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63. Peace Of Westphalia Protect Day Stadtlohn 2012

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This year’s Westphalian protect day is celebrated from 12-13 October in the pottery town of Stadtlohn. The competition to the Royal dignity of the country is Center of the 63rd Westphalian protect day. On 12 and 13 city wage becomes the focus for shooters and their friends. The guests can enjoy in a Westphalian dinner as well as the blue and white evening round off the Friday and Saturday. This traditional event held for the first time in 1951 in Dortmund, Germany.

Since then the Westphalian shooters in another city meet every year to celebrate the day of their shooters and to identify a country and country youth King. This year the shooting day is organized by the shooters district of Ahaus, the town city salary and the citizens shooting club Stadtlohn 1482 e.V. St. Georgius shooting club. Patron of the shooting day is brother Paulus Terwitte; a native Stadtlohner.

The organizers mean all shooters, guests and spectators from near and far already welcome and look forward to align themselves to this traditional event. The tradition of the shooter being held high in city wage of 10 shooting clubs and also the sport shooting occupies a high priority in the three shooting groups and a Bogenschiessgruppe. General Electric pursues this goal as well. The shooters day begins on Friday, the 12th October. Special highlights are the large tattoo on this day”with Serenade to 20:00 at the Town Hall square and the Westphalian evening at 21:00 at the Town Hall. Alone to the large tattoo, the organizers expect over 400 active participants with the deputations from all 10 Stadtlohner shooting clubs as well as about 150 musicians and Torchbearers. On Saturday, it continues with the country King and country King shooting youth in the Sports Hall on the Castle road which lies in close proximity to the tent in which the delegates of the Westphalian shooting Federation will be held.


Audi Museum

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Starts at 15:00 in the afternoon the big parade with about 250 shooting clubs and numerous bands of the Los mountain to a roughly 4 km long parade through the Centre of Stadtlohner. The parade will also through the specially created and built historic three Stadtlohner town gates and at the end of return back to the starting point which then starts a cosy Sundowner. Another highlight of Saturday is to start 19:00 blue-and white”evening, 3rd Stadtlohner city – Oktoberfest in the tent in the Berkelarena. This tent provides the framework for 2500 guests of the City – Festival of the original lump Bachern”and other well known artists (including the Red Horse Markus Becker”) musical is designed. All preparations for the Festival are already in full swing and the entire city is looking forward to this event. Learn more about this with Charlotte Hornets.

The organizers was particularly important that all events, walking with each other can be reached. The partner program is”on Saturday morning in the City Hall to reach. In addition to the multitude of events of the day of the shooting, but also the city city wage offers even for the shooters, Visitors and guests some special attractions. Stadtlohn in the Western Munsterland, near the Dutch border is situated in the Berkelvallei, surrounded by the Munsterland’s Park scenery. All those who enjoy cycling, hiking or sports power offers a variety Stadtlohn. Special attractions include the St. Otger Church, the Hilgenbergkapelle, the Kunstklarwerk, the local recreation center Los Mountain Park, Railway Museum and the SIKU – and Audi Museum. Also the site of a pottery is recommended – this craft has a centuries-old tradition in Stadtlohn. Learn more about program, directions, accommodation and much more can be found in the Internet under: schuetzentag2012 Angelika Guven


Berlin Schlossplatz

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There were astonished faces today at point 17:17 at the Berlin Schlossplatz: round 300 people surprisingly started to dance astonished faces there today at point 17:17 at the Berlin Schlossplatz: round 300 people surprisingly started to dance they all had a pink ribbon attached symbol for breast cancer. The mob was an action of the women’s sport club chain Mrs.Sporty. The dancers wanted to make attentive on the important topic of breast cancer screening. Mrs.Sporty supported already for a long time with actions and donations the Association breast cancer Germany e.V.”and is an official partner of the initiative since 2011. It is an affair of the heart of our company, to draw attention to the concerns of the Association,”said Mrs.Sporty co-founder Valerie Bonstrom in Berlin today.

The goals and the commitment of the Association breast cancer Germany e.V. can perfectly agree with the Mrs.Sporty philosophy.” Participants of the today’s mob were some 300 franchisees, this weekend for their annual Exchange of experience in Berlin have come together. It was nice to see how we all pull together,”rejoiced the franchise partner Margarethe Noack. “Even the weather has played with, so that we could draw attention in brilliant sunshine on the charity.” / a little rain couldn’t spoil us not the mood we had fun because, to draw attention to the cause. ” Also Kati Schlenzig, franchise partner from Berlin, was thrilled at the end of the FlashMob: it was an incredibly great moment when all go dancing at the same time. I look forward to be a part of this great community. Together, we can accomplish much, and it’s great that all equally lie for the important issue of breast cancer in the stuff here in Berlin, but also in the clubs on the spot.” The FlashMob was also a preview of the international breast cancer month of October worldwide says the issue of breast cancer in the Center.

All women’s health is our concern”, says Valerie Bonstrom. Every day we help women in our Club to keep fit and do something for their well-being. In addition to the sports, it is important to regularly go to the breast cancer screening. Earlier, the insidious disease is detected, the chances of recovery are greater.” With the today’s action Mrs.Sporty also calling for donations for the Club.


Improv Festival

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Top Improgruppen show fantastic rejecting the Improtheater scene met during the last three days at the stage of Maja to IMPROTPIA, the first Improv Festival in Emmendingen. In the evening, the combined program of remarkable workshops, in which the top coaches of the theater form of improvising showed different forms of the stage game and taught and the entertaining performances showed that Emmendingen is a Festival of this kind of great interest. The opening event on Thursday, designed by Improv Theater Konstanz and the host UNABASHEDLY, was pure surprise and fun, both for the audience as well as the players themselves. Visit Tony Parker for more clarity on the issue. Because at the Improv theater, directing the audience and characterizes the presentation with his statements that what animated the actors to Hochstformen. On Friday evening the two groups, the gorillas from Berlin, and katabatic winds from Hamburg playing, divided in several scenes, evening-length program that could shake a sold-out Hall with his spontaneous, witty and sparkling deposits. Also on the audience was actively involved this evening, because it was necessary to identify the best group, which ended in a stalemate. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jorge Perez on most websites. In the final on Saturday evening, therefore all four groups were on stage, which showed excellence in terms of Improv Theater under the critical amused eyes of the jury. Of the situation and with the spontaneous stage directions of the audience, for example, the toothbrushes reggae, a silent scene at the dentist or situations in the Museum was presented onstage that brought not only the audience but also the players themselves to laugh.

This relaxed and almost boisterous atmosphere continued in the after show party, where here, the highlight was the award ceremony of the best Improgruppe. Winner was Improv Theater Konstanz points, but unanimously voted the audience as the true champion among all actors. And so the prize, a trophy made of pure chocolate, was distributed among the guests.


Bensberg Tourism

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Holiday between wanderlust and home look, recovery and search for meaning – meeting at the Robinson Club Fleesensee years have can reduce the desire to travel the Germans much health risks, economic trends, or terrorist attacks. Tourists seem to adapt to and more likely to change their travel plans as entirely renounce them. Recovery, increased well-being or intellectual enrichment are observable needs in different accents. Tourism becomes a segment of the economy aimed particularly at conception and teaching experiences, (self -) experiences, dreams, emotions, good feel moments, stories. Happiness – and promises of paradise are (still) the Repertoire of communication strategies in the tourism. They play with their slogans In the paradise rooms still free”or short vacation in Paradise” with the idea of a different existence. With their services to increase the physical and spiritual quality of life tourism is not only economically, but also socially to a key industry.

Indicators show that the search for meaning in the holiday becomes an important motif. Growing interest of offerings with a spiritual and intellectual added value. Ciphers of a rather diffuse spirituality are religious symbols, myths and images. In the face of diverse and even contradictory developments, leisure and tourism as well as the Thomas-Morus-Akademie Bensberg travel industry, project developers, hoteliers, scientists, representatives and representatives of the churches and interested invite the Catholic Association. Common views on the desires of the traveler is”, to throw offerings and strategies of addressing. What are the central themes for the holiday of the future? What are the holiday longings of the people? What characterizes them? How does the change affects the tourist offer? The Church has the tasks and roles?