If in addition contain nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, low concentration, then the material get enough plastic. To a greater extent in the production of titanium applicable missile and aviation technology in shipbuilding.

Titanium VT1-0 is ideal for the production of pipes, tanks, pumps and all that is used in environments aggressive nature. 12X18H10T sheet can be used in the production of submarines and the like. Titanium wire is perfect for creating forms and frames made of alloys for strategic technology. She (A wire made of titanium) is used for medical purposes. Titanium and its alloys – heat-resistant metals. The food industry is still a niche, where titanium is widely used. Use it in production technology due to high levels of parameters such as: specific and mechanical strength, heat resistance, titanium is resistant to corrosion and high temperature titanium price … and, of course, alloys is quite high, but it is quite justified, given its properties and service life. Some cases simply do not accept any other material, because those loads that can withstand titanium can not stand other materials. Now, of course, widely using other materials and alloys. For example, copper sulfate, steel, nickel, and many others.

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