Rock Star Helps Neoclassical Guitar Players Improve

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After selling over a million records worldwide with recordings of his epic metal band Rhapsody of Fire, and hundreds of students learning to play guitar in his course Neoclassical Revelation, Luca Turilli produces a free mini-course on the neo-classical game on guitar. Mini-course entitled “How to Become a Great Guitarist neoclassical” gives guitar players the ability to quickly get acquainted with the unique method of writing songs and playing guitar in the style Turilli. ‘In addition to my career artist and touring musician with Rhapsody of Fire, – it gives me great pleasure to coach and teach guitarists to express themselves in a neoclassical style of guitar playing ‘, – says Turilli. Free 14-day mini-course consists of lessons Turilli, based on compositions from the last album Rhapsody Of Fire: The Frozen Tears Of Angels (released April 30, 2010), as well as the lessons of the most common methods of guitar playing techniques that are used in Neo-classical music in the game Turilli. Check with movie star to learn more. Mini-course allows guitar players and fans Rhapsody Of Fire from all over the world to learn guitar playing with the world famous rock star. Turilli said: ‘During the tour with my band, I was fans often come up with questions about how to improve their guitar playing. With this free mini-course as well as with my neo-classical guitar lessons online, I am able to talk in detail about all the most important elements that need to know to master the guitar in the neoclassical style to the highest maestro ‘. In addition to the 14-day mini-course Turilli has also collaborated with Tom Hess Music Corporation, to release a detailed curriculum neoclassical program lessons to play guitar. This program – for guitarists who want to learn and deal directly with Luca Turilli themselves and receive additional support as much from him and from advanced community of guitarists on the forum online.

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