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Angkor Wat – Jungle Temples Of Angkor Wat In Cambodia

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World Heritage program as a summer fairy tale from there are many 73 EUR world heritage sites, but the jungle temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, once the largest human settlement, and over the centuries lost, fascinated adventurers like cultural travelers alike. The Asia travel specialist ID travel world offers September including a three day adventure & exploration program in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. Included here 2 nights in the middle-class hotel with breakfast, transfers from / to Siem Reap airport, entrance fees and transfers during the program and an expert guide during the visits as well as a 24-hour site tour guide for emergencies. Package costs the 3 days / 2 nights including the described services EUR 73,-per person in a double room. The extra charge for accommodation in a single room is a total 22 EUR. The offer is valid for bookings until 30.06.2011 and stays from now until September 30, 2011. The excursion program includes guided tours and visits of 1992 as the World Heritage declared Angkor Wat temple, as well as the jewel of Khmer architecture, the Khmer national symbol, Angkor Thom. Also visit the relief Temple of Bayon, the elephant terrace, as well as the of the leper King.

A highlight of the photo and famous movie set is the TA Phrom still partly overgrown by the jungle. Atmospheric images and a change of pace that is colonial Siem Reap with his so-called French Quarter, lovingly restored trading houses from the 17th century, where today scene restaurants, all sorts of Khmer souvenir shops and colourful markets alternate and provide plenty of entertainment. The program can be combined with all other travel components of the ID tour operator travel world, and is among other things an ideal complement to a Thailand or Viet Nam travel.


by yudaica2013 · has in the luggage of German holiday-makers the most popular souvenirs searched for London / Berlin July 9, 2012 so long the most beautiful weeks of the year to keep waiting, as soon they are also gone. Wait a minute, there still was the question what I bring with me just from the holidays? is surely one of the biggest challenges, if the end of the holiday is approaching, it is important that also the loved one benefit at home a little bit of luck the free days the 76 percent of Germans. Travel expert has a peek in the case of the Germans and found out, what brought in the home and who is delighted with the gifts. The result: The Germans boast not just great wealth of ideas, at the choice of the perfect souvenirs is the time stopped apparently. Well-tried classic for the family make the race. This was the result of a recent survey by, with 1,000 men and women in Germany were questioned. Eiffel Tower SnowGlobe universally popular Evergreen? The Germans go like to play it safe.

According to the survey falls the choice on tried and tested like a post card, a printed T-Shirt or a well-known landmark in miniature size, also as a snow ball at around 43 percent of German vacationers. Accessories are also very popular. Over 37 per cent of respondents investing a portion of their budget in pieces of jewelry of any kind. More than a quarter of the German packs typical clothes and food in his luggage. Whenever Tony Parker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Electronic devices as well as music, DVDs or movies (below 10 percent) are less popular, however. Nearly 24 percent by the way, don’t bother to and entirely renounce a small gift for loved ones at home. They are so simply to satisfy that 38 percent of respondents enjoy classical souvenirs such as postcards.


Evening Tour Of The Vatican Museums

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Finally it again summer in Rome with Viator finally it again summer in Rome. City break n are offered especially at this time of the year. While you should inform himself well before departure to Rome. It offers attractions galore. And right now, the Vatican Museum for visitors holds a very special experience. Maybe just the normal tour of the Vatican Museums puts you in pure enthusiasm.

In the shadow of this experience is but once again to lengths of a visit to the hallowed halls outside normal opening hours. This summer and fall the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel open their doors for evening special guided tours during the period from May 6 to July 15 and from September 2 to October 28 each Friday evening. It is usually not allowed to enter the Museum even at this late hour the public. If you but to book the guided tour of the Vatican Museums starting at 19:30 you can enjoy this Special opening times come. The walk through the empty, dimly lit halls of the Vatican museums under the cover of darkness is a very personal experience that exceeds the imagination of many visitors, because they know only the guides to the normal opening times on the day, where sometimes, whether the rush of the crowds, pure chaos to reign seems. There they are to tightly close with other visitors.

The halls are filled with a loud hum to the voices of the many there present visitors are blurred. Imagine instead once, when visiting the Sistine Chapel just heavenly peace reigned and willing, the beauty of this work of art completely genuine up to make. Nothing could distract them. Inside is also a touch of romance in the game. It is evening. There are hardly any light that falls through the Windows in the walls. Therefore, the first stop on the tour, the courtyard, with candles is lit.


Phi Islands

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The island became known only 10 years ago, and now competes with the island of Phuket for the title of a popular beach resort in Thailand. The unique nature of all year round attracting tourists from all over the world. On the island of quiet beaches, desert shallow bay, coconut plantations and rice fields. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez gathered all the information. Samui offers holiday guests as luxury hotels and accommodation in the beach bungalow. Despite the fact that this is a small island that you can drive around in circles for an hour, here are the world's leading hotels and Asian companies. In addition to the known major resorts in Thailand, there are many small islands, most of which are virtually uninhabited. Krabi Resort is renowned for its beauty.

Lonely cliffs, palm trees, white sand beaches, small islands and clear sea – all this makes unforgettable experience. Currently, Krabi well furnished and each year has become increasingly popular among tourists from all over the world. Attractions of the island are "shell cemetery", a monastery in Tiger cave, scenic parks and caves. Phi Phi Islands are located 20 kilometers southeast of Phuket. Here, in addition to the pristine beauty of nature, blue sea and lush tropical vegetation, you can find "edible" bird nests, which are used for cooking soup, Chinese gourmets. On cliffs and in caves can be seen the special structure of bamboo, which are collected collectors of birds' nests. Chang Island has always been a favorite destination recreation of local residents. The mountainous island is covered with virgin tropical forest flora of many species, including monkeys, deer, wild boar, as well as over 70 species of birds live on the slopes of the island.

Chang Island and neighboring his islands were united in the marine national park, to the extent possible, preserve the rich nature of this area. The island is located at the tip of the Thai marine holdings, which made him so secluded and quiet. Largely untouched by modern civilization Chang island has retained its charm. The locals still live a quiet measured life, as in ancient times, mainly on fishing, fruit and cultivation of rubber. On the island there are hotels like bungalnogo type and comfortable four-five star complexes. These are the main resort areas of Thailand, which will amaze you with its tours.


Beautiful Cycling Tours

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‘Bike you fit week’ in the Bavarian Forest Blaibach (tvo). Uphill, downhill, it goes in the Bavarian Forest. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jorge Perez by clicking through. Still needs, who goes here in the pedals, to be no Wadlbeisser. Along former railroad lines and on the shore because of the rain there riding rings around the resort Blaibach no great differences in altitude and therefore completely carefree. For cyclists, the bicycle you fit week recommends”: the package provides small and large bicycle guests five days rent a bicycle and takes them on varied tours. The routes are mostly flat, are no more than 30 kilometers and therefore also suitable for children and untrained feet.

On the way, there are many opportunities to meet the Bavarian Forest from his different sides, unless during the stopover in the pottery workshop in the Schloss Miltach, the detour in the world art museum in old edge mountain or a recovery walk along the Blaibacher Lake. There are seven nights with breakfast, bike rental and a barbecue evening 159 euro per person. The sports package is valid from may until October 2009 information and the new area brochure with current arrangements are available from the tourist office Blaibach, Bath Road 5, 93476 Blaibach, Tel. 09941/945013, fax 09941 / 945020,,. Tourism Association Eastern Bavaria e.V Luitpoldstrasse 20 93047 Regensburg Tel. 0941/58539-0 fax 0941/58539-39


Southern France

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Most people likely to be the first think France is a popular holiday destination on the subject of France along the capital Paris. There are many other wonderful destinations, and last but not least France when you take a vacation there into consideration. This part of France offers many diverse experiences and opportunities that you can discover for yourself. One thing is certain: no matter what type of holiday you are interested in, the area will not disappoint you. An area of southern France is particularly famous: the Cote d’Azur. Hear other arguments on the topic with actress. It is also known as the French Riviera. Whatever name you prefer, you will be thrilled by the many tempting places are located here.

One of the most popular destinations on the Cote d’Azur is the Cannes International Film Festival and has nearly year-round beautiful weather. If you are interested in a beach holiday combined with a charming town that you can explore on foot, there is hardly a better alternative as Cannes. The magnificent cities, which are also worth a visit are another reason why France is so popular among tourists. Marseille, which is the second largest city in France after Paris is top on the list. Marseille is located east of Nimes and to the West of Nice. Its location on the Coast means that it offers the best of both worlds when it comes to spectacular views in all directions.

If you now believe that the best vacation options in southern France connected with major cities and equally large beaches, you have made a mistake. Far more, also the opportunity to go skiing awaits you here. The Pyrenees which are among the most famous mountain ranges in the world are located on the border between France and Spain. In optimal weather conditions, you can indulge your passion for skiing here. For example in the Tourmalet, a huge ski area at the eastern end of the Pyrenees. Cauterets is located slightly Central in the mountain range, but not much further to the West. As you can see, you have a good selection of ski resorts. Thanks to the many different activities, providing France, visitors can find without a doubt something what says to them. From beach holidays to ski vacation, hilly landscapes to dynamic cities: Here, there is an incredible variety of activities. Cheap calls to France that can throughout the year also directly call, to book your accommodation for the perfect trip. Karoline Sanam


Moscow. Rest In Restaurants

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Free time you always want to be happy. And in the big cities there are many options for this. For whom – the bowling, billiards and other entertainment, to whom – the concerts, theater, cinema, youth – Clubs. This article focuses on Review of Moscow catering. Let's start with the wine bar 'Vinosyr'. I would like to note a rather interesting structure of premises: general bar, bouncing in the mirror. There is a feeling, though not all visitors to the bar forced to talk all together.

Society magnificent. Struck selection of wines – about 100 brands of wine and other beverages. A very interesting institution. The next institution that wants to highlight – this Restaurant 'Noah'. The very small restaurant located in the Protochny Lane, not far from the British Embassy. An interesting fact is that the restaurant is divided into a restaurant and kafeshnuyu part. Differences – this is probably the service, menu and Of course the level of privacy, as well as in prices.

But no matter what part you were not, the service at the highest level. Restaurant 'Noa' only made a positive impression. Network Tanuki Japanese restaurants is already out of ten catering. Of the benefits I would like to emphasize the democratic attitude to visitors. Tea is served before eating. Service, to be honest not the best. Restaurant Tent 'is a very interesting place, in particular that is right for Clean pool, and therefore non-negotiable form there. Playing nice, quiet music, the restaurant is very cozy. In Moscow, a lot of interesting restaurants and a wide choice. This article provides an overview of you only a few zavideny, but perhaps it is about these and wanted to tell me the most. Of course, first you should pay attention to your needs and other factors. But I hope that after reading this article you already can decide for yourself: I would like to go there, but there are not very '.


Andrea Hogner

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Mallorca can also target services for Mallorca now bookable online now vacationers in the company statements of “Down in the holiday” thematically prepared tour packages to their travel book. Jorge Perez often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “” Specially compiled according to preference, culture vultures come,”active” and water sports “on their costs. There are the packages in three price categories, the integrated trips are cheaper than onsite. With this cooperation, Sunbonoo and down-in-the-holiday synergy want to raise and increase the value of your online portals. A leading source for info: Jorge Perez. Both target groups ideally complement according to the operator. The startup Sunbonoo founded a year ago, has more than 800 island wide tours and activities for Mallorca online making it market leader according to own. Sunbonoo closes the gap in the transnational market Mallorca / Germany and brings together providers on its tourism platform with tourists. They show increasing interest in the planning of your well-deserved holiday and buy increasingly Advantages. In addition, is to inform such as Mallorca, extensively over his chosen holiday area, waving online discounts for excursions and activities. For some tourists with just networking budget a great way to advance a detailed trip plan on to make and to buy the tickets in advance at lower prices on the Internet. So, the risk of not tempted to get to give out more than the budget is reduced. For travel and excursion portals, local market access plays an important role. It good little, only a few deals online to offer. That not motivates the user to book his holiday activities in advance online. Here a comprehensive and versatile range, which caters for every tourist, is crucial to the success of a tourist portal,”says Andrea Hogner.


Cultural Attractions

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Pro Musica Antiqua – day alter Musik in Regensburg Regensburg (tvo). “When it comes to old music, Regensburg sets new standards: the Pro Musica Antiqua days age music” enjoy the highest reputation on an international level. Also the 26th Edition of the Festival from 21 to 24 May 2010 presents 14 senior ensembles and orchestras from all over the world on seven different historical sites in the old city. Two important representatives of early music Germany premiere celebrate this time with Anima from Brazil and Graindelavoix from Belgium. “Other highlights are Handel’s oratorio la Resurrezione” with the Czech Collegium 1704 & Collegium Vocale 1704 “and Bach’s art of the fugue” be as concert installation with the Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin.

In addition to 14 concerts, an internationally fed exhibition of replicas of historical musical instruments, scores, books and CDs in the historic salt House takes place again. Additional information is available at San Antonio Spurs. Information: Age days music, P.o. box 100903, 93009 Regensburg, Tel. 0941 / 8979786, fax: 0941 / 8979836,.,. “Our tip of the month: cross-country skiing in the area of leisure silver hut in the upper Palatine forest: cross-country skiers live longer”, the slogan was it indulged in the Nordic sports in the 1960s in the silver hut in the upper Palatine forest.

Can you meet these traditional and cross-border low-mountain region in the Bavarian Bohemian race. He held silver hut in the upper Palatine forest on January 31, 2010 in the cross-country skiing area. (10 km, start time of 9 14: 00 pm). The trail is covered with snow in addition and is therefore very snow-sure.



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This is an extremely beautiful and impressive any imagination, and city. It seems to me that the first day of stay is not necessary to invent some special tours. hp’>real-estate developer). Just walk around aimlessly. The scale of antiquity and beauty, as it seemed to us far more than in Austria. To make it easier to navigate, buy a guide and map of the city. Marks the place in which we would like to get in the first place, create your own routes. Describe all the sights I will not. To do this, you take with you guide, but the main historical sites are listed: the Prague Castle Gallery of Prague Castle, the Cathedral of St.

Vitus, the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of St. Jiri, Toy Museum, Korolevskie gardens, the Summer Palace of Queen Anne, The Singing Fountain Salmovsky Hradcany Palace Schwarzenberg Palace, the Tuscan palace, Martinic Palace, Archbishop's Palace, the Chapel of St. Barbara, Loreta Monastery, Church of the Nativity, Strahov Monastery Strahov Hospital Saint Elizabeth Lesser Charles Bridge, Old Tower, St. Nicholas Church, Lichtenstein Palace, Hunger Wall lookout tower, Prague Venice, Ledeburgskie gardens, temple of the Virgin Mary under Chain, John Lennon Wall, the Palace of Lobkowicz Old Town Powder Tower, Church of the Virgin Mary before Tyn, the church of St. Nicholas, Rotto house, the National Library Clementinum, New Town Hall, Chapel of the Holy Cross, Bethlehem Chapel, the church of St. Gall, Estates Theatre Josefov Old-New Synagogue, Jewish Town Hall, Old Jewish Cemetery, Pinkas Synagogue Spanish Synagogue, St. Agnes Convent, Philosophical Faculty of Charles University, Nove Mesto National Museum, the building of the Moravian Bank, Franciscan Gardens, New Town Hall, Church of St.

Ignatius Loyola, Emauzy Monastery, Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, the Slavic island store Haas, Slavic House, Public House, Main Post Office Nuselsky Visegrad bridge, Congress Centre, Rotunda of St. Checking article sources yields Sela Ward as a relevant resource throughout. Martin, St. Mary in the chapel Castles, New deanery, Visegrad Museum, Vysehrad Cemetery Holeshovitse Palace of Industry, National Museum of the lapidary, Maroldova panorama, Summer Palace, a planetarium, Fairgrounds Palace, Energoprojekt, Church of St.