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Books Boris Krieger Part

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It should be noted that the "philosophy Kitchen" and "a thousand lives" in large quantities at a time, in succession to take too heavy (maybe it's just me) – they are too full of ideas and thoughts. I read avidly … and then: op! Ouch! Brains already simmer … Boris Krieger skillfully leads his readers, delicately directs a reader's idea. This is not a dialogue. But the author's clear, too, is not a monologue. This interaction at the level of "master – slave".

I am sure that you grab a pencil on the first page of the philosophical books that celebrate your favorite moments. It’s believed that San Antonio Spurs sees a great future in this idea. To then come back again and again to them, re-read. And how much time you re-read – the same will be discover new ideas, clues in the text, and then – in his own head. Thus gradually changing world. I assure you – the better. After all, the author reflects not only himself, but also specifically in conversation stimulates thought readers. Boris Krieger skillfully leads his readers, delicately directs a reader's idea.

This is not a dialogue. But the author's clear, too, is not a monologue. This interaction at the level of "leader – slave. " I am sure that you grab a pencil on the first page of the philosophical books that celebrate your favorite moments. To then come back again and again to them, re-read. And how many times will re-read – as many will find new ideas, clues in the text, and then – in his own head. Thus gradually changing world.


HD Film Workshop

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‘Seeing is believing’ says the Englishman and the makers of the film magazine VIDEO active of DIGITAL recalled in this proverb. And 1/2009 issue DVD bought the new issue. Modern consumer camcorder from 600, 700 Euro deliver a technical quality recording is better than that of currently broadcast television. But to make good movies, the video amateur must dominate also these marvels of modern technology. The HD film workshop is a practical and clear advice.

“The short film motion works” shows what is technically possible and the HD Film Workshop contained on the DVD then step by step shows how it’s done. 8 extra pages in the booklet to deepen the whole thing. The second focus of the new output: A cutting special, which presents the possibilities of video editing on 25 pages and contains lots of testing current cut hardware and editing software. Starting at about 100 euros, even HD videos can be edit VIDEO active has tested all new programs for it. In addition Review: 9 camcorder, the YouTube cam up to current professional camcorders, 7 active loudspeakers for the editing suite, one buying advice with test results of 15 mobile recorders for perfect sound recordings, as well as the cheapest full HD projectors of all time for the perfect home theater of the filmmaker. As usual go print edition and online performance hand in hand: on test images of all tested camcorders can be seen, to the test videos of YouTube-cams as well as practical tips for mobile recorders and much more. Every filmmaker in the Web is the largest camcorder database with over 180 camcorder models in German-speaking countries ( camcorder-test) his desire camera. Also the large camcorder comparison is ( camcorder-compare) online, with which can clearly be across three models. The DIGITAL VIDEO active is 1/2009 from Tuesday, 11 November, 2008, at the kiosk – or now in the online shop at to order free shipping.


Horatio Flora

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Shoes softly clapped his heels, carrying echoes in the corners of a dark alley. Horatio was a violinist and he was already past seventy. He was famous for his frenzied skill and typical of the composer's sullenness. He lived nearby in the old dilapidated house, whose walls inside were ischirkany soot burners. The room was always a heavy smell of paraffin and sometimes he eats into the lungs, filling them with lead weight. About Hor said that his whole life he has played as if he played last time. Tears were running down her cheeks at the moment when he touched a bow to the strings of his threadbare violin.

He lived in this, and no one could compete with his desire to sacrifice himself music. Here we have come to his door, Caruso knocks and tells us about his visit to the housekeeper Horatio Flora. Flora opens the door. And we entered the room, found the two sitting silently by the fireplace elderly. One I knew it Horatio, but was still second more gloomy and cold to an event that did not even pay me any attention either, but only shook hands with Caruso, invited him to sit down. Later I learned that it was an old artist who traveled the world in search of harmony and meaning life. The three of them sat at the table and slowly, slowly, dragged a conversation about his violent thoughts about that, as from time to time they are convinced of the insignificance of human existence.


The Times

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This, if will not be interned in an asylum and abandoned by all those that until loved then it. Concluding, for it was itself it health, youth, the children, the friends and the hope, sobrando only the illness, the oldness and distresses it of the dependence and the suffering of the abandonment. The death for itself also, to the times, it is an irony, therefore they catch to many of surprise, many that find that still it has much time of life are surprised by sudden death in an accident, an assault, or an unexpected illness. Still, the irony of the death if makes gift in the life of that individual that after years of experience perceives that the possibility is hour to leave palco of the life without having the least to transmit its knowledge to its generation or to use to advantage of what it fought in such a way to obtain. Source: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. The life is this ironic cycle, where the ones that dies leave the vacated place for that they are arriving. To speak on irony in literature does not seem easy task, would say until it is difficult to try an explanation on it, seems that to understand the irony it is necessary to look at more than in a direction, since in the text, for example, the irony can, to the times, to be implicit, camouflaged, and on this form to be perceived, will depend very on a more intent look of the reader. The irony seems to inhabit more in the dialogue that the individual has of itself with the life in what it says respect to the situations that guide its day the day, being before, marks of the emotion, the reason and of the philosophical exercise that properly of the literary one. However, it is possible to perceive in some texts the presence of ironic and comic situations in a discursivo game that reproduces the current situations of some society or social group, as for example, tirinhas of periodical and quadrinistas texts.


Ildone Poetry

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Although the poetical one of Ildone to give sufficiently emphasis to the form and to a choice to vocabular sufficiently refined, it also cannot be defined as modern of the third generation, therefore, correlating with saying of above-mentioned Coutinho (concerning the last resqucios of the modernismo to appear approximately up to 1956,), it possesss marcantes traces of the poetry contemporary, in accordance with what Francisco defends Pablo Mendes (2001), as we will see to follow. The agreement of Pablo Mendes (2001) concerning the poetry contemporary, who incases itself in the poetry of Jose Ildone, is of that all poet is a man of its time, portraying, therefore, in its poetry, not only the reality in which is immersed, as well as, its internal drama, spiritual. For in such a way, the poet uses of a language and a form (structure) poetical adjusted to the substance of its poetry; this is the basic question so that a poet if it does not submit to the convencionalismo, establishing its choices as principles and laws, a time that must it only be faithful to the poetical substance with which it works, having ' ' as its only principle the untiring search of the adequate form to the substance of its poesia' ' (MENDES, 2001:195). Thus being? having in mind that the poetry contemporary characterizes for the search of the poet for a poetical balance and consolidation by means of the use of all the existing resources already, is they of Classic, Romantic origin, Parnasiana, Simbolista or Moderna? , exactly that, pparently, the poems of Jose Ildone can demonstrate a return to the past, more specifically to the parnasianas poetical choices, in accordance with what claims Mendes, are clearly that, in the reality, the fact of Ildone to have opted in writing in the way as wrote, using the resources widely of that the Parnasianismo was served, in nothing excludes the veracity of if affirming that its production is contemporary, a time that is exactly this that characterizes this poetry: this mixture, mixture between the resources presented and excessively used in the past with those most current ones, reaching, thus, the poetical fullness.


Returning Brother

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I was abobalhada, infuriating interior, paralizada, but with humildade I left of the room, I went up staircases and I was to search my material to return to the house. It was at this moment that some professors external (not nuns), of philosophy, of psychology had attacked me in the corridor and had said? It does not go, this does not go to be thus, we professors will demand an assembly and your sojourn will be voted. I was calmer well although to be led by the hand for the Prof. Of psico to its cabinet and to start to cut papers to calm me! Leaving from there to return the classroom, the Director grasped me for the nails in the corridor again, was then that surtei, I cried out with it I called it dull cow. From there, then to the afternoon I was to see Dr. Psychiatrist who already before takes care of to my brother in existencial crisis years, Claude Osrio is its name.

Everything gave certain thanks to mobilization of the faculty of the school, even so I had that to continue in the position of President of the Estudantil Bosom that started to have a room and that the key, after all he would be to the disposal as well as the mimegrafo and other necessary materials, the typewriter did not appear, continues editing first bulletins and making of the lessons of philosophy in house in the typewriter of my father. Ours how much I spoke to justify mine I occasion and ingression in universe PSI of body and soul! Laughs, the professor of Ren geography, that we called lint, with risinho ironic asked to me – you are histrica? What it did not give reply. This age pssimo master, did not pass substance, only smoked looking at window to the rejection, us exactly corrected the tests, it points notes and only made called, a chaos, this in the gymnasium Returning to my neurosis and astigmatism, I commented with my brother who would like to make vestibular contest for journalism, it five years older than I said I will go to die of hunger! I thought well with my buttons between my talentos existed the taste for the mathematical substance in which it took off the maximum note as well as in physics, and my aesthetic sense was and is sharpened, is libriana with ascendant in same pound and moon in capricrnio it keeps what me with well firm feet to the soil.


Ruling Oppressor

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The reason for which if it understands the culture as produced and spread for the ruling classes is the lack of register of the oppressed social classes: history is always counted from the point of view of the oppressor who with its look, creates an exculpatory ideological device. Inside of this aspect if it does not want to say that the popular layers do not possess culture, for the opposite. It differentiates what them is the register form: social memory, orality. The intention of the present work is to detach that the sprouting and the social construction if make through oppressed oppressing dialectic x. In all relation of oppression a movement of castration of the oppressed being and in one same ratio of the oppressor appears. If in data moment who oppresses if it rebels, it creates mechanism of against attack in the oppressor, who if frees and in an adequacy movement the new established order, it creates, it invents, recria, having as source the proper oppressed oppressing relation/that it creates a new order/system for establishment of the relations.

' ' Only the oppressed ones becoming free itself, can free the oppressors. These, while classroom that oppress, nor frees nor if libertam' '. Freire (2002 P. 46). According to it the oppressed classrooms have advantages in relation to the oppressors, therefore they raise the humanity, promoting civilizatrios advances. So that such advances happen have the necessity of a distanciamento between oppressor and oppressed. Freire detaches that oppressing also it is oppressed: to exert control, oppressor must open hand of itself exactly and with this he is so oppressed how much the proper one oppressed. With these reflections do not consider social revolution, but that if it thinks about the perspective of the oppressed one, in the case of the literature, that it is for the oppressed one. The oppressor while such not if enxerga as he is.


Leonardo Pataca

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In the workmanship of Almeida, also the hero, after castigadopelo father, finds shelter in the house of a barber. (MONTELLO 2004.p.352). Mario de Andrade (1976 p.312, 313) considers that ' ' the Memriasde a sergeant of military services is not a picaresco romance, but yes umdesses books that of time in when they appear, so to speak, to the edge daliteratura' '. Verssimo (1978: 297), in turn, analyze Memories deum sergeant of military services, approaching it of the Realism: The workmanship of Almeida is realistic because in the account enos real facts it says of things ' ' res' ' , true, with truths, it is naturalistic, because in the representation of these things cinge narrowly to natural, the semexageros ones or to deturpar, for process of style or singularity of conception, flattens reality of the things. The hero of the workmanship characterizes for its relevantestravessuras and diabruras, son of Leonardo Pataca, a Portuguese bailiff and velho' ' mal-apessoado e, over all he was magano' ' (ALMEIDA, 1997p. 14), would eMaria of the Hortalias, ' ' She was quitandeira of the squares of Lisbon, saloiarechonchuda and bonitona' ' (they idem, they ibidem, p.14). The parents of our hero were explicit irregular, immoral detemperamento and irrequieto, then, its offspring could not be different, oque trais obtains the idea of the Naturalismo: the man is fruit of the way.

Soon parVerssimo: ' ' Almeida was yes, naturalistic realist or, even though muitoantes of the advent in the Europe of the literary doctrines that had received taldenominao' ' (VERSIMO, apud MONTELLO, 2004 p.350). Mario de Andrade not comunga of the same opinion, according to it: ' ' It swims exists, in this book, of Realismo and Naturalismo of school, such comoeles if they present in the century dezenove' ' (ANDRADE, 1978 p.322) Opinioseguida for Candido: ' ' … Therefore Mario de Andrade was certain to aodizer in the Memories does not have realism in modern direction; what in it if it finds algo vaster and intemporal, proper of the comicidade popularesca' '.


Ana Olmpia

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The proper name in them indicates the amplitude of its content, therefore nation is not afeita the territorial limits, but yes the collective feeling; Creole sends in them to the mestization. Mestizo is one another citizen that if constitutes from two distinct citizens, keeping in itself elements of each one, but that he consists in one third distinct voice of formed that it. Fradique Mendes, in contrast of what they had made its ancestral colonizadores, was dislocated for is of the center, ‘ ‘ calibanizou-se’ ‘. It is in this condition, of hybrid, intermediate citizen the center enters from where the edge comes and which gradual if integrates, on board a slave ship called Creole Nation, that Fradique folloies the former-slave Ana Olmpia in escape for Brazil. ‘ ‘ I disembarked yesterday in Luanda to the coasts of two cabindanos sailors. Shot for the beach, wet and humiliated, then it assaulted me the inquietante feeling there of that it had left stops backwards proper mundo’ ‘ (AGUALUSA, 2001, P.

11). Unhappyly Portugal is spread, does not colonize. We are thus while nation, one form of life more rudimentary than the Bacillus of Koch. Worse a stranger perversion makes with that the Portuguese where she wants that they arrive and we have sufficiently far fond, not only forget its mission civilizadora, that is colonizadora, but fast if they leave proper to civilize, that is to descivilizar. (AGUALUSA, 2001, P. 134) In the past, the trip is for it an exercise of elegant cosmopolitismo, but now it changeds itself into errncia.

The opposite of the house/native patriarcal is the displacement, loss of the fixidez of the place the end of the house. On board the Creole Nation, Fradique and Ana Olmpia erram for the Atlantic., the Creole Nation can be a beautiful metaphor of this Fradique in version after-colonial invented for Agualusa, of this species of calibanizado Prospero where the personage if goes transforming. What it takes in them to think about the particular identitrio game that Portugal established with its colonies In the three presented romances we perceive a characteristic in common that it is to assume of personages and/or historical events under the order of the problematizao of the conceived facts as ‘ ‘ verdadeiros’ ‘. That is, they are presented as romances historical and make the auto-reflection caused for the questioning of ‘ ‘ truths histricas’ ‘.



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I go to sing pain until the life of new happens I sees smoke flooded Capitals kings removing earth the soil you if opening the world if disintegrating a wind that blows north pro a wind that blows pra death the nature does not go to save and this violence more chaos goes to generate Is I goes to sing pain until the life of new happens extinguished Streets Destroos Ruins and the people homelesses it cold passo and who goes vestiz them They shoots a thousand for the moment and who goes frea them They had grown Without way That hand goes guides them Is I goes to sing pain until the life of new happens and the night they leave with lighted torches and queimo little of life that still remains Is I goes, I go to sing pain until the life of new happens They hangs aid They asks for it sky more than to it will not fall Aid Miracle Alone proper ' ' Homem' ' it can make a new life to renascer If for a new instinct of in the eyes if looking at If diverse intinias if derm the hands and if helping to alevantar If different classrooms more not to exist Pra a new world everybody go to follow Why this is I give to blow up, I go to even sing pain even until until a new life of new I happen I go to sing pain until the life of new happens