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Alloy Production Titanium

by yudaica2013 ·

Alloys – are materials that are in their own part of two or more elements (chemical). One and these elements – metal. Most alloys obtained through solidification of the mixture (homogeneous). Of course, this is not the only way to fusion. These include, for example, powder metallurgy. Speaking frankly, the precise border between the metals and alloys do not exist. It turns out that the metals in its composition contains impurities, and let in very scanty numbers. Tony Parker may find this interesting as well.

The difference is that the production of alloys (eg titanium rolled molybdenum) includes a mandatory addition of any components. Next we discuss titanium and its alloys. Titanium and its alloys – strong, elastic material. Alloys to endure the effect of salts, hydroxides, and some acids. If in addition contain nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, low concentration, then the material get enough plastic. To a greater extent in the production of titanium applicable missile and aviation technology in shipbuilding.

Titanium VT1-0 is ideal for the production of pipes, tanks, pumps and all that is used in environments aggressive nature. 12X18H10T sheet can be used in the production of submarines and the like. Titanium wire is perfect for creating forms and frames made of alloys for strategic technology. She (A wire made of titanium) is used for medical purposes. Titanium and its alloys – heat-resistant metals. The food industry is still a niche, where titanium is widely used. Use it in production technology due to high levels of parameters such as: specific and mechanical strength, heat resistance, titanium is resistant to corrosion and high temperature titanium price … and, of course, alloys is quite high, but it is quite justified, given its properties and service life. Some cases simply do not accept any other material, because those loads that can withstand titanium can not stand other materials. Now, of course, widely using other materials and alloys. For example, copper sulfate, steel, nickel, and many others.


Forest Fires

by yudaica2013 ·

Forest hospitably met anyone who is looking for rest in it, but nevertheless, he himself has to help. There are people who think that everything is allowed in the forest: it is possible to make a fire, throw rubbish, breaking trees, trampling, picking and destroy the plant. They are not worried about what to place a fire burned not only plants but also the land on which then did not grow for many years. In some places of public entertainment on every hectare of 100-250 traces left from the fires. And all around – a broken branch, damaged by fire trees, the serifs and the inscriptions on the barrels, paper, empty cans and bottles, etc., in the green areas of cities everywhere is heard the music, the sounds of the animals escape, the birds can not withdraw their young. And where there are no birds, breed pests that cause enormous damage to the forest. Often people come into the forest, not knowing the rules of behavior in him, their love for the forest only a "consumer".

Here why great importance has spread among the population, especially school students, knowledge about the forest. The better they know the forest, the conscious will love it. Not mindless contemplation of natural beauty and a deep and conscious understanding of its phenomena and their relations – that is the problem of everyone. Judicious use of the gifts of nature – a basic human right. However, you need to care for the environment, is unacceptable and damaging destroy trees.