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Royalty Giraffe

by yudaica2013 ·

At a distant time, when all the animals governed its proper lives, it had a great agitation, had started to spread for all the cantos the idea of that if that situation it continued, the life would finish for if becoming great baguna, animals would enter in extinguishing, having unchained a disastrous ambient desiquilibrio. All the animals, with excesso of the ostrich that it preferred to thread its head in a hole any, if had congregated, being the lion, true mentor of all that intellectual revolution, located in the point highest, leading all that quarrel. After to explain because they would have finally in all that anarchy, the lion finally placed its manguinhas of is: _ Precisamos a leader, Somebody that fight for the interests of all with justice and generosity, and nobody better that I, or vocs acho that this juba is only one ornament? Not! It is the predestined crown of one. It had a great grumble but soon it was suffocated by the surprising theory of juba. Almost all had kept silent ahead of that revelation, but four animals had protested, therefore also they had interest in if to become kings of all that bicharada, had been they: the giraffe, the elephant, the snake and the monkey. The giraffe was the pimeira to defend its interests: they _Olhem for me, they repair in my elegance and graciosidade, a perfect aesthetic set and spiritual, with all this air of nobility has of being chosen it to I. The lion answered: _ A true necessary king to have firm pulse, and not enxergo in you so great quality. The agreement was unanimous, however the elephant used to advantage the breach given for the lion and if propos to say: _ So great described quality for carissimo lion is Xerox of my personality and intellectuality, festejem, therefore they had finished to find your king.