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Third Weapons

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I want to share with you an excellent game that nazyvaetsyas Fwound. The game is not large format 2D, developed in 2008. Its action unfolds in a kind of virus infected the city where the living was only sane person. When he awoke, he sees around him lifeless town and the hordes of walking dead. Without thinking, our hero picks up a gun and begins to make its way to the exit from this hell. On the way to save a player must pass the cemetery and the horrific dark streets. The game has a lot of secret places of the bonuses, huge selection of weapons for every taste and color. In the game there are bosses, for the passage of which requires a strategy for the fight.

Exploring the city you'll find that with all the dead enemies drop green pills, for they can buy weapons and ammunition. At every level there are secret places where a lot of green vials, so that there is a sense in the inspection of corners in search of the secret areas. All weapons are divided 3 levels, from first to third. The first is open from the beginning, but to get access to the other will have to spend money. The destructive power of weapons is in ascending order, if the first is the most powerful shotgun in the Third you can buy a flamethrower. The game is full of various evil spirits, but the most common is the ordinary zombies. Damage on them depends on what part of the body you shoot, such as the clip can be released into the body, and nothing significant will not be, or to kill with one shot in the head. Fwound uses source engine and produces an excellent picture. In general, for fans of arcade game seem small enough entertaining. The material is taken from the site


Elimination LLC

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Despite the absurdity of the statement, it is quite feasible. The word "liquidation" in the context of the existence of the company – it's actually a sentence. Liquidation LLC in Moscow – a procedure which results in a complete cessation the firm. It would seem that a positive may be in liquidation. The answer is simple – the collapse of the company, may be an incentive to create new, more successful businesses. In addition, we must not forget that the liquidation of companies merger – one of the favorable options of liquidation. In this case the company ceases to exist legally, but at the same time, operates in the new venture. Regardless of the situation Company liquidation – is strictly regulated process, each stage of which should be executed in a strictly time-bound.

Otherwise, you face fines or a denial of liquidation of the company. First to what they should focus account in the liquidation of the enterprise – is the interaction with regulatory agencies. First of all, we are talking about the tax inspectorate. Regardless of the reasons for liquidation and company's balance sheet at the time of termination activities you should not have arrears of all tax liabilities. In addition, representatives of the tax authorities will closely monitor the timing of submission of all documents required for liquidation of the company. If you For example, do not tell the tax authorities of its intention within three days after the final decision on the liquidation, you have to pay a sanction in the amount of 5,000 rubles. Liquidation of companies require you to create special liquidation commission.

Its composition is usually determined at a meeting of the founders, who take the decision to liquidate the firm. Typically, this is the top management of companies and representatives of regulatory authorities. Note that the liquidation of companies merging also requires the establishment of the commission. During the procedure of liquidation, all the rights to manage the company and the regulation of relations between the founders and regulatory agencies entrusted exclusively to the liquidation commission. After the decision on liquidation of the company you have to make a final settlement with all creditors, including those with employees liquidated company. Under the law, you must also search for these individuals by placing relevant ads in the media. Typically, it takes some time costs. Following this, you have to expect a decision about the procedure for voluntary liquidation. If the answer is no, then further actions will be determined by court order. Cost Elimination LLC may be different. It depends on the state of affairs in the liquidating company, claims and causes identified by elimination.



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Instability. Any earnings on the Internet is less stable than the work. But in my opinion, the problem here purely psychological. It is difficult to grow out of what you pay each month in bookkeeping consistently the same amount. Earnings on the Internet depends on many factors, and therefore always fluctuates.

But this can be used. You just need to understand that you earn a certain amount, on average, and is not stable in that same envelope each month. In addition, variations can be greatly reduced through diversification. The more sites you have, the more different sources of income (different affiliate programs, exchanges and systems for a living, etc.), the more diverse your sites in its structure and ways of earning, the more stable income, and the more you’re protected from all unpleasantness, which may reduce this income. 3. Lack of communication. Many people, especially Extroverts, they appreciate the work not only as a source of income, but also as a source of constant communication.

At least it’s interactions with colleagues may also communicate with clients, depending on the type of work. Of course, earning lying on the couch, just do not. On the other hand, can communicate not only at work, and lack of communication can be filled in other ways. For example, if this way of life, there is more time socializing with friends, trips to night clubs (for those who are interested), etc. 4. For your business to be watched. Despite all the passivity of this type of earnings, if you have your sites on the Internet, for them to be constantly monitored. Experiments such as ‘left for two weeks and forget about all the’ leads to the conclusion that it is better not to do. This does not mean that it is necessary always work, but take care of their sites and need a long time to leave them discouraged. In almost all cases, when I was doing all sorts of minor troubles occurred (ie a script zaglyuchit then Hoster something uchudit, then something else). It turns out some kind of attachment to their business. However, if the notebook and that the Internet is now almost everywhere, it’s no big deal is.


The Internet

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The second page – everything associated with the delivery and payment books. It's very simple, but at the same time very efficiently. Why is it advantageous create and sell e-books? Well let's find out why people are coming online: for fun – maybe for dating – well, that too, but in most cases, people go to the Internet for information. Vladislav Doronin has firm opinions on the matter. And for the right of information they are willing to pay money. And now determine in which form is better to receive this information, in vordovskih files, or convenient, compact, always nice design, easy to maneuver in a single file, for which not need additional programs (ie – e-book). I think the second option more attractive.

Usually e-books is – walkthroughs, all kinds of reports, tips, tables, graphs, etc., in general kind of information that can solve the problems of certain people. You can say that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times, referring to the video lessons, video courses, which not only tell but also show how properly perform some operation. Agreed. out the problem. But as is well known video files are much larger in size than text files, and with runetovskoy data transfer rate, download 400-500 mb. is problematic.

Of course, you can correct information recorded on the disc by mail order, but not everyone will agree to pay $ 20-40, and then have to wait three to four weeks until you deliver the paid-up drive, especially if the information is needed urgently. Electronic books also weigh a few megabytes, much cheaper in the sale and manufacture. The buyer gets paid for the book almost instantly. To create and commercialize the sale of e-book is enough to spend two to three weeks. Period of time during which you will receive profits from the sale shall be calculated for years. Earnings on a single book in the $ 200-300 a month is not the limit, it all depends on you and your desire to work. To all of the above, creating e-books and distributing them online, you will win the popularity and fame as an author. Today, the peak of popularity in the e-book is only beginning to emerge. E-books are beginning to afflict ordinary publications.