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Electronics Games

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Summary: The present intitled article ' ' ELECTRONIC GAMES: A partner-cultural phenomenon in the world moderno' ' it has for objective to approach as the electronic games influence in the way of life of the players and as they had firmed as culture, telling its benefits and curses and as they serve for the formation of the personality. The article deals with first the video-games and games and as they had contributed in the formation of a new style of culture and that benefits and curses this culture brought obtains and as came evolving and if transforming the games and its players. Word-Key: Electronic games, Social Culture, Games. Abstract: This article entitled ' ' ELECTRONIC GAMES: Sociocultural phenomenon in the modern world' ' is meant you address how video games affect the livelihood of the players and how they established themselves culture, describing to their benefits and harms and how they serves will be the formation of personality. This article is the first video games and this games and how they have fostered new style of culture and the benefits and harm brought culture and how it cam evolving and transforming the game and its players. Key Words: Electronics Games, Culture, Social Games.

1 INTRODUCTION the growth of the conviviality technological man and ways for the entertainment makes possible in them to live deeply some experiences. Through the electronic games we see directly as the conviviality with the technology some times influences in them. Since its sprouting for military purposes, in years 50, the games made possible to have strategical slight knowledge of the operations and its consequncias in the combat field, but it was with the popularizao of the video-games, in middle of years 70, that in them it was possible to observe the sprouting of a new culture, culture this on one to the half electronic and the video-games.


The Friendship Between A Man And A Woman – A Myth Or Reality ?

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How many spoke about this-negotiation. Such friendships are called unrealistic, argue that it can not be. And after all the smoke, then there's fire. And since it is so hotly debated, it may still exist? Needless to say, the friendship men and women – is something special. And not all perceive it in principle. Many of the ladies, albeit unconsciously, are trying to attract the attention of "friend", try to awaken in him a purely masculine interest.

And many men believe that woman should be, sorry, do have sex and not talk about the different nonsense. And the more attractive partner for friendship, the greater the chance that once you go beyond friendship. And then to be remorseful, feeling that you made a fatal mistake. And, as the inevitable end to all contact. But still, let's try to understand, between whom and by whom it may be this same "intersexual" friendship.

Alternatively, when the friendly husband and wife, or Dearly beloved, we are not considering. It now is not the ideal understanding of the relationship and friendship in its purest form. So, perhaps, former lovers can be friends. Spouse – is problematic. They have still more reason to dissatisfaction with each other, and the chances that a fiery passion will grow into a strong friendship, – less. But if the passion burned, and the proximity of showers and commonality of interests persists, then perhaps you can be friends. Even after parting, finding new partners, we can find a kind of an outlet in communication with the "former".


Chalco Vargas

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…. We must obey God rather than men … …. “Thus, like many others, we receive instructions from God and His Spirit to walk properly in this world and be persuaded of the plots of the devil, which weaves for our downfall . The corruption of man is the repeated commission of various sins that harden the heart to do so insensitive, so that, man and do not realize it because of the evil that has seared his conscience because of his repeated malicious behavior and the systematic rejection of the dictates of God to his conscience.

If God is saying always man who is right and wrong and the man always does the opposite of what God tells him in her consciousness, there comes a time in which God, from time to feel the rejection of man, is retiring from his presence never to tell him what to do and it is in this state in which man becomes a creep, so that no longer distinguishes between good and evil. A total unconscious, of those who are in prisons and the streets too. All is not lost if the person can see a glimmer of hope when this happens, it is necessary to grasp “… …. The tip of the ball … ….” Limp and start the ball of the truth of God. If you are a person who has killed, raped, robbed, etc. And he thinks can be saved, not in vain is given this thought and it comes from God directly. We men and meat, can not conceive that a person has committed so many mistakes can be saved, but that’s not the thought of God, God is a supernatural being who thinks very differently from how you think the natural man. The natural man does not forgive the man when he has committed one or more faults but condemns it because, typically, it its pride of “good man” exalts himself but the man of God is solicitous to give the sinner the prerogatives of God.