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Another Love Story (Part 6 )

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This is the sixth part of the story, I hope you like it. st1: * (behavior: url (# ieooui)) Chapter 16 : – mmm what time is it? I saw the clock and was 11 in the morning, I woke up and went to the kitchen, my throat was dry so drink a glass and poured myself some juice, was not like I slept well, suddenly someone came to my back and gave me his ear. – How are you sleepy, it was Danny, I do not know why that scene seemed so normal. – Very good and you? – I said. – Well, I'm always good if you're near me.

– Lie, "I said embarrassed – It's true, you know it is. I turn, I was face to face with him, and kiss me, was a long kiss, but did not want to let go … .. – Aaaah! – The alarm rang, it was time to get up. It had been a dream, beautiful dream that was false, but it seemed so real.

– I will not dream of Danny, he is with Olivia, I will walk away from it, I will. I remembered that I had to call to ask about Geri Doug, so take the phone and dial your number. – Alo? – Hi geri. – Camila! I would just call, I heard about what happened yesterday, are you okay? – If I'm fine, do not worry. – Obviously I care, I laughed and had fun while you hit a guy you ….



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a "Before a bridge is to hit, even if it is stone. . Chinese Proverb In the path of liberation (Chinese way of Liberation) believed was first proposed by Lao Tse, whose teachings were subsequently disseminated and developed by Chiang Tzu find: Beyond the lessons, out of tradition: without relying on words or letters, pointing directly to the human mind, seeing into the very nature gives the state of wisdom. Being needs to experience new states of consciousness that are out of time everyday in order to reveal the truth and the eternal is effective and select the recordings that we are and what belongs to us, because it is the center of the SER. Out of time, is an original state of consciousness, perception and cognition increases free of conditioning and learning everyday not to be expressed, because when a person repeats a truth, as Krishnamurti noted, makes her lie. The essence of this point is that the experience of truth can never be transmitted: EAs a proven fact!.

The word always involves a term related to a pair of opposites and the experience is beyond the verbal level, where opposites are transcended. Any claim related to a spiritual experience is, therefore, a mere figure of speech that can not teach anybody. At that level, live without ideas, to live without residues of past experience and die means continuously to all experience. The self that is psychologically, memory, the sum total of all my possessions, ideas, beliefs and expectations held in my conscience, then allowed to be nourished by the experience.


The Swings

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He added, "You come when you can sincerarte with your child and hug him," she said excitedly while inside expected to be in a long time. Alex was not very happy with that decision but felt that while there might be legal, since a simple DNA would prove it was your child, not have children and they could enjoy what was forbidden today with Joey, I also knew that Joey was and he could not have it. Saw them smiling, three. Both claimed to Joey, each one hand and popped it while laughing out loud and they were telling, as usually the parents, one, two, three. Alex could not hear them from that distance, but he had no doubt they were counting. Joey took to the swings. From there he waved. A few minutes later, Pete left them and went to Alex.

"Hello friend, how are you? You have seen that good boy is Joey? It is a very happy guy. He has many friends. Always in a good mood. He loves music and is always making moves as if playing a drum set. You can not imagine how fast his imaginary drums accompanied by what is heard wherever they are. We've bought a toy and you should see how, when sitting on the bench, running the music movement .- tells Pete knew his friend was suffering and I try to comfort him as best he could, after all, had shared with him the best years of his life and had a huge affection "Alex, I know you're sad.