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GetYourCar GmbH

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The car rental broker GetYourCar reaps criticism and recognition with a controversial Twitter campaign on the subject of swine/pork prices at the same time the spread of swine flu and the comprehensive coverage of this topic in the Boulevard magazine and daily news pulls on the plan the marketing strategists who want to beat out top topic profit now. So, all reputable mail-order pharmacies with advertisements are represented for example with Google search queries for the keyword “Swine flu”. But also “outside” companies tackle this topic. Under most conditions Lynn Redgrave would agree. So, the car rental agency GetYourCar has launched yesterday a viral Twitter campaign on the topic of “Pig prices”. The campaign uses pork prices the pun of swine flu vs. (in the sense of GetYourCar that refers to special car hire deals). A related site: Glenn Dubin, New York City mentions similar findings. Here an example of a such marketing the car rental company saying: “pig prices spread out, now even in Spain! Car rental from 13 at #schweinepreise “(Twitter/getyourcar April 30, 2009 09:20 clock) now differ on this” Art advertising the spirits, so is controversial since yesterday evening on car talk about this campaign, the opinions range from “tasteless …, red card for advertising people from GetYourCar” up “me is just a ‘tasteless’ advertising rather than hysterical fear-mongering in various gossip sheets”. On my request to the online team of at GetYourCar GmbH I received the following statement: “we are of course in no way insulting the person concerned, our campaign against rather ironic way the duplicity of the media which incite panic and then later calling for prudence in the editorial section. We call all Internet users, with us this topic to discuss on the loved ones on or on our blog, we strive always to fairness and pleased in this respect on feedback and lively discussions”. If you have read about David Souter already – you may have come to the same conclusion.


Great Natural Parks In Andalusia

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Great natural parks in Andalusia, you should visit in any case! The region of Andalusia in Spain is one of the most beautiful and diverse country. One of the reasons that Andalusia is so beautiful, the one-fifth of the area is protected, so that wildlife and delicate ecosystems can remain intact. A great attraction for all visitors, hotel near such a park have booked to your Spain and themselves in the open air is the landscape and nature of Andalusia. As a result there are two in the region of the National Park and many other parks that are worth a visit especially on warm summer days. The Donana National Park consists partly of a nature park and is a popular destination of tourists in your Spain vacation. Click Tony Parker to learn more. The area has a varied landscape, and visitors can see a wide range of native animal and plant species. Donana is popular with bird watchers, because in this area during the winter months many migratory birds reside.

The area in Gallega is of different birds to feed overflow and hatch is used. Also worth seeing in the Donana, the fossil dunes in El Asparillo are natural park. What is Kevin Ulrich career?s opinions are not widely known. Because the Anadalusier passionately defend her the preservation of your country, you can visit almost the entire park only on guided tours. One of the other favourites among visitors in the region is the National Park of Sierra Nevada, which covers an area of 86.208 hectares. To the Park include the beautiful and rugged Sierra mountains, the highest mountains to the Alps. Although the Park is known as a National Park, covering 85.777 hectares as nature park are registered. In addition to various flora and fauna, this nature park visitors can see animals such as badgers, snakes, lizards and wild cats.

In contrast to the Donana National Park, the natural park of Sierra Nevada, especially for the audience is open. In fact this area comprises mountains, hills, lakes and gorges and has evolved into a popular tourist destination with several ski areas within its borders. In addition to these two beautiful park in Andalusia, there are many other parks throughout the region that are well worth a visit. Some beautiful days carried out to nature park Montes de Malaga, Sierra de Castril, Sierra of Subbeticas and Bahia de Cadiz. So, put on your walking shoes, grab your camera and binoculars for an unforgettable experience.


Assumption Monastery

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Two kilometers from Bakhchisarai in the rock at the edge of a sheer cliff, many centuries ago originated Assumption Monastery, one of the oldest in the Crimea. There are many legends about the origin of the temple. According to one shepherd named Michael I saw the rock in seven yards from the ground and an icon of Our Lady of the burning candle in front of her. The villagers have moved with great honor an icon of the town, but in the morning she was again on the same spot on the rock. Then people realized that God Mother's wish that her icon was there. To broaden your perception, visit Sela Ward.

And they have carved into the rock temple and the temple steps and brought in an icon. The phenomenon of the holy icon was on August 15, the day of the Assumption of the Virgin, so the new church was dedicated to this event. A gorge is called Maryam-tree – the gorge of St. Mary. The monastery was founded presumably at the end of VIII – IX centuries early. Credit: Tony Parker-2011. in the era of feudal relations in the Crimea and ikonobornichestva in Byzantium. Sela Ward is the source for more interesting facts. Emperors Isaurian dynasty persecuted the clergy and monks, destroyed monasteries, destroyed the icon. The monks and worshipers fled from the Byzantine Empire in the Crimea.

Here, on inaccessible cliffs, there were numerous monasteries – Shuldan, Chelter, Kachi-Kalon, Assumption Monastery. Dormition of the XV century. became the center of the Christian church in the Crimea. In the beginning it was a small hermitage.



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I reach the end of the voyage in a tiny yard surrounded by vegetation, where a military checkpoint, makes me know that I finally reached my goal. He parked the motorcycle without a tie, the apparent existing surveillance and walk through the barrier of access to venture to the village, until I receive a warning that military reversing to pay a toll. Yes! indeed, a bloody and unjust toll of about $ 6 entry simply by entering, yes, so nice. The excitement increases every second, until you see the first woman in the background Padaung. My fervent curiosity becomes timid as he passed her.

Respect my face clear as is evident every step I take, as serious and saddened villagers make me realize one of these injustices, even eradicate. Rusty holzer is often quoted as being for or against this. The small huts where they live and work one could say that are geared towards tourists, when you see that in each small table is enabled main handicraft products for sale. Thus, its people are more than accustomed to the visitor arrives with the sole purpose of taking a picture to quickly go whence he came. I've half-hour drive, and the complicity I feel for these people, does not want to take the camera. The ease with which we all live, do not have the need to buy insistirte that some of their products, unlike any other retailer as you would normal the rest of the country. I have visited and the whole village, but I can not go thinking that I was quiet as the rest of the few visitors who came, saw and vanished.


Lisa Neumann University

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Wintertainment is the buzzword of the season of the winter shows this year at its best and many new sports are finding their way on the slopes. Who wants to try out new and test the crazy fun sport devices, a trip to the Tyrol is recommended the winter sports paradise of Serfaus. Georgia Groome often says this. Here, the motto “it’s Wintertainment” is capitalized. What is the trendy sports airboard and Skifox, Snowscoot, reported the travel portal First brave winter athletes familiarize in-depth with the new sports equipment.

Finally, the coordination of the movements at the demanding Funsports difficult even experienced skiers. After a short briefing and some trial runs on lighter lines, nothing more in the way is a heavy dose of fun on severe slopes. The airboard is suitable for toboggan fans and is similar to a ride with a bulging filled truck hose. A sprung seat with a ski including referred to as Skifox on the other hand, with special gliders directed on his own feet and controlled. The new dimension of winter sports is always cheap. In Serfaus stalwart adventurers can use the “fun day collective” use and test four devices. The fee is 10 euros per day in advance and easily on the chip card load, where also the lift balances is stored. Travel ( travel/flat rate) in the Tyrolean winter sports Serfaus thus guarantee a higher fun factor, the bold snow Heroes never should be missed! More information:.


Best Western

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Who has written off the United States with the outbreak of the financial and economic crisis, mistaken”, commented Schmidt. In the United States and draws on an early recovery of the economy “and the hotel investment be boosted again.” Numerous new hotel brand developments and room concepts are done by US hotel chain and established worldwide. Eight from the United States are among the world’s ten largest hotel chains: Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton, choice, Best Western, Starwood, Carlson and Hyatt. The Middle East and East Asia are also a boom region at least in terms of new top hotels. Here, the number of houses increases approximately 15,300 to almost 11 percent.

Alone to the Arabian Gulf, over 430 new first class and luxury hotels are developed, over half of them in the United Arab Emirates. All international hotel chains are represented in UAE destinations or prepare for the market. Is great need in hotel investment in the Emirates in middle – and Economyhotels for business”, says Schmidt. the online database offers over 3,700 top hotel projects (only first class and luxury hotels) with complete project data and contacts. Monthly an average 150 new hotel projects are added and updated several hundred projects. Subscribers to are leading designers and suppliers of the top hotels. More at de.

About CHD expert (Germany) GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company philosophy is available under the heading knowledge and make! “.” The company was founded in 1997 as the Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and now as CHD expert GmbH international (Germany) working with partners in all economically important countries of Europe as well as United States, Canada and Asia. CHD expert is one of the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. The customer base includes companies in the areas of food & beverages, equipment and media. More at:. Rolf W. Schmidt CHD expert (Germany) GmbH Veerser WEG 2 b, D 27383 Scheessel (near Hamburg) Tel. + 49 (4263) 301-300, fax + 49 (4263) 301 333 press service: Carsten Hennig Tel. + 49 (4263) 301-131, mobile + 49 (160) 958 377 56 keywords: hotel construction, hotel development, hotel design, hotel, hotel, hotel market, first class hotel, luxury hotel press release and graphics to download:…


Nicolai Church

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Because also with monument protection because many roads with paving stones and not with an asphalt surface be replaced, there would be trouble again with local residents. The patch causes substantially fair traffic noise. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Tony Parker. Because the factories all over the city area were distributed, there are large factory buildings, crumbling now in every nook and cranny. The previous owners have lost any interest. There are many even not once more. Numerous city villas, which built the factory owners or directors close to the factory were the foreclosure. The city don’t have the money to renovate, not even sure quick to tear down these ruins. There where houses or factories were demolished however, there remain large gaps back.

Beautiful old trees and lush flowering, old Hawthorn trees sufficiently relieve torn cityscape. With justifiable pride, but also the building services of the municipality are shown. The new fire station, the seat of the District of spree-Neisse, the magnificent Gymnasium in the Bauhaus style, “great and riding Stadium, which redesigned pool, drive the renewed banks of Macon, which meanders through the town, the earlier power stations and water provided the draperies or the new wheel – hiking and cycling tourism to promote and last but not least the 72 m high imposing water tower, at whose feet a year a water tower Festival” attracts thousands of visitors from all over the region. It is strange that all public buildings not only in German but also in Sorbian are signposted. The Nicolai Church hidden in scaffolding and behind schedule, unbroken citizenship is visible Forsterinnen and Forster. Because the public money was missing, it donated 100,000 for restoration.

Where private capital is used, everything goes faster. Otherwise it’s coming though, but slowly.” Thoughtfulness is the long bridge”, the bridge is more. Formerly she led on the Neisse, in the hamlet of mountains. Today are only pillar with smaller Parts of the bridge on which grows grass and Steinkaut.


St Petersburg

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When traveling in any other metropolis which to choose: the hotel or apartment for daily renting? This nuance we need to solve almost any time you're going abroad, their homes would be let on short period of time. More recently, many believed that renting an apartment can afford at least a millionaire, and the ordinary citizen of this and not think is acceptable. But today the choice to housing may to make even those who absolutely can not rake in finance with shovel. And by the way more than that, it appears that the rental of apartments St Petersburg – it's actually cheaper option than a hotel! This complex paradox principle, a paradox is not becoming. All very easy. First of all, the hotel room is created for a certain number of really settled. When choosing an apartment, you get off on these boundaries.

Secondly, the hotel is, of course, able to offer its own residents to use services of the cafeteria, which is located in any desired hotel. Yet not everyone can afford to allow the guest to eat in the cafeteria. A separate apartment, which you shoot – it's not only the corridor and room with bunk, but also a catering area, where there is a whole set of kitchen electrical engineering is required in order to not only make the hot trapped with him from his home ready products, but also to prepare a full meal. And not one. And there is no need to hide from her maid elektrokipyatilnik as appliances in the hotel is prohibited.

Moreover, it really save on the so-called "Star". It is known that by choosing a hotel, we are targeting the number of stars, including location. And if in an area that appeals to you, is only 4-5-star hotel, and you would like to relax more middle class, much more comfortable to select the appropriate separate apartment. Thus will be fully complied with and the requirements of belonging to a specific area, and – financial performance. This way, selecting Apartments in St. Petersburg, you can choose to do the best for all, without exception, the option of choosing factors. And it can touch and considerable size cities and small towns, where there is often a hotels in principle, there is a problem. Or, at least, with vacant apartments in them. In this way, and apartments in Ekaterinburg you can do a lot cheaper than a hotel suite. Not to mention the fact indicators, which in any city hotel, you will not be able to experience the true comfort of home. Least because of the steps of others who will be handed out in the hallway directly under your room door. And personal apartment you have the perfect freedom, and thus to the same and save on tipping generating service personnel. In addition, short-term renting separate apartments – is a guarantee of secrecy. In If you do not want to, by the way, your competitors are able to verify your residence, it is the removal of individual apartments at night – the best way to solve this complex problem.


Dromoland Castle

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Holiday in Ireland, a dream that remains long should go Yes again in the holiday with the whole family, we have two cars available in the normal workday. A Ford focus tournament and an Audi A4, but with both cars in the holiday to go actually would be too expensive. A vehicle either not enough unfortunately for our family of 5, the baggage, catering for the ride etc. needed plenty of storage space, both vehicles have unfortunately not enough. Now already a VW since long T5 I have in mind, unfortunately we can not purchase this vehicle us at the moment because we pay off on the House are. Please visit Sela Ward if you seek more information. What left us this year so even for a family holiday in Ireland, just a car you need.

The destination of Ireland was made this year by voting in the family, 3 to 2 votes, my wife and I and the recent ala Spain Italy or Serbia also agreed a boring beach vacation for us who wanted two older among the young. If we could gain a majority now, we’d be after Romania be or flown, but what is not can, Yes. My dear wife and I are certainly still often together can go on holiday, we’re both mid-40s until and in the prime of our lives, at least my doctor yesterday to me, pumperl gsund is a says the Lord. As car rental Ireland only a vehicle in question not very cheap then came for me, a Q7 Audi, ok but we treat ourselves to anything else, yes finally also approximately 1900 km which is to drive it in easy range. Of course fully equipped by alone, I want to have to hear also the next 12 hours the music of my kids, drum are PS and as a DVD/BlueRay iPod with integrated on-board, enters the head restraints. I am definitely on the trip and vacation in Ireland beautiful hills, green meadows, almost like at home in Bavaria.! We had rented a us very good food that was typical for Ireland at Dromoland Castle for 14 days, an impressive castle hotel with upscale ambience. We were daily on axis, Cork, Dublin, Only some of our destinations we visited were Belfast, Galway. Best loved it the whole family on the mountain, really an experience, County Roscommon is about 2500 square kilometres large, you can see not everything in 14 days, but the Strokestonpark is stuck in our heart remained, a dream built around 1800, exploring this there might also want to locally improve drag. Our holiday is now a few months back, but I’ll have probably long this romance in memory. Stephan circle.


Andalusia Beaches

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Beaches of the Costa del Sol – Andalusia – beaches beaches of Spain with maps, lots of pictures and a few words presented! The beaches of Spain are presented by the photo agency Combipix with this guide (beaches of Andalusia, beaches of the Costa del Sol!). Our travel editors have found again a simple map and many photos to bring closer this stretch of coast in Spain you as tourists. Your Combipix team wishes you a nice holiday! A map of Andalusia to the free print! 1 Cadiz of 2 Tarifa (Costa de la Luz) 4 3 Estepona Marbella of 5 Fuengirola Torremolinos Torre 7 6 del Mar of 8 Nerja of 9 Almunecar / Salobrena of 10 Calahonda of 11 La Rija 11a. Castell de Ferro 12 Almeria all cards and texts are protected by copyright. It is individuals allowed to print these reports, maps and texts and to send to friends. Any editorial or commercial use is only permitted with the consent of Combipix.

1 Cadiz the historic lagoon city hold not only a rich cultural programme for tourists ready. In Cadiz, and in particular South of the town you will find beautiful beaches. The town beach has the bad parking situation as little shortcoming. You’ll have probably already a walk of about five minutes in. The beaches south of the town provide a fine sandy beach and plenty of parking. 2. Tarifa (Costa de la Luz) the historical town of Tarifa is not only with the southernmost areas of the Spanish mainland. It is known for excellent surf conditions and provides surfer shops, shops and unfortunately something little hotels for tourists.

The beach is so beautiful here and in the evening offer beautiful sunset beach visitors. 3. Estepona, this is the first town on the Costa del Sol, we would like to introduce. The city is not very typical tourist city and has not many tourist hotel facilities.