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Summer Concert Castle Chord

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Key efforts from 17 to 21 h present 15th anniversary of the choir the three choirs at different stations in the Castle area of pieces from the areas of Africa, German rock and pop, Gospels & spirituals, musical and film music, Baroque and romantic as well as night and evening songs. The audience accompanies the choirs in the performances of the carriage house of the stables, the terrace, in the blue room, in the Chapel and back in the courtyard. After each performance, the audience with a small delicacy will be spoilt. The program: 17:00 opening carriage house: Africa 17.45 stables: German rock and pop music 18:30 terrace: Gospels & spirituals 19.15 pm blue room: musicals and film music 20:00 Chapel: Baroque and romantic 20.45 courtyard: night and evening songs for the night and evening songs in the courtyard all guests are invited to round off the evening with sausage and drinks (not included with the admission price). See Adam Sandler for more details and insights. Musical Management: Thomas Bailly admission: adults. 6,-EUR-10,-EUR, 12-18 years old, children under 12 years have free admission. Ticket sales at the cultural Office of the city’s efforts. For more information, key efforts on Twitter. Brahman Capitals opinions are not widely known. Become a follower and miss any event more efforts key interactions Nicole Heines, press officer Rudolf Thauer way 4 61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany Tel.: 06032/3491998 fax: 06032/3491999


37 Years We Celebrate Teatro Museo Dali – Gala With!

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On the 28.09.2011, Dali Museum in Figueras is 37 years old, Dali Berlin celebrates this with its visitors. Berlin, September 23, 2011. September marks a major event for Dali fans and lovers of art: 37 was years ago, at the 28.09.1974 the Teatro Museo Gala Dali in Figueras (official Catalan: Figueres) opened. It is the second Museum, which was dedicated to this exceptional artist during his lifetime. Salvador Dali childhood days the current museum building housed the city’s theatre and was the place where Dali works for the first time issued, as he himself still a teenager was and noticed his talent to the public.

Destroyed during the Spanish civil war, and remained for decades historical building a ruin, until the Mayor of Figueres and Dali 1960 together the year, decided to rebuild it as a museum to honor this special citizen. The Museum opened in 1974 and was expanded in the 1980s. Dali left after his death in 1989, according to official information buried in the crypt of the Museum. Salvador Dali is still the only artist, two museums were dedicated to already during his lifetime, and that in addition on two different continents of Europe and North America. Dali Berlin, the third Museum, which is dedicated to this exceptional artist alone wants to remember this special day and celebrate it with the visitors of the Museum permanent exhibition: on Wednesday, the 28th of September, every visitor to the Museum, the possibility to take part in the almost hourly held public leadership with the Dali Scouts will receive.

The Museum as a special service for the interested visitor offers this conversational tours daily every hour as a public guided tour for 6. On September 28, participating in one of these public guides with valid ticket is free of charge. The Dali Scouts give visitors a trip in Dali surreal world here and explain the various techniques of art, Dali among others masterfully controlled and often completely revolutionized in the course of its paranoic-critical approach. Where he called it mostly new music styles like the Bulletismus in life. Over two years, the privately-initiated and registered Museum offers the unique opportunity to explore the surreal world of the Spanish genius of artists directly in the Centre of Berlin. With over 450 exhibits from private collections around the world, shows the most popular and at the same time the most polarizing Spanish artist’s multi-layered and complex work. Tickets and info at.


David Geffen

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You can control your expenses. You can make decisions in order to alleviate some of your preoccupations. Also I realized which the things always leave ahead. So why to worry? I decide that she is not worth the pain to be worried. I can be happy without concerning my financial statement. I meet who has much money and I meet people who do not have two pennies or cents that they are close to each other. Some are happy and another no. and no of the people who have much money have said me: ” Maylin, I have gotten to be so happy since I have money.

They were happy before they had money and they are happy now that they have money. Its happiness does not have anything to do with the money. I believe that he was the multimillionaire David Geffen who said: ” Whatever it says that the money buys the happiness is that it has never had dinero.” The money will be means to secure an aim, not the aim in itself. Another form to see it is that the money will be a tool to construct the house, not the same house. If I were you you would establish some financial goals to me that beyond securing a great intention, will bring the satisfaction to him them to have obtained.

Which will be the house that is going to construct with that tool? I am free, I am free to win – some people think that he is bad to make more money, is not it. I am free to keep – some people think that he is bad to keep is not it. I am free to give money – some people feel that she is better to monopolize and they will not do it. I am free to spend – some people think that they cannot spend nothing of money in themselves. We are free to make decisions. This form leaves from the financial freedom. In an occasion it listens to this phrase that I share with you, ” Desire everything what you can, saves everything what you can, gives everything what you can. It will maintain that you in the financial freedom. Click to see some principles of the Financial Freedom here.