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At the heart of your voice I Respond, loyalty to loyalty to answer. You're far away, but I'll wait, though a very long time before the meeting. Do you know what love is? If yes, loved it ever do? What a stupid question – surely Yes … Most of our modern youth, the time approaching the cherished numbers of majority, have already managed to experience this feeling. And are not even how? Where? When? – And that it still was … It's funny, but now I understand as a kind of envy those people who currently can just be next to someone you love! Let's not every day, albeit irregularly, but see, feel, feel! most interesting is that most of these people do not value their own happiness, and spend much time asking useless questions, problems, which are essentially small things! The funny thing is that from here you absolutely nothing depends. You can spend hours crying, fighting in hysterics, fall down on their relatives and friends, but that absolutely nothing will change. Tony Parker has similar goals.

And as if we did not want, however do not suffer, that would not do that, everything will remain as it was. As long as you 'sit on the neck' parents – you are nobody, because the world money rules, which you did not yet zarabatyvaesh.Gde a've heard this before? That's right, our ancestors unwittingly at times remind us of this. Sincerely happy for those people who do not know what to spend an insane amount of money on SMS and phone calls that do not know what it's like to hear in the tube home, but far away loved one's voice, do not know how hard it is to congratulate him on holidays on soap or a mobile phone, without seeing his eyes. Scientists have come to concluded that 'according to statistics, at parting more than half a year, particularly repeatedly, the likelihood of infidelity, withdrawal from one another, termination of the relationship – is large enough. " Although psychologists do not tire of repeating, as sometimes useful to leave on time and as harmful to communicate 24 hours a day, yet such a long life apart, not one of their recommendations.

I think people who have experienced it will agree with this. The most important thing in this situation despair and have an incredible amount of patience and faith in a loved one. This will save the relationship and love will save from excessively heavy testing prochnost.Znayu that life does not always add up all the way you order hochesh.No now that fate would have it so hard – you need to put up and wait … wait when you will be returned to the embrace of Mother of man you when new walk with him on campus and loved the whole world is suddenly become a decoration, to the time you leave alone. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jessica Michibata has to say. Follow the principle of 'Separation for love – the same as wind to fire: it extinguishes the small love, but most blows stronger' and believe in what your love does not break time, and parting, as she, firm in the world of crystals, which even upavshi not be able to break the strongest of the asphalt. With loved ones not part … With loved ones not part … And each time to forgive and forever every time forever goodbye when you leave for a moment …


Weddings In Venice

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Might look like a wedding in Venice, or a symbolic wedding ceremony in Venice? Of course, the most romantic way. We offer you the preliminary program or symbolic wedding wedding ceremony in Venice. The program of the ceremony: In advance of preparing all the documents by booking one of our recommended hotels, you arrive in Venice. The hotel has already met with both honeymooners – flowers on arrival, champagne, fruit and cheese in the room, as if you have been waiting for-ever. Day 1. Preparatory. The choice of outfits for the holiday for the bride and groom.

Dress and costume rented and are selected by your taste. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City by clicking through. We recommend to use the services professional who will be for you as a translator in such an important and a consultant on the Venetian tradition costume. On the same day you choose wedding rings, stipulates bouquets and flowers, as well as all additional conditions during the ceremony. We recommend you to invite a hairdresser directly to the hotel, the very day of the wedding ceremony, however, specify the hair and all other services, preferably in advance. In any event, visit Dresser for creating masterpiece hairstyles can and eve event. That same evening Your room will embellished flowers balls and all other festive attributes celebration. Day 2. Momentous.

After all preparation, takes you to the gondola from the hotel and driven through the channels in the Palazzo Contarini dalla Porta di Ferro or Palazzetto Pisani or in Scuola Grande dei Carmini (Palazzo choice is made in advance). The musical accompaniment in the form of romantic songs gondolier, which is considered a business Valentine's card in Venice, accompanies you on the road. Upon arrival at the flowers decorated Palazzo, you will find a colorful performance, professional actors performed the ceremony celebration, which accompany the musicians in historical Venetian costume of the XVIII century. After the ceremony a wedding gondola rolls to you from the Palazzo St. Mark's Square with music gondoliers. At St. For even more details, read what Jorge Perez says on the issue. Mark's Square you will find an easy cocktail, and then, well wedding gondola takes you straight to a wedding dinner in a restaurant selected earlier, or else drive you to your hotel so you can continue to prepare for the evening feast. In this case, the gondolier will be waiting for you agreed time and deliver on the evening in your restaurant in Venice, where everything will once again be reminded of that wonderful day today. The whole day will be captured on video, the hotel will bring you to the photos and then will be remember about that day. Day 3. Rest. Now you can enjoy plenty of looking at a photo, rest and preparation of further plans. Venice awaits you. Note: Please note that the procedure of registration of travel, including discussion of the details of the ceremony and booking should be carried out at least 1.5 months before the date of the ceremony. After the ceremony, receive a certificate, but the legal effect it has.


Exclusive Birthday Gift

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There comes another birthday loved one, colleague or boss respected, and you absolutely have no idea what to give. The reason for this can be set from a spoiled nature birthday to belief that him "everything is." Sound familiar? Do not despair, much less to ignore the invitation to the festival just because you have not bought a decent show. Additional information is available at Celina Dubin. Exclusive gifts for his birthday – a creative solution, sweet heart and a solid businessman and student who loves the good life. Luxurious materials, sophisticated design and handwork – what luxury gifts for birthday gifts stand out from the standard, boring, and how result is absolutely not necessary. In addition, exclusive gifts for my birthday wonderful emphasize vivid individuality, specialness, even exclusivity birthday. Therefore, in an exclusive birthday present you can not find tasteless and inappropriate fussy details. On the one hand, everything is simple and clear: chess, card or cufflinks – the things familiar to modern man.

However, if the jewelry chess gold cuff links engraved visiting cards, or a luxurious ivory, quite ordinary and familiar objects are converted into luxury birthday gifts, which have more fun than handing hero for the day. Significantly and the fact that today luxury gifts for birthday presents in a wide range, and this variety is especially easy to find something unique and is fully compliant with the tastes and preferences of the birthday. For example, If you would soon have to congratulate the Chief on his birthday, take a look at such an original presentations on the day of birth, as interior composition in the form of crystal candlesticks, a flower with a fluttering over a candle graceful butterflies or created from a mammoth tusk copies of pride the English fleet. Birthday boy loves guns, and can talk for hours about it? Presented him with a truly exclusive gifts for his birthday – a set shooting weapons in the mini-format with the supplied mini-rounds or collectible hunting attribute. And if you question is relevant, what is surprising and at the same time to please the charismatic politician, buy luxury gifts for the day Born with state symbols. There is no doubt that such luxury birthday gifts, whether it's cufflinks or tie clips, decorated with the coat of arms of Russian gems, perfectly fit the elegant Birthday image and better than any words to tell about his high status.


Fertile Wedding

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So year after year, day by day, changing the anniversary of wind, and that does not happen again – we did not cease to be together forever! Yes, happy as every time they met, cried and laughed and whiz through the uncharted roads of life, as quarrel over trifles, and at the same time, attending to all grievances, smiled, causing heart burn on an even greater happiness. Happiness to be together! Do you have children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, in short, a great family, love, and you realize that this is happiness, sent more than happiness, which by law must be called a true and gracious. 70 years of living together and that – grace the wedding! Why grace or thanksgiving wedding? The thing is that this evening by relatives, loved ones, friends, give gifts of thanks hero of the day, emphasizing or expressing gratitude for years of caring, warmth and attention. And do anniversaries thank each other for happiness, carried out together with the courage carry this courageous path, filled with love. Additional information at Tony Parker supports this article. Of course you are interested and really want to know what to present hero of this wonderful and moving day? I will try to help you! Every birthday, holiday, in its own way original and that’s why decided to give appropriate gifts or souvenirs. This day is remarkable in that the gift can be anything you want. I think that is better to give a practical gift, that necessarily use it.

Let it not be as bright, but memorable, and essential to a long and wonderful years. However, the key is still one question – how to give? Give the soul, heart, understanding and attention. Excellent present at such a joyous day will be a tea set. You may find that Glenn Dubin, New York City can contribute to your knowledge. Do not worry, this gift will please the heroes of the day. Especially as there are today a huge selection of colors, quality porcelain, designed by varied and suitable for everyone. But the choice of the tea you have to work hard.

After all, you do not want to give tea flavor is quite like the hero of the day. If you know – well, if not – ask! Enjoy your tea! Beautiful gifts can be considered and linens, and a family photo album. Pofantaziruete over photo album! Of course, you can purchase it in specialty stores, and can accept and independent participation in its decoration. For example, one can assume that adorn the album cover photo for a long time friend and nice to you an exciting photo memory anniversaries, and written your speech, accompanying the lives of your loved ones, affect their hearts. Make a gift and that will take them very much. Pleasure to enjoy a pleasant and helpful. We are talking about household appliances. In such an advanced age perfect juicer. A natural product is always appreciated in every home. Easy and delicious! Speaking of fruit! Will also be a joy. Choose and presents! With a choice of fruit problems certainly will not – there is a large assortment of fresh fruit. Simple, but nice – sweet: candy, cakes. And if the cake to your individual order – it’s much nicer. Order a cake with the words – it all depends on your wishes. Original and delicious! You just have to choose, and I in turn want to wish you that this decision was the most rewarding and enjoyable for your family and friends. Fertile wedding – a whole “science” of understanding, love, patience and respect for each other. Take care of each other!



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The girl shared her experiences and problems in his personal life, the guy was trying to help her. The girl did not want to hang their problems on others, and burn their cargo to another fate, so as not to hurt someone close already … but the guy gave her strength and faith, and slowly poured it into her life, becoming an integral a part of. The girl has a guy best friend, but eventually the guy at times noticed that the girl become a lot more to it than just a friend. Gradually, he fell in love with her, but she could not admit it, too little time, they were destined.

A girl in a guy to notice changes, it sometimes asked questions that the guy he had to hide the answers so as not to lie, because he could not lie to this girl. And now is the time of parting, the guy was almost killed. And it was love. You may want to visit Tony Parker to increase your knowledge. They went into last night walk … There is the guy gave the girl his letter, the last letter in which he talked about his feelings, the night was over and their fate was to break up … But here they were given a chance and they used it, they gave the meeting and a week together …

… The guy loved the girl, the girl fell in love with a guy. Their world merged together and became one of a whole … But time ran out and began to test the strength … who goes first or the love stronger. There have been many trouble, but only together: a girl and boy, boy and girl together … but they overcame them. It is not something Jorge Perez would like to discuss. Before them was the choice of waiting or it's over, they decided to try to continue … The guy has never regretted it … Girl thanked the guy for what he was … just have to wait very long to wait … and love. Love is stronger than time … …


Successful Marriages

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In many cases a marriage with these people successful, not least because it is very sexual people. On the question of morality, they are taken seriously. On some point, these people may want to reconsider marriage, even if the family is happy and there is love between spouses. They want to know why they love each other. After that, they want to see every day proof of love. The man is intelligent, romantic, very erudite man. He sociable, frank and lives with open hearts. Intellectual and spiritual communication is important in relationship with him.

He seeks to people to identify who found their expression. Strictly adheres to their beliefs, ideological differences may become an insurmountable obstacle in the relationship. Love – it is something more going on in his head, than the heart. Mind he is trying to manage their feelings and partner. Demands much of his beloved. Carefully planned meetings, thinking up all the details, and tries to apply the methods of seduction, which used in the 18th century. Learn more about this with Director Peter Farrelly. Appreciate honesty and respect for each other. Generally confident in the correctness and quality of their knowledge.

His main problem – the gap between reality and incontinence. He tends to avoid this intimacy in relationships. For him, it is important to preserve our freedom and the sense that it belongs only to himself. Believes that the sex – it is a physical extension of intellectual communication between the sexes. Love is most common in travels. He's very sensitive, and may sacrifice their own needs for a partner. Relationship with him could turn into a delightful novel, but he needs to learn to see in her a woman of a real person. Woman Extraordinary, elusive woman, always full of interesting ideas, is always in motion. Prefers to communicate with educated and intelligent people, creative people, whose interests lie in the region philosophy, art and culture. She likes his friend along to go to various exhibitions, participate in community, social and political life. She expects a sea of flowers and gifts from fans. Dinner candles in a solemn ceremony at her intoxicating effect and leads to the creation of a stable alliance. In a relationship with a partner always strives to teach or demonstrate knowledge. It needs to be beautiful, and she wants to be beautiful in all respects. Keeps track of your appearance, but allows himself to get dressed at home in that horrible. It must be love without regard to convention. She hates possessiveness and greed in all its manifestations. She likes informal way of life and society of many friends. Always unpredictable. Tends to communicate with men who she really is not needed. It can be dissolved in the love of handpicked, fully give ourselves him, or did not know what love is love and it was. Good long-term relationship she may emerge with a partner who has low it makes her material comfort and a sense of freedom. Lyudmila Savina


Family Holiday

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Choosing a gift for a loved one, we often wake up in a dilemma – what to give? Often the gift thing after many years of gathering dust on a shelf unused. And I would like to surprise gift, attach a piece of the yourself … Author often addresses the matter in his writings. Why not send a lovely bouquet of flowers or a sumptuous floral arrangement? You can be sure that even the smallest bouquet to cope with this task, not to mention the huge pile of roses. Probably, Each of us have such gifts or souvenirs, the only role that has, alas, on a shelf collecting dust. … And here you are looking for a gift that would be very pleased with this man, but I would not just dead weight, occupying the space is wasted.

Send flowers to easily solve this problem, and certainly will in the recipient's home a bouquet of boundless joy. Why flowers so well suited as a gift for loved one? Some of us – especially those who rarely see their families or are away from them, feel the need to communicate with their loved ones. But the circumstances are far from each other. Flowers can help overcome any distance, helping you to remain in the spiritual connection with their loved ones. When ordering the delivery of the bouquet, you pass a piece of heat close to you man, he put into his emotions. Will deliver a bouquet of flowers lot of pleasant emotions a person would create a holiday atmosphere and will long be remembered as something memorable. Sofar Sounds: the source for more info. After all, even the most modest bouquet of flowers can create a miracle! Also no secret that the presence of flowers in the house significantly reduces stress and depression.

Scientific studies show that flowers are donated by an elderly person can play an important role in disease prevention through improvement of general health and feeling well. Reasons for Delivery loved one huge set. For some it is simply a well-established a good tradition. In other cases, there may be specific reasons for the delivery of flowers as a gift. For example, on a holiday. At Easter you can send a bouquet of lilies, on Valentine's Day a beautiful bouquet of roses, Christmas luxurious bouquet of amaryllis. A birthday, wedding, anniversary or other such suitable holiday a bunch of different colors or floral arrangement. The reason for ordering a bouquet of flowers can be as child birth, recovery of your loved one and other important events, when the flowers will be very umestnym.Pochemu flowers for a gift for your loved ones? Send flowers in exactly the specified time, and no doubt will bring a lot of pleasant emotions to a friend, who gets the flowers. Flowers bring not only foreign beauty, but also bring a lively flavor. For a long time the flowers will delight you with these his qualities. Cut flowers maintain our connection with nature, allowing for a moment to touch her undeniable beauty. Even artificial butterflies, which is decorated with bouquets of flowers can refresh the memories of these butterflies on walks through the woods and clean fresh air in the forest. Getting his flowers as a gift to loved one, will certainly be very pleased with such a gift. Therefore, flowers are one of the most suitable gift for any man.


The Statute of the Child and Adolescent

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The Statute of the Child and Adolescent (ECA), promulgated in 1990, brings obtains a series of concernentes rights to the child and the adolescent, guaranteeing in law the provision of the basic necessities of these in a perspective extended since its birth (education, culture, leisure, feeding, amongst others). Valley to point out that in this debate it is essential to rescue some item that the Codes of Minors of 1927 and 1979 bring, thus to understand as the paper of the State next to the current public-target of the ECA and the conception of the problematic form of confrontation to its, if of form was orquestrado personalized or generalizante, if observing eventual the determinative ones or criminalizando infracionais acts. Leaving of the affirmation written for Carlos Drummond de Andrade, ‘ ‘ … The laws are not enough. The irises are not born of the Leis’ ‘ , one searched to present articles contained in the ECA that turns on the measures of protection and to collate them with what it is seen in the present time. Theoretical Referencial to leave of article 98 of the Law n 8,096/90 of the ECA is established measured of protection the child and to the adolescents, when these will have recognized rights in the Law threatened or violated. Of agreements with Simes (2009), the threat or breaking can elapse of the action or omission of the society or the State, for lack, omission or abuse of the parents or responsible, or still in reason of the proper behavior of the children or adolescents. Article 98 is considered the heart of the Statute, therefore of the ample protection to the children and adolescents and breaches with the irregular situation and applies the integral protection. Thus, the shunting line of the norm, whenever to occur one of the three elencadas situations, authorizes to the Advice To tutor, through the solicitation, to the Public prosecution service, through the representation in judgment, and to the judiciary authority, in based decision, to search the ends social the one that the Statute if destines.


Moscow Clubs

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Maybe someone would actively deny that there are plenty of ways dating for serious relationship, including for marriage and are inherently much more natural than the artificial variation of the approach to development of relations between men and women. Movie Stars opinions are not widely known. For example, dating in the workplace, where you see people often enough, and you can judge its quality, to assess the prospect of more familiar to serious relationship. And then, well, you just think of it! How much time we spend in the areas where free people – the underground and other means of public transport, there is all sorts of exhibitions, theater and cinema, and just cafes, bars and Other places of entertainment. Even if we pay attention to the usual clubs, so easy to make new acquaintances, which many in Moscow, you begin to think unwittingly – or we underestimate ourselves too, or too reinsured against the effects of these acquaintances, who knows what may result. And that is why we stubbornly and consistently rulim home after a hard day, resting his eyes in a book, or simply disconnected from reality, even despite the fact that he had made in the heat almost to indecency bared female attractiveness, as if calling us to more decisive action. However, as most Men who do not take these hints, we carefully avoid the visual studies of female beauty, or deep down unconsciously envy the owner of this treasure dlinnonogo with elastic breast, opening in cut a thin blouse. And think about how to quickly get home to rest of the evening to spend in their virtual world of fantasy. Or are thinking, what if I try to review those clubs dating in Moscow, in which certain mass of women who have recently increasingly looking for life partner, because in our uncertain times, more and more people are puzzling question how to find a soul mate. .


Tamada Banquet Organizer

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Toastmasters – the organizer of weddings, anniversaries, corporate banquet or event any event, whatever it was in essence, defines its organization and of course his able conduct, for which is appointed by the responsible or toastmaster. The lead customer defines the holiday and of course, as a rule, approved by the scenario of the festivities, which specifies the major and sustained action and who is involved. This helps to coordinate and with nothing to lose. Many of the questions in the course of the festival is able to solve only the leading toastmaster, who on a professional level, smooth out all rough edges, if they occur, will lead to a positive situation note and help you get a positive charge on the lead in the evening for all present to him. Professional services – leading the celebration, decided to use, given the moments that only a competent and professional clearly able to coordinate all the events taking place in such a short period of time. Especially with regard to celebrations such as weddings. Ordered toastmaster leading to the wedding, will help to foresee all the nuances and details of ongoing celebrations.

Will also help hire the video operator. It is so important that such holidays, historical events, like birthday. wedding, stayed on zavpechatleny memory. Of how professionals videographer, the quality of content depends on the footage and video hire operator without recommendation risky. The cultural program, which is the basis for any occasion, and it also toastmaster develops leading holiday brings not only entertainment, which can be involved as musicians and dancers for a wedding, but also includes carrying out creative contests Greeting speeches and the awards and prizes.

Saturated evening may evolve into the final stage, where the fireworks explosions, gathered to enjoy special effects, accompanied by musical additions. Involved in all this – leading toastmaster banquet, will help coordinate the public gathered to create a unique and festive mood that will be remembered for a long time everyone present at the festival. The company engaged organization of this kind of entertainment and celebrations will help you worthy to spend your holiday, where the leading professional toastmaster will provide you with all the services in the conduct of the celebrations, pre-approving the script. In weddings, you will undertake to organize a professional toastmaster leading to the wedding, the prices of all services are specified in advance of providing services. A corporate parties and related You will coordinate these events and fill meaningful and creative programs leading to a corporate banquet, which will surely satisfy all your wishes.