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Inspector Marais

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Marriage Sade is installed after the wedding chaffars castle in Normandy, owned by the family of Rene, living in his office as agreed in the marriage contract. Comes five months after the first incident. Sade travels to Paris and the October 29, 1763 is arrested and taken to the fortress of Vincennes by order of King. The reasons are unknown past of this arrest. In any case, the arrest is linked to one or more days of debauchery and a mysterious manuscript. Sade spends 15 days holed up until the family of his wife he takes over and returns to chaffars with orders not to leave the province without the royal permission. On April 3, 1764 received permission from the King authorizing it to remain in Paris for three months.

On May 17, is responsible for the direction of a theater in Evry, just 30 km from Paris, in which the plays of contemporary authors, Sade may have starred some of them.On May 26, takes office as lieutenant general governor of Bresse, Bugey, and Gex Valromey before the parliament of Dijon. That summer is spent in Paris and the September 11 order is revoked permanently actual confinement. In late 1764, Sade marriage is installed in Paris, also in the homes of Montreuil. Sade successively taken several lovers and regularly uses the services of prostitutes. If we ignore this letter, Sade at that time still yearned for a marriage of love: The days when people in a marriage of convenience bring only thorns, had ceased to be opened spring roses. How have collected these days that now hate. Hand in hand with happiness had vanished too quickly. The long years of my life would not have enough to weigh my love. I kneel in worship continued at the feet of my wife and the chains of obligation, always covered in love, would have meant for my heart caught only degrees of happiness.Vain illusion!

Sleep too sublime! Letter from the Marquis de Sade Sade licentious life figure at the time in newspapers Inspector Marais. Marais directly under the general police Lt. Antoine de Sartin, was licentious activities of members of the Court, including members of royal blood, and was responsible for developing the Sartin delivered daily to Louis XV and the Pompadour for your entertainment. They refer to their adventures with the actress Mlle. Colette shared a lover with another nobleman of the time. In one of his reports, Marais writes: “Mr. Marquis of Lignerac, by imposition of his family, has been absolutely forced to leave Miss Colette, Italian actress and dropping out of Mr. Marquis de Sade, who in turn is very disturbed, because it is not rich enough to sustain the burden alone of a woman’s show. ” 14 Sade finally cut its relationship with Mlle.Colette by intervention of his mother. Once broken the relationship with Mlle. Colette, takes as lovers to other actresses and dancers. In 1765 he took as a lover to Beauvoisin, one of the most sought after courtesans of the Court. Sade leaves her marital home and takes her to Lacoste, where he will spend with her a few months. In Lacoste does not hesitate to submit it and in some cases is mistaken for his wife. This makes it harder to deserve the reproaches of his family. Mme. Montreuil from Paris gets to talk to his uncle the abbot to make him see reason: “Use the force to separate them Surely the minister would easily everything you asked, but this would cause a scandal and would be dangerous for him: therefore, we should not.

Do not lose sight of because the only way to deal with it is not leaving him a single moment. That was how I managed last year to separate him from Colette and to reason then to convince him that I was wrong.I doubt that he loves it more ardently than the other: it was a frenzy. Everything went pretty well since thenuntil this Lent has a crush on is now. will pass by the at least two years. In 1767 his father died, so he inherited several estates, and the title of Count de Sade. He continued to use his title of Marquis as usual in the family that used either alternately title generation. Their first son, Louis-Marie, was born on August 27 that year. After the death of his father, could have returned to the Beauvoisin. Sade does not abandon his licentious life, alternating in court. On April 16, 1767 amounted to captain in the regiment commander of the Cavalry field marshal and continues his love of the theater by brand several comedies.


Integral Part GPS

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Currently, GPS navigation has become an integral part of any long-distance travel. The greatest service he could have, if it is likely to be in an unfamiliar city. Also, GPS can assist in the journey or Automobile outing. In fact, situations where it may come in handy GPS receiver is much greater. Describe all the cases it makes no sense and is better to stay on the selection criteria of the car mate. Before you buy navigator pay attention to the antenna. It is best if it is outside.

Such an antenna will catch in the forest and among tall buildings. Included should be a cord to connect the device to the cigarette lighter. A quality device must have high quality fastening for secure installation in the cabin of cars. A good car navigator must be equipped with a large screen. This will not dwell on it the attention and fully concentrate on driving. If display is too small, then consider all the details will be difficult. It is better to choose a navigator, equipped with a computer interface.

This will help simplify the process of saving, loading, transfer maps and routes. At purchase notice on the amount of memory. This value must be at least 2 gigabytes. The more detailed drawing of a map, the more memory it will consume. Thus, it is best to take care of larger volume for of the same amenities. Most browsers have a huge number of points of interest (Points of Interest). By default, laid about fifteen hundred POI. These include gas stations, office patrol services, shops, service items, entertainment venues and catering establishments. Number of waypoints (Waypoints) is also an important parameter. This figure should be no less than five hundred. Each point has a name and an icon appears on the card. All navigators record the traversed path (track). Typically, they record the route at a certain frequency (adjustable size). The number of points on which are recorded the way, ranging from two to ten thousand. Many Garmin receivers have a repeat function path in both directions. This feature is useful if you accidentally get lost, and want to return to the starting point. Based on these boards, you can safely go buy a navigator, if one is not already installed in your car. Doubt its usefulness and efficiency is not necessary, since the GPS system is serviced to 32 satellites that are constantly running.


Forest Fires

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Forest hospitably met anyone who is looking for rest in it, but nevertheless, he himself has to help. There are people who think that everything is allowed in the forest: it is possible to make a fire, throw rubbish, breaking trees, trampling, picking and destroy the plant. They are not worried about what to place a fire burned not only plants but also the land on which then did not grow for many years. In some places of public entertainment on every hectare of 100-250 traces left from the fires. And all around – a broken branch, damaged by fire trees, the serifs and the inscriptions on the barrels, paper, empty cans and bottles, etc., in the green areas of cities everywhere is heard the music, the sounds of the animals escape, the birds can not withdraw their young. And where there are no birds, breed pests that cause enormous damage to the forest. Often people come into the forest, not knowing the rules of behavior in him, their love for the forest only a "consumer".

Here why great importance has spread among the population, especially school students, knowledge about the forest. The better they know the forest, the conscious will love it. Not mindless contemplation of natural beauty and a deep and conscious understanding of its phenomena and their relations – that is the problem of everyone. Judicious use of the gifts of nature – a basic human right. However, you need to care for the environment, is unacceptable and damaging destroy trees.


Foreign Language Teaching

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Listening as a process of active listening allows you to create, maintain and develop skills in understanding speech in a foreign language. With the help of a learner masters the sound side of language, mastering lexical composition and grammatical structure of language. Therefore, listening has a positive effect not only on the ability to listen and understand foreign language speech, but also on the ability to speak, read and write in a foreign language. Types of listening The criteria for selection varied types of listening. For listening purposes allocate free and detailed listening. Purpose listening – to get specific information.

Orientation listening divided into three types: cognitive, entertaining, informative – entertaining. Detailed listening associated with fixation of detailed information for later playback. In Depending on the learning objectives, listening can be directed to: 1) the recognition of phonetic, lexical, morphological and syntactic units, grammatical phenomena, forms and designs, and 2) the development of perception foreign speech, language, guesswork, articulation, and 3) the understanding, analysis, retention, and playback audio messages. On the basis of educational problems "understanding of information" are two types of listening: listening with full text comprehension (listening as a learning tool) and with understanding only the basic content (as a goal of training). Texts with full understanding of the content does not include an unknown vocabulary, listening here – the way developing skills in all types of speech activity. To audition as a learning goal is important to build skills: to provide important, to understand the basic idea of the text, ignoring the language difficulties.