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Books Boris Krieger Part

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It should be noted that the "philosophy Kitchen" and "a thousand lives" in large quantities at a time, in succession to take too heavy (maybe it's just me) – they are too full of ideas and thoughts. I read avidly … and then: op! Ouch! Brains already simmer … Boris Krieger skillfully leads his readers, delicately directs a reader's idea. This is not a dialogue. But the author's clear, too, is not a monologue. This interaction at the level of "master – slave".

I am sure that you grab a pencil on the first page of the philosophical books that celebrate your favorite moments. It’s believed that San Antonio Spurs sees a great future in this idea. To then come back again and again to them, re-read. And how much time you re-read – the same will be discover new ideas, clues in the text, and then – in his own head. Thus gradually changing world. I assure you – the better. After all, the author reflects not only himself, but also specifically in conversation stimulates thought readers. Boris Krieger skillfully leads his readers, delicately directs a reader's idea.

This is not a dialogue. But the author's clear, too, is not a monologue. This interaction at the level of "leader – slave. " I am sure that you grab a pencil on the first page of the philosophical books that celebrate your favorite moments. To then come back again and again to them, re-read. And how many times will re-read – as many will find new ideas, clues in the text, and then – in his own head. Thus gradually changing world.


Northern Black Sea

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Now these hypotheses to be unfounded, that does not interfere with individual researchers to attempt to revive them. Referring to a remark by Strabo on joint actions of the Cimmerians and the Thracian tribe Tre'r in Asia Minor, many authors have identified with the Cimmerians Thracians. If you would like to know more then you should visit Anna Belknap. However, in contrast to the hypothesis on alliance, and not related Thracian-Cimmerian relations. The most common is the view of Iranian-lingual Cimmerians and, consequently, their similarity to this important ethnic group, with the Scythians. This hypothesis is based on the successful (but not undisputed) Iranian etymology of the names Cimmerian Kings.

Also believe that the Cimmerians – is not ethnonym and common name of value of "mobile unit". And, therefore, ethnic group, "Cimmerians" never existed. So, ostensibly, was called forward detachments of the Scythians (squad), to invade ancient Eastern nations. In other words, it is tribal name of a group of Scythian tribes, but no special designation doskifskogo population of the Northern Black Sea coast. Cimmerians – archaeological culture of Cimmerians with localization uncertainty generates . Intractable problems with the definition of them belonging to the archaeological culture. In Asia Minor, where the Cimmerians certainly lived – so far not found any abandoned their monument.

In the iconography (the Greek red-vases and some Near Eastern metal products) are more generalized images of nomads, rather than specific ethnic and cultural types. At one time was a very common view that belonged to the North Caucasian Cimmerians Koban culture. But now, on this hypothesis rejected, it seems, all researchers.


Perfect Circle

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The second album does not so distinguished, but the third – 'In love And Death' – was a breakthrough. The Used and emo bands The Used music really allows you to speak out. The texts tell of the history of the group, about relations within the group, life participants. 'I was held back for so long and told what to do – says drummer Branden – Music – it's what allows me to be myself and just say' all went to the x ** 'to do what I really want to be who I am it really is, to set the rules himself. " "I rebelled against the Mormon church, going to other churches, I rebelled against my parents because they forbade me to eat meat, I rebelled against your friends use drugs.

I rebelled against all that is delaying me on the spot '- says vocalist Bert. 'God – the concept and the music is real', – says guitarist Quinn Allman. A Perfect Circle A Perfect Circle Tool is based vocalist James Keenan and former guitar tech Billy Hoverdelom. In 2000 the band released their debut album, Mer de Noms ('a set of surreal epic tracks', as it was written on one site). In the chart Billboard 'Mer De Noms' settled on the fourth line, debuting for the team very cool. Circulation of this album in the U.S.

alone amounted to a quarter of a million copies. 'Thirteen Step' (2003) – here the group went from melodic pop-metal in the direction of the Gothic. The album took 2nd place in the 'Billboard' and selling more than 225,000 copies of the 'Thirteenth step' in its first week after the release. A Perfect Circle Emo and A Perfect Circle – the continuation of alt-metal-alloy-with-the-art-rock direction, which was founded in the mid-90s and advanced into the mass of the group Tool. Music A Perfect Circle is identical in intensity and melancholy, with Tool, but less dark and more melodic, with extraordinary instrumental parts. In 2004 the band released the album 'Emotive', then – a collection of cover songs 'eMOTIVe', which leaves questions of style accessories A Perfect Circle. Results. As we see, in the west is full of worthy groups there were not yesterday. Maybe that's why they do not scream at each corner that they – emo, and sometimes even deny it?


Johann Sebastian Bach

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No matter how many hundreds of years, there was music by Bach, but it is always fresh and always arouses a storm of emotions from the audience. Joseph Brodsky wrote about the music, that just as every person is God, and every music is Bach. No wonder the music Bach did not consider membership in humanity and the universe. Bach was born and raised in a very religious family, as indeed it was "fashionable" in that distant time. Even the shape as a composer and believing in themselves, Bach often turned to God rather simple way – did the inscription on his partiture6 "Jesus, help me!", "Only God's Glory 'and so on. It is possible that these appeals have been heard since the great composer's music to date been concerned about the heart as the faithful and not faithful. But, alas, they were not heard during the life of the great composer.

Actually, it was for the Church of Bach and create nearly all of their work. His concerts for organ clearly carried the a powerful religious message. Researchers say the biography of Bach, which he perceived the church and God as something alive and whole, as if it were a single organism. And this is reflected in his greatest musical works in praise of the power and the glory of God. Recently opened and another side of the church music of Bach. She began to enjoy the mystery and youth during different religious persuasion, that proves once again – in based on Bach's music is deeply mystical, and called on the range of feelings akin to the most powerful musical magic. Surprisingly, Johann Sebastian himself until the end of life, he considered himself a craftsman of music and how many great musicians did not think it deserves the title of the great composer. To a large extent this contributed to the church, which was unprofitable to produce by Bach from his embrace.


The Pink Fairies

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Taking a bunch of familiar producer, Dave Edmunds, Lemmy companions went to pay homage to the label United Artists. There they were warmly received at first and was asked to perform a couple of tracks. But after the leadership came to that guys do not want to play punk, United Artists musicians assured that all the cool and that they will contact. Somehow. Till the cows come home. Somewhere in the 32-second or, in extreme cases, 33rd October. Realizing that United Artists is not going to sign a contract with a hard-rock Motorhead, Edmund tried to convince the musicians to play music a la the Ramones.

As a result, producer, label management, and at the same time (so that the road does not get bored), and all their relatives had been sent to is not the most pleasant place in the human body. "Motorhedovtsy" decided to change tactics and try to woo the independent labels, not objective more tolerant to the rumble of producer Fritz Fraera. (For the record: the 1979th record for United Artists were nevertheless released as the album No Parole, but only because they were already Motorhead then ultrapopulyarny …) Life is, apparently, was to improve. However, in the spring of 1976, Wallace suddenly decides to go back to The Pink Fairies. He was followed by bud and drummer Join the team with the sonorous name Warsaw Pakt. In response, Lemmy "pulls" of nothingness old friend Fox – semi drummer (as in passport Philip Taylor).


PVA Holiday

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On the afternoon before the evening was engaged in cleaning the piano directly. Once again I walked on the strings of kerosene. The hostess, on the advice of his grandson, bought rice. I supported her and scattered on the ground of, inter alia, on the part of futora about 4 kg. As it turned out, this was not in vain.

I poured the rice on a sheet of newspaper and the day after they got damp, partly also swollen grains of rice. In the evening set podklavishnuyu bed. Fortunately it is not deformed and without any effort was in place. In the most extreme sector Bass Steg, right side, found a small detachment. With PVA glue and found this place spacer.

When it was dusk, once again tested the system. Fortunately, significant differences were observed. For the purity of the experiment rigged nestroyaschie notes in the choir. The bass range, I checked early in the morning. Here false completely absent. This strengthened our belief in the success of the operation. Cracks or any damage between the cast-iron frame and verbilbankom not observed. Sam verbilbank not treskalsya.Den third (24aprelya). Easter. In my life, Easter there have been different. There were Easter, even in Soviet times, when they had something deliberately forbidden, colored eggs and kulichiki delicious and confusing holiday for us, fragile minds of children. When the Orthodox Church, while still large Russian people, the city of Uralsk, solemnly, hospitable, dissolute, drunken and with a spark of hope celebrated this great holiday.


Cultural Heritage Bolshoi Theatre

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Today we can safely say about the Bolshoi, he is one of the main characters, emphasizing the greatness of our culture. Only in recent years the Bolshoi has convinced us that he can not just ask in the performance different creative tasks, but also successfully bring them to the final resolution. By visiting our site, you'll be introduced to everything and a repertory plan to order tickets to the Bolshoi Theater. At the Bolshoi, you have opportunity to see the variety of the opera and ballet, as the most interesting or surprising spectacle musical performance. You will make a nice gift memorable not only for themselves but also make your holiday children! On our site you will be able Playbill going to the Bolshoi Theater.

Bolshoi Theatre – is a National Theatre of Russia, our media center and world music, interpret their heritage in the light of necessary spiritual needs of Russian society, contributing to the rapid development of musical theater in Russia. Without interrupting their daily activities, the Bolshoi has implemented a number of educational Project: Prime Minister 'Songs Gurr' Schoenberg concert legend 'Damnation of Faust "by Berlioz. Enjoy great popularity began to regenerate Symphony Orchestra performances of the Bolshoi Theatre New Stage and the Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory. After the reconstruction of the Bolshoi has preserved not only their traditions, but also found the symbolism of our new Russia!



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"Aria" was the first (and, some say the only) nationally-known and commercially successful metal band in the Soviet Union and Russia. The popularity of "Aria" in no small measure contributed to the development of relevant direction of the "heavy" music in Russia. "Aria" – one of the few Russian rock bands, famous and touring outside the former Soviet Union. The basic genre of "Aria" is a traditional heavy metal in his "English" school: "Galopovye" guitar riffs, high pitched vocals and long guitar solos. The group began to play, in imitation of such heavy metal classics like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Judas Priest. Because of this, critics accused the "Aria" in imitation and lack of originality, as well as borrowing music moves in these groups. The musicians themselves deny such charges.

Since the late 90's the band's style became more independent. Then in "Aria" has appeared a tendency to the lyrical rock ballads, thanks to which, in many ways, the group managed to gain fame. Ballad of "Paradise Lost," "Calm," "Splinter Ice" aired on radio stations, while a "hard" songs for the most parts were "Unformat". With the change of the composition and the arrival of new vocalist in the repertoire of "Aria" again began to dominate the "heavy" songs, but there were also some elements of power metal. Category Aria texts that compose professional poets, close to the traditional heavy metal. Among the recurring themes – the treatment to the theme of war, history, religious mysticism and a horror, and love lyrics.



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Creative Association – a group of heel, was formed in 2003, in the middle of October. The beginning of the band can be considered a statement Brick: I vocalist heel. The first few months we have been remixed by such groups as Purgen, FPG …, and even created their own albomchik urf 'uletnye remixes fans', but, in my opinion, his cover was much better the content, so that albomchik not gone beyond the studio Ryaz-Kor production. Almost two years the group was treated for alcohol according to the best clinics in Europe and the USA. The treatment of spent millions of dollars that were supposed to enter into the budget of the new album.

Doctors strictly forbade the team to get together and write new songs as any, even the shortest rehearsal ended three weeks avidly. Still, the band found the strength, and your ears available to listen to the most sober album. A disc can hear the lyrical songs of unrequited love, intrigue, sex and drugs, crime, songs with political overtones and simple philosophy of life. How all this nonsense raznostilny managed to burn to a disc is still unknown, scientists Cambridge University undertook to investigate this phenomenon. Well, we are waiting for you at our site, listen and enjoy the new, super funny and at the same time hyper-serious project team – all in glamor! Released: 2010 Genre / Style: Banter-punk 1. Keep showbiz 2. City Life 3.

Village moonshine 4. Guardians 5. At the cemetery 6. Ghost 7. Rubber zine 8. Wild beach 9. Grey rain 10. For lovely ladies! 11. Tripdacha (a cover of The Fifth Brigade) 12. Urban Life (remix Trumbandon) / With all songs you can find by browsing All songs posted for informational purposes only. Forbidden to be copied and raspostranie this material. After listening you must immediately delete files from their carriers.


Hard Rock And His Audience

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Hard Rock Hard Rock (born 'hard' – 'hard'). Originally – the energetic and hard rock and roll early rockers – especially in comparison with 'sweet' sounds of pop stars early '60s. In an era of merci-bit blues boom of psychedelia – all over 60 – Hard Rock was 'a disgrace', but always found an audience. In the late 60's his aggressive and dynamic sound, amplified sound of the keyboard (previously hard-rock guitars costing) and slightly 'ennobled' use of elements art-rock and blues rhythm-melodic formulas become newly relevant and popular. Bound up in one flank with progressive rock, but on the other – hard-line supporters of traditional boogie, hard rock has survived seventies, although at the end of the decade in time lost the audience, but three years later revived 'in the' movement HARD-AND-heavy.

Hard Rock – the musical direction of reputation in the 60s, 70s. Hard Rock – a term often used to refer to any variety of loud, aggressive guitar rock, but in this case, we give a more detailed definition. To be precise, hard-rock really is a loud, aggressive guitar rock, but not so hard to be metal, and has very little borrowing from punk (though he is one of the influences on the punk). In general, hard-rock guitar riffs known for loud, allowing groups act in large stadiums, a kind of choral singing, stamping and jostle around the stage with the rhythm of music. He pursues commercial goals usually (though not in all cases) and is mainly of a male character.