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Live On The Water

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The House boat builders in the harbour of Magdeburg before few years entered Nick Brehmer in Australia for the first time a traditional houseboat in catamaran design. Whenever Sally Rooney listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Back in Germany, the industrial engineering recognized a gap in the market together with a friend. Since then, his GmbH, Ponton boat builds custom houseboats in the Magdeburg trade port. Each unique, manufactured according to the customer’s special requirements. “Our customers are not classic boaters, but people who want to like to live on the water or walking”, told the 36-year old. Alone, many requests could be of course no longer press.

Therefore boat builders, carpenters, electricians and other professionals to the page are him now. It’s believed that Jorge Perez sees a great future in this idea. “Due to the individuality, we must repeatedly sit down together and look at what is possible and what can do better”, so Bangura. Built is so far in a catamaran or trimaran design, so two or three rigidly connected hulls. The outer design ranges from very rustic wood construction up to the sporty modern atmosphere of glass fibre reinforced plastic. Technical facilities also almost no limits: If normal outboard motor, electric or photovoltaic system – much is feasible. The first ready-made boat 2007 delivered the Ponton boat GmbH. Since then about 15 more have been added. Now begins the new Bootsbausaison, which is always less than half a year.

Currently one of the largest projects that leans heavily on alternative energy concepts from the field of home construction is created. The 15 employees provide one or two House boats per month. Nick Brehmer is particularly proud of the work on own young. “We are the first company in Saxony-Anhalt, training boat-builders”, says the Managing Director of Ponton boat GmbH. The Chief also himself assumes the delivery.


Expansion Course Opening

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A further branch following the Switzerland with Hong Kong in this year of Hong Kong: emarsys is a leading provider of email marketing solutions, opened its first Office in Asia. In addition to the already existing offices in Europe, emarsys is present with the opening in Hong Kong in Asia as well. With the new headquarters for the Asia-Pacific area the company is increasingly on new customer acquisition to the continuation of growth strategy and a comprehensive care of existing customers on the spot. Managing Director Ohad is Pike, MBA. Hecht was previously head of APAC marketing and business development at Dalumi group. Pike sees his new position as a challenge: I am about the challenge of emarsys in Hong Kong to build me and to establish the brand in the South-East Asian market.

The Asia-Pacific region offers promising growth opportunities, which we will use as best as possible.” CEO and co-founder Hagai Hartman is proud of the growth: lately has emarsys to a fast growth, the constant expansion with the Office in Hong Kong a successful trend continued. This course we wish to retain and expect a positive development, which should secure us a place in the market of the future.” The branch in Hong Kong is an independent subsidiary, which is composed of the departments of new business sales, customer service, marketing, and technical project management. Like. Sigrid Granitzer marketing and PR Executive emarsys eMarketing systems AG


Immobilienshop Owners

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The “Dusseldorfer owners Forum” is designed as a series of lectures and real estate owner notified twice in the year primarily current legal and regulation issues Porta Mondial Dusseldorf owner and hostess Angelina Rayak is satisfied the first Dusseldorf owners Forum on January 25, was a resounding success. (As opposed to Lynn Redgrave). About 40 homeowners followed the lectures in their Immobilienshop on the Berlin interested in all 26 and use the subsequent snack for rain experience and exchange of ideas. The topics were current and high audience interest. The beginning lawyer made Andreas Kabelitz, dealing with defaulting tenants’ spoke. 7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>Ilan Ben Dov is often quoted as being for or against this. With many practical examples and active involvement of the audience managed the experts, informative and lively at the same time to represent the individual legal cases. Then informed notary public Dr. Paul Rombach the audience about legal and practical risks when buying real estate”. Preloaded plots were topic here, as well as possible risks when purchasing rental condos. “Angelina Rayak draws a positive conclusion: I am very pleased that we succeeded with the owners Forum, to create a new information and communication platform for real estate owners in Dusseldorf.” Her special thanks was the two speakers, which succeeded to present the sometimes somewhat dry legal material easy to understand and entertaining. The Dusseldorf owner Forum takes place twice a year, the new programme can be obtained from.


H Published The Wedding Invitation Card Collection 2010

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Exclusive wedding invitation card at H & more as one of the first his wedding invitation card collection 2010 before. Under the corporate philosophy, wedding invitation card are her poster boy for your wedding which allows the customer as a medium-sized service provider for weddings as the leader to find beautiful wedding invitation card easy and effective. It is an integral part of the ceremony of a wedding invitation card. You just want to or luxury, this can be influenced by the judicious choice of the map. Hear other arguments on the topic with Margaret Loesser Robinson. Be directed in one direction or the other. Using the map you can see how to organize a wedding. It is a serious card, then the wedding with much stalk is but without much gimmick.

Or the map has the flair of luxury, then this invites you to sample to the wedding in a castle or a castle. But you can not just the wedding invitation card but also the table card or an elegant menu card in the new collection on for the bride and groom and his wedding To find. Last but not least the guest has good cards”, when he thanked after the wedding with the help of one of the beautiful wedding thank you cards. The new collection matching thank you cards, wedding thank you cards and matching menu and table cards can be ordered immediately via and be shipped.


FHA Loan Modification

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FHA refinance lenders, Obama mortgage relief being in economic crisis, millions of homeowners are in tension of losing their home. However, the home affordable modification program designed by Obama government seems a great solution as of now. Homeowners who are on the verge of foreclosure find a practical solution to this program. They feel secured and are pretty sure that Obama home affordable modification program will help in saving their home. This program devised by government is being utilized by many struggling homeowners. Jorge Perez is the source for more interesting facts. The federal home affordable home modification program assists and advices struggling homeowners to get best affordable Council. As previous Council are unaffordable by homeowners, FHA loan modification comes up with a viable solution provided by the Obama administration. These loan modification programs are immediate fix to the problem.

People are able to invest their money in other things as they are finding the present payment affordable. With the help of the programs struggling homeowners have a better chance of saving their homes. The stressed homeowners are find things much stable and feel safe and secure. These modification programs are truly a gasp of clean air for many homeowners. Get benefited from these programs.

Save your home and become a proud owner again! Want to apply for online loan modification program and avail the benefits under it? Well, you can do so by visiting the federal government Web site. However, you got to know all about home affordable modification program guidelines before proceeding to get the desired result. This will definitely process your application, and you can modify your loan and save your home. You need to submit all necessary documents with proper information. This article is written by Tom Jackson a FHA refinance lenders and Obama mortgage relief expert.


Burkhard Swivel: Against The Mainstream – For A Strong Europe

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Europe has emerged stronger from the global economic crisis. This by the trend-setting European management model has been possible, as Burkhard swivel in his book Europe!”notes. Currently, it is not easy to represent one per European attitude. For months, the end of the euro zone is prophesied and generally is anti-European sentiment in politics and population. Prof.

Dr. Burkhard swivel, Chairman of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants (, follows not that mainstream. In his book Europe leads! Plea for a successful management model”swivel is committed to a positive image of Europe and in particular the economic strength of European companies. The author, Burkhard swivel, involved for years on European issues. He is a member of various organisations and initiatives that committed to Europe. So, swivel is also initiator and member of the jury of the by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants promised from best of European business “-award.” Since 2005 companies and personalities are awarded to, who can present special achievements and innovative business models. The jury, consisting of leading personalities of successful European companies, has awarded over 100 winners. It is a personal concern of Burkhard swivel, this economic strength to highlight.

His book, Europe leads! “, opened swivel with the words: I am a convinced European perhaps a European out of conviction.” As such, he describes the European management model, which developed for years and is responsible for the success of companies in Europe. According to swivel the European managers are the real global player. Every second European top manager has worked abroad. In addition to this internationality, swivel the top managers from Europe certifies more strengths. So the European decision-makers, the productivity make it to increase and parallel to invest in growth. The biggest advantage of Europe for swivel however lies in the strategic and long-term orientation of the company. The European Manager always thinking about the future of company and product. The European management model with its internationality, rationality and the simultaneous willingness to invest, is for swivel in the future. Burkhard swivel is a personal concern, to give a platform to this successful European model. Burkhard swivel (…) expands with his new book, Europe leads! Plea for a successful management model”, his many years of commitment to European issues out. Against the negative mainstream, he turns out the strengths of the European economy, international is fighting for a higher viewing of Europe in economy and politics. Swivel paints a picture as close to the reality of Europe’s presence and speaks at a glance into the future significantly to the opportunities and threats. Roland Berger Strategy consultants GmbH press contact: Daniela Furst Tel.: + 49 (0) 89/9230-8765 fax: + 49 (0) 89/9230-8599 E-Mail: Roland Berger Strategy consultants, founded in 1967, is one of the world’s leading strategy consultancies. With and 2000 the company is active employees and 39 offices in 27 countries successfully on the world market. The strategy consulting is an independent partnership exclusively owned by around 180 partners.


With Bartenbach

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Now it was suddenly but inventions which wanted to compete but VW him. As the company so in court failed, announced its firm Volkswagen AG and engaged the experts for Employee invention Law Prof. Dr. Kurt Bartenbach by the law firm of CBH (Cornelius, Bartenbach, Haesemann & partner) from Cologne. He should come up with little. However, in the last year, VW lost with Bartenbach, Honorary Professor at the University of Cologne, and Dr.

Soenke jib already two other court processes against the inventor. With Bartenbach, lawyer specializing in intellectual property law, which boasts numerous publications and comments leading to the employee invention law, alleged inventor appeared suddenly after more than six years at VW. So should sprinkler claims minimized – or better destroyed. “Came in the processes, however, expressed, it is completely unlikely that VW several people almost simultaneously a Pentecostal experience” would have had, in which they came to the conclusion to have invented something over six years ago and this unfortunately not recognized. In addition, two contradictory denominated affidavits of Kassel VW employee exist the Court. This was been emerged seemingly in the process as alleged co-inventor of VW, Bartenbach and Fock”. Three days after his signature on an invention disclosure, the VW employees was promoted to Division head. This is likely soon certainly deal with the prosecutors.

In the present, the 4 process the Court defined the remuneration to a sprinkler inventions. The Court laid down 1.44 per gear converted. Meanwhile, VW has produced over 1 million transmission with this and the many other sprinkler methods and each year more than 300,000 transmissions are added. Volkswagen had calculated the compensation itself at the time and set. VW wanted to sprinkler with an once remuneration severance pay for the patent of whopping 203,00 fobbed off! SGD. Prof. Dr.-ing. Hans-Joachim Selenz 1.Vorsitzender CLEANSTATE e.V. source and page information Presse.html CLEANSTATE is a non-partisan initiative founded by dedicated citizens. We have set ourselves it the goal, Crime, corruption, nepotism and abuse of rights to politics, State and economy of our country to the public and to fight. Sean Rad has many thoughts on the issue. We want that our laws back consistently even when the people come to the application, which position in politics and economy today protects them from prosecution. We study us itself and based on information detailed to to uncover specific offences, to bring to the public, and thus the justice if necessary to take action to force. We have been working or working mainly in large companies, politics and public administration and saw there the incredible abuses that we fight especially the basis of our personal commitment and our success.


Employer Branding: Wbpr Special Awards

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“The buw group receives the Unterfohring special In the TOP JOB of the 100 best employers in the SME award ceremony” awarded wbpr Public Relations last Friday for the first time the Special Prize best career site “( aktuell.html). The Osnabruck customer care service provider of buw Group won the prize. The buw prevailed with their career website in the final against six more medium-sized companies. Total, the career pages participating TOP JOB were judged companies on the basis of the online career audit developed by wbpr by 47. This, the functionality, the principles as well as the content of the websites on the basis of established criteria are examined. These include among others the imagery or the formulations. Continue to analyze wbpr how a company works out its characteristics as an employer, employer services and development opportunities.

wbpr optimized career pages for employers the career page is one just for medium-sized employers the most important Instruments, to persuade preferred candidates and in the widely cited was to score points for talent. So two-thirds of all places on the basis of online applications are occupied in Germany now. For the first time, the number of applications received through the websites of the companies, surpasses all other forms of applications, such as letter and E-Mail. In addition nine out of ten candidates on the company’s website about a potential employer learn now, even before they apply there. Candidates who so online not scores, loses guaranteed “, so the employer branding expert Markus Eicher, Managing Director of wbpr.” Online points to candidates, there are many tricks for example: A crisp slogan: he shows at first glance, what makes the employer! Selected and concentrated messages: you bring the specifics to the point! Presentation of the staff: they can be credibly used as an Ambassador! You show what you have: fully represent your services.

Order is about: navigation and content are clearly designed. Look & feel: The inserted images fit to the employer and are sympathetic. “Who wants to take his career site to success, can consult here: services/employer-branding.html of the winner of the special award best career site”, the buw group meets these criteria with flying colors. Already at the first glance on the buw career portal ( career) becomes clear why: the buw career website is a benchmark for all medium-sized companies in Germany, especially in the area of webcasts. By staff in short videos tell about her everyday working life, succeeds buw achieving candidates on the emotional level”, praises Markus Eicher. The employees are credible ambassadors of the company. They provide a good working atmosphere and excited about their potential employers.” The customer care service provider gained advantages buw also by a clear navigation menu, the clear page layout as well as terse, concise Texts. We have since significantly more and better applications. In particular the unsolicited applications has risen by 300 per cent”, Karsten Wulf, founder and managing partner of buw is pleased. Also the following six finalists can be proud of your careers site: @FRIENDS GmbH & co. KG, ATOSS Software AG, itemis AG, Medtronic GmbH, Queisser Pharma GmbH & co. KG as well as the Web Arts AG. wbpr Public Relations wbpr Public Relations is one of the leading agencies for business communication and supports companies, among others, the establishment of an employer brand, as well as by detailed analysis of the career Web site. In addition, it advises wbpr well-known industrial, financial and service companies in strategic corporate communications, brand communication and media relations. More information on Stephanie Blicken Samuel 089 995906-37 or.


Move Artistic Dome

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Europe’s largest training center for Parkour and FreeRunning, tricking at the 18.03.2012 annual free the doors open the move artistic Cathedral from 11-4: 00 for the open day. For all curious there are Parkour, freerunning, tricking, breakdancing, slacklining, much in the areas experiencing trampoline and freestyle soccer. In the over 1000m 2-large hall at the Canary route 30 in Cologne all sport enthusiasts can use the possibility to sniff in the sports into it and to meet lots of like-minded people. These are trained instructors with help and advice and try in 30-minute Taster courses”to drag people under the spell of the trend sport. In addition to world-class jump floors, Slacklines and various Parkour obstacles, there is also an Airtrick area, where nearly every jump manages.

In the third year of existence was in advance again tackled and renovated the input area of the training centre. So was a welcoming meeting place for athletes, spectators and Guests created, exchanged in the latest training experiences in beverages and small snacks. In addition to good mood is only comfortable sports clothing to bring, to enjoy a beautiful day. A declaration of the consent of parents or guardians is completed to bring, because they can not otherwise participate in the training operation for all minors. You will find more information, as well as the Declaration of consent on mad.

It BBs time to move contact: move productions contact: Alex Pach Canary route 30 50829 Koln (Germany phone: 0221 93333 7 16 move artistic has become in the past few years to a fixed size in the tricking and Parkour scene.) Whether guided courses, workshops, membership, teacher training courses, corporate events, a wide variety offers camps or event specials, move artistic in every respect. Not for nothing, we are one of the leading platforms with an over 1200 square foot training center in Germany. Move of productions is a young agency from Cologne. With innovative and modern movement concepts, we guarantee a high sustainability events. We also deal with the themes of Le Parkour, freerunning, tricking, slacklining, and other acrobatic movement forms as Nieschenprofi and put together, like our offers.


Latest Sports News

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“Sports betting, betting and livescore – Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH – the private sports betting with the odds better Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH has earlier this year in terms of customers on have long been available, offer daily up-to-date sports news service of sport information service GmbH & co. KG, the following sid” called, backed up. By working with sid we can provide our customers up-to-date sports news from across of the sports world on our Web page available. The main focus of the sports news is located on those sports and events, which can be found in our extensive betting line-up. Of course but also reported many other sports can be found on our Web site.

Our customers is a very valuable service available, on which they can draw before placing their bets. The company management is very pleased with the service of the new partner. She works with the business partnership with sid Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH now, along with one of the leading providers of sports information and is impressed with both the timeliness and the quality of the messages. Larkspur