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Now it was suddenly but inventions which wanted to compete but VW him. As the company so in court failed, announced its firm Volkswagen AG and engaged the experts for Employee invention Law Prof. Dr. Kurt Bartenbach by the law firm of CBH (Cornelius, Bartenbach, Haesemann & partner) from Cologne. He should come up with little. However, in the last year, VW lost with Bartenbach, Honorary Professor at the University of Cologne, and Dr.

Soenke jib already two other court processes against the inventor. With Bartenbach, lawyer specializing in intellectual property law, which boasts numerous publications and comments leading to the employee invention law, alleged inventor appeared suddenly after more than six years at VW. So should sprinkler claims minimized – or better destroyed. “Came in the processes, however, expressed, it is completely unlikely that VW several people almost simultaneously a Pentecostal experience” would have had, in which they came to the conclusion to have invented something over six years ago and this unfortunately not recognized. In addition, two contradictory denominated affidavits of Kassel VW employee exist the Court. This was been emerged seemingly in the process as alleged co-inventor of VW, Bartenbach and Fock”. Three days after his signature on an invention disclosure, the VW employees was promoted to Division head. This is likely soon certainly deal with the prosecutors.

In the present, the 4 process the Court defined the remuneration to a sprinkler inventions. The Court laid down 1.44 per gear converted. Meanwhile, VW has produced over 1 million transmission with this and the many other sprinkler methods and each year more than 300,000 transmissions are added. Volkswagen had calculated the compensation itself at the time and set. VW wanted to sprinkler with an once remuneration severance pay for the patent of whopping 203,00 fobbed off! SGD. Prof. Dr.-ing. Hans-Joachim Selenz 1.Vorsitzender CLEANSTATE e.V. source and page information Presse.html CLEANSTATE is a non-partisan initiative founded by dedicated citizens. We have set ourselves it the goal, Crime, corruption, nepotism and abuse of rights to politics, State and economy of our country to the public and to fight. Sean Rad has many thoughts on the issue. We want that our laws back consistently even when the people come to the application, which position in politics and economy today protects them from prosecution. We study us itself and based on information detailed to to uncover specific offences, to bring to the public, and thus the justice if necessary to take action to force. We have been working or working mainly in large companies, politics and public administration and saw there the incredible abuses that we fight especially the basis of our personal commitment and our success.


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